Tea Party @ Shea’s

it’s late, i’m tired, but i wanted to write up tonight before i forget everything.

i should have known that my night was gonna be good as soon as i left my house. lol i had to go pay my credit card (eeeeek 454$!!!!!, without the plane tickets to NO.. and i have NO money left) so i left to get danielle early. had time to kill so i went to record theatre, who was there? Ian. i haven’t seen him in over a year. so we talked, he moved back home cuz he broke up with Samantha. it was good to see him. but i was thinking, dude, why can’t i ever run into Tim. i know he’s around yet i never see him ever. blah.

so headed downtown to shea’s for the concert. got in, and danielle and i were standing on a landing of the staircase (it’s a theatre, so it’s all fancy inside and has staircases lol) to avoid the huge crowd below waiting for doors to open. so we’re standing there, and who is walking up the stairs? Tim. I AM NOT KIDDING. i’m staring at him, and i’m like that looks like Tim. That IS tim. so i’m like omg danielle that kid right there is Tim (cuz she never really saw him before). he looked at me as he was walking up the stairs, but there was like no glimmer of recognition at all (well the last time i saw him i had below shoulder length hair, so i don’t blame him), so i was to afraid to go talk to him. he was with his little asian girlfriend, so didn’t wanna go talk to him for that reason either. but he was standing with people at the top of the staircase, so i was just staring at him in hopes he’d look over and recognize me. then he disappeared. but anyway…my heart was beating so fast. it was so nice just to see him, since i’ve been saying that’s all i wanted to do for so long now, just see him. i wish i could have talked to him but i didn’t want to risk him not knowing who i was. i’d rather just assume he didn’t recognize me cuz i’ve changed my hair so drastically…he is still perfect. it kinda makes me sad on one hand, that i’ll never meet someone like him again, but…when i saw him i was excited that it was him, but there was no real feeling there anymore. not sure if that’s good or not. if i had the chance to talk to him or hang out with him i’m sure it would all come back. i know for a fact it would. i am totally serious when i say that i could be married for 25 years, with kids, and if he walked back into my life i couldn’t guarantee i wouldn’t drop everything for him. i was so excited i wanted to call carolyn and be like O M G I SAW TIM! lol but i didn’t.

anyway…so we found our seats once doors opened and sat through crappy Velour who have a new name, the turnstones…and then a 2nd opener band that at least had more talent than Velour, but weren’t my thing. i forget their name. anyway. between sets they were playing U2 best of, so i was all excited lol. then before tea party they played walk on, tool’s “sober” and then “closer”…doesn’t get much better lol. so tea party came on. we had heard from aaron who had met the band earlier with joe and them, that jeff martin was sick. so we didn’t know what kind of set to expect. well it was really great. this show totally redeemed them for me, since this was the make or break show for me. i had space, people weren’t annoying, it was so great crowd wise (the band, even in my bad experiences, are always great)…they seemed to be having such a great time onstage, they were loving how the crowd was reacting. so it was really super. so they always (that i’ve seen them) close with “sister awake” and they insert “paint it black” into it… so they were doing that, and then they started doing “heroes”… by….david bowie LOL. so i’m like duuuude bowie!!!! haha it rocked. good good show, good good experience. and i saw tim.

hoping tomorrow is good as well, but i’m doubting it. not really in the mood to deal with a waterstreet crowd… the smooshed factor etc. so we’ll see. maybe i’ll hang at the bar, and let everyone else do the up front thing. depends if we get barrier. WHICH WE BETTER since i’m going up with everyone and spending the whole goddamn day there. lol.

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