last night went to the mall with eric, cuz he needed to go to ticketmaster. the hot topic opened. it’s rad, radder than the galleria one. they have cds in this one, not like i’d ever buy any there (can you say overpriced)…there are some new fight club pins i want to get, but i’m being cheap lol. i already have the project mayhem one, so i’m wondering if i really need the other 2. hahah.

carolyn should be here anytime. she said she was leaving between 11 and 12, which would mean arriving between 1 and 2. except i figure they’re lost since she got directions from yahoo….i would hope she would recognize at least part of my neighborhood so that they aren’t driving in circles around TF west when i live on east…oh well. probably go back to the mall tonight, cuz she wants preztles from auntie annes, and i told danielle hot topic had a korn shirt she might like…


i think i’ve suddenly become lactose intolerant. that’s the basic conclusion as of now. cuz when i eat milk stuff, i feel sick. had milk with dinner, went out with eric, felt sick. went out tonight, got ice cream felt sick. so it’s either that i’m lactose intolerant, or eric makes me sick 🙂 hehehe so if i’m still getting sick after new orleans, i’m getting that lactaid stuff. cuz i cant stop eating ice cream.

but yeah. kurt brought carolyn…they did get lost. we went to fridays with danielle for early dinner/snack, and went to hot topic again and got the pretzels lol. kurt left after that, and we hung here til eric came over and we went to barnes and nobels and the galleria, then the river, and deedees dairy.

off to new orleans tomorrow morning, so see you monday

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