i am never cooking again. yours truely set off the smoke detector today. AND I WASNT EVEN BURNING ANYTHING! NOTHING WAS ON FIRE! i was cooking a hamburger…and well smoke detector went off. apparently if only one goes off, only your unit’s fire stuff goes off. but if 2 go off, it’s thought to be a bigger fire, and so the whole set of units goes off. well the whole unit went off. BUT SERIOUSLY! NOTHING WAS BURNING! we didn’t know if it went off by itself once the place aired out or not. well i guess they don’t. someone called UniPolice on the emergency phone (since our smoke detectors brilliantly do not ring into UP…that’s so smart) and this police lady came. she looked in our house to see that nothing was on fire, and happened to see the “No Parking” sign on our window sill. great. so she’s like, is that our sign. and me and danielle can’t lie. so we’re like yeah. she’s like can i have it back, i won’t report it. THANK GOD CUZ I REALLY DONT NEED TO GET IN TROUBLE AGAIN! so anyway. she went and turned the alarms off, and then came back to file a report and shit. and took our sign.

never. cooking. again.


from yahoo news – “Study: Living wage reduces urban poverty rates” – gee…is that something that really needed to be studied to be known? cuz that’s a big HELLO to me…if you’re getting a living wage, that means you’re not in poverty. dingdingding!!

i look dead. like seriously. my eyes have no shine in them whatso ever. they’re not dry tho. they’re just really…greyish. and i have no color in my face. my head just feels really really weird. i went to the summer job fair in hopes that maybe places other than summer camps would be there, and i could maybe find a permanent job. no luck. there was a table with employment stuff, so i took stuff from there. and they had a basket looking for resumes dealing with graphic design, web design, and a few other things. so i asked the guy if they were looking for people with degrees in webdesign, since i’m self taught i don’t have one but i know how to do it. he’s like, send me your resume. so i’m gonna do that. i guess. he probably thought i was on drugs, cuz of this whole weird eyes thing, and they’re half closed cuz i can’t open them any more than that.

we’ll it’s really beautiful outside. i need to go to aldi and the postoffice. i can walk to the post office. but if i need to get food so i should drive. i’ll probably just not go food shopping. we have milk and i have cereal so i guess i’ll just eat that. i wish i could not go buy food until i go home…maybe i’ll eat at the dining hall alot next week.

yesterday i was looking up flights to europe again. i could go to ireland for break in a week from sunday to sunday for 450$…leaving from buffalo…including a connection in NYC…CHEAPNESS!!!! but if i wanted to go to ireland from friday to friday it’d be over 2000$…how does that work?! i could go to London in June for 250$!!!!!! but june is the supposed road trip…

and speaking of that, our study got approved for the conference in new orleans. so definitely going. i think i dreamed about new orleans last night. walking in the streets, really sunny, thinking i really need to put sunblock on. lol.

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