The Tea Party @ Water Street

tea party day 2. i headed out to rit around 1:30, to then head down to waterstreet. as i said before, i wasn’t really up for sitting around bored outside the hall all day to meet the band, and be first in line. eric wasn’t all that keen on it either, but we figured we’d head down there and see what was going on with joe and rick and the backstage pass bit and whatever. so we got there, and joe and rick were helping roadie for the band…well hey, whatever floats your boat. i think the only band i’d roadie for would be nin but anyway. so mary stayed with them and me and eric left to get food. stopped at record archive too, then back to waterstreet. well everyone was inside…doing whatever they were doing. and me and eric weren’t allowed in. so we’re like ok, leaving again. so hit some more cd places and thrift store, then went back to waterstreet. by then it was about 6 or so. karl and kellee and karl’s friend dave showed up, so talked to them. talked to kelley for a long time about graduating and finding jobs and stuff. i think that’s the most i’ve ever talked to her lol. doors were at 7ish, so waited, blah, got inside etc. i forgot how much i liked waterstreet for shows. because you’re really close, and their barrier has carpeting on it LOL. so it’s “comfy”. i made sure i had alot of room so later when ppl started smooshing up i’d still sorta be not totally crushed. anyway. velour..oh i’m sorry, the turnstones…played again. yay for us. we are so lucky :P. they were crap again. and this time we were at the barrier right in front of the non-talented guitarist…his amp was WAY too friggen loud, so i was deaf after 30 seconds. so all of us (9 of us i think) were so completely uninterested in velour that i think the guitarist guy was kinda irritated. lol it was like he realized we wouldn’t look at him so he’d come play closer to the front of the stage, and we’d all continue to look down or somewhere else LOL. we’re so rude. anyway. i got a velour guitar pick…i can see you are all green with envy. yeah i think he whipped it at me LOL it hit my arm and was like OW!! lol. but whatever.

so tea party played…of course, it was good. not too much to say about it. it was more or less same setlist as last night. OH except yeah, guess who was there…STP kid….oh and he had a sign, again, like at stp. and the tea actually played the song…he must have felt special. he didn’t talk to any of us tho, so that was good. lol. so the crowd was so great. no one even touched me. no crush, no annoying jumping or anything. it was so super. and yeah since we were at the barrier, jeff martin was right in front of me the entire time and i could actually see. so it was rad.

everything finishes and we hang around inside, and then head out. well manslut was there, and a bunch of his friends were there. joe had gotten 2 of tea’s set lists, and the kids were all pissed at him and were going to jump him for the setlists…..?!?!?!?!…..ok so we’re all leaving, and suddenly eric like takes off pushing people out of the way to get down the stairs. so i was like um???? wtf, is he in that much of a hurry to get outside?! well one of the kids then is all like, what the fuck…starting shit. and eric is like yeah, whatever, fuck off. the kid faked to punch him and eric is walking away. then a girl that was with all these kids starts talking shit to mary. so i’m just really trying to stay out of the way LOL. so eric comes back of course, to get mary, and he calls the girl a skank. LOL super. so then she’s all trying to start a fight with both of them. and eric is all like, fuck off, fuck off. and then rick just sorta stands between eric and mary, and the girl, all intimidating and things kinda settled. then manslut came out, and joe is all like “youre friends are fucking assholes, trying to beat me up to get a setlist” (which is when i figured out what the hell started everything). so the kids come back over and is talking to eric, rick and joe and is threatening to kill one of them (still i guess for the setlist)…and don’t put it past him to kill one of them. oh and he said some shit about racism and beating them like niggers or something. then he started saying shit about how he had AIDS, so they better be scared. at some point he broke a bottle and had it in his pants, ready to use on us i guess. ok now this kid was shorter than me, and skinny… so rick could have easily beat this kid to a pulp. but he was all ready to kill the guys with his broken off bottle…and give them AIDS LOL…..anyway. it was kinda amusing, but also quite frightening. there was a security guard who came and stood between all of us, and kinda settled things. made the ppl starting shit with us leave. and manslut said it was all bullshit, and he told the kid he’d beat the shit out of him if he tried anything with us.

so headed to denny’s after waiting around more for the band. ate, etc. yeah. came home. i am so deaf.


the tea shows were great. the band was great, the crowd was great, making the whole experience great. but…there’s a fun-ness factor that isn’t there with that band. there are some bands you go to the show, and it makes you hyper and you have fun. and there are bands who are great, but who don’t give that feeling to you. and i’m not totally sure what it is about the tea party that makes them lack in the fun-ness factor…but part might be what mary talked about on her blog – the lack of crowd interaction. jeff martin NEVER looks at anyone. he never makes eye contact with anyone in the front rows…nothing. and while i could care less if i got that, i know mary wanted it so bad, and i’m sure others as well. i think another part of it is the music. tea have great music, but it’s very “heavy”… not heavy in the slipknot kind of sense, but more in a….thought provoking – makes you think – emotional – mysterious…kind of way. they don’t play “fun” music. they don’t play the kind of music you’d blast on your stereo while getting ready to go out for the night. that’s not a fault, it just gives the show a different kind of atmosphere. i’m kind of biased, but i think nin is the same way. i know *I* would have an excellent fun time at a nin show, but for someone who isn’t that into nin, but is present (like me with tea party), it’s a great show, but would probably lack the fun-ness factor due to the type of music they play. but then… (trying to think of bands with the fun-ness factor)…take econoline. they’re music may be equally emotional, but the kind of music it is is alot more fun…light hearted with a deeper meaning…and it makes you hyper and you dance around and have fun. and the energy level on stage is incredible and you get swept up in it, and you have fun. i dunno.. it’s just different. neither is better, just depends on the band….tea party…APC…tool…super great bands that lack the fun-ness factor….econoline…u2….nin (for me)…stp….super great bands that have the fun-ness factor.

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