clinical was weird again, cuz everyone was uncomfortable after the lil outburst from the proff last class. you could tell he was all uncomfy, and i know i was. cuz i always feel guilty as if i’m the one who spurred his annoyance, even tho i wasn’t. so we got our tests back and senior surveys. so i filled out the scantron part and now i have to write a lil thing about what i liked best and least about geneseo. don’t worry i’ll be nice. 🙂 got 58/60 on the test as i already knew the day i took it. too bad he won’t tell me to just skip the exam. just don’t want to have to waste my time taking it when i’m going to get an A no matter what.

anyway. i defrosted this little steak thing i brought back after break. no idea how to cook it. mom told me, but that was months ago, and i’ve forgotten what she said so i’m going to have to call her or something. but i figured i better start using up the frozen food. i have chicken strips left. wish i had a deep fryer tho, because they’re icky in the oven…one side is always kinda mushy instead of crispy. oh well.

so tired. dunno if i’m gonna nap or not. i need to do laundry tomorrow. and since i didn’t really do my reading this weekend, need to catch up on that still.


this is why i don’t cook….
attempted the whole steak thing. carolyn told me some stuff to do. so i did what she said, and i started to cook it. cooked 1 side on medium for 5 min, 2nd side on medium for 5 min… it’s sorta smoking like when i set the fire alarm off (but not as bad)…so i cut it open, yeah still completely alive. meanwhile both sides are nice and dark crispy…so keep cooking it, cook my easy mac cuz i have nothing else for a side. mom calls back about my message on how to cook the steak. tell her that i’ve cooked it for 10 min and it’s still alive. so she says put oil in the pan, cover it with the lid and turn down a few so it doesn’t smoke, it’ll cook the inside. do that, 10 min later STILL ALIVE! not AS alive, but still bleeding and alive. so i cut it in half put the 2 halfs face down, cook some more. then i said screw it. and i stopped. i ate it. it was still pink. i HATE pink meat. but it wasn’t bleeding so i guess that was a plus. but it didn’t even taste all that good even tho i spiced it, AND i’m still hungry. screw cooking.



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