tea party @ arizonas

i’m getting REAAAAALLY tired of being rained on wherever i go. it’s gone a bit too far now. graduation rehersal, the falls after graduation, new orleans 3 times, moving my car in the hailstorm, coming home in the hailstorm, and tonight at the show.

the show was good. found joe and everyone when we got there. we were up front. like that’s a shock. full nine opened, after waiting forever, like a normal Arizona’s event. after them i was really tired of standing there, so i left, and went back by myself. got some water, etc. moved around a few times before tea came on. i ended up being befriended by a group of drunk people hahah. they’re like, come join us. there was one girl sober who talked to me before tea came on, she was cool. i think they were all near like 30, which was weird. i got to watch these 2 couples be drunk…they were two fatish balding older men with their piss ass drunk girlfriends(?)…but they were way liberal with the girlfriend sharing. i was like omg ew ur so gross. the drunk people made me dance with them. lol.

so the tea played a good show. it was weird tho, cuz of the rain. after apathy they took a break so they could do what had to be done so that they didn’t get electrocuted lol. and psychopomp was so great, cuz well the song is amazing, and it didn’t rain during the song except during jeff martin’s solo. it was like that a few other times too, kinda spooky. and then temptation was great, cuz the sky just opened up and it poured. everyone was singing and jumping around in the rain. there was no encore because “it was just too dangerous in the rain”….but by then the rain had stopped – it was off and on the whole time. and if anyone saw that MTV spring break show, bush played one year in a monsoon lol. they covered their guitars in plastic bags it was so bad. but whatever. it was good.

blah, hate being wet.

and oh yeah. who did i manage to park next to? STP kid…. CANNOT GET AWAY FROM HIM!!!!!!!!! he was with 2 of his cronies – one being AIDS boy who was involved in the water street altercation lol. at least stp kid doesn’t pretend to be our friend anymore. after the whole rick wanting to kick his ass in toronto, he’s left us alone. but he’s still there, still annoying and still ugly as hell. hahah

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