econoline crush

june 24, 2001 – Totally disturbing dream. It was very movie like. I was at school, it looked more like a high school than college. Bono was one of the professors. Danielle and I were in the dining hall getting food, it must have been the first day or something because we didn’t quite know what line to go in, etc. There were lots of people there looking around for what kind of food there was. Then Danielle was like, this place is retarded, you can only get like 1 food item in each line, so if you want a whole meal you have to go in all these different lines. I cut in line in front of a bunch of people to get in line with Danielle for some kind of noodles. Then cut to next scene. I was (or it was more like a camera) was looking at the building, and there was this giant tree outside, right up against the building, almost like ivy, but it definitely was a tree. At one point the tree had been some big monster. Well it came alive again and it had a face like the scary old tree character that used to be in McDonald’s play lands that talked, or those talking trees in Wizard of Oz. It had a face, and it started moving the branches. They were like big scary arms. Well the arms/branches moved in front of one of the windows it was next to (it was inbetween 2 sets of windows). Some kids saw it move and they got scared. Then it went back to playing dead. Cut to some other scene I don’t remember. Cut back to tree. The tree then moved its other arm/branches in front of the other window. Now lots of people were realizing that the monster tree was alive again. It was only moving a little bit and then back to its original position because it needed to gain strength. Then it had gotten some strength back, and it smacked its right arm/branch into the classroom window and shattered it all over the students inside. Now people were way scared of the tree again. So the people near the window on the other side of the classroom decided to push the glass out of the window so that the tree couldn’t smash that one too, but when they were pushing on it a bunch of kids fell out of the window with the glass and died. Cut to a city street. There was a woman walking across the street. She was lost, or some how out of place in the scene. She was black, and she was in a black neighborhood. Well she crossed the street and there were 2 younger black kids/men standing there. They sorta frightened her, and so she crossed back across the street again. She was looking for directions or something, and she felt threatened by the 2 kids so she didn’t want to ask them. Cut to the tree again causing mayhem. Cut back to the woman, shes crossing the street again, and there is an old man crossing. She holds out her hand to shake hands with him, so she could ask him directions, but he pulls out a gun and shoots her. So she staggers in the street, and she has 2 bullet holes in her shirt.

By now in the dream I’m kinda scared, it’s nightmare-ish, very disturbing, so I think “insert Trevor”. So I try to make Trevor Hurst get into the dream somehow to make it not scary anymore. But it doesn’t work and it cuts back to the woman in the street shot. No one is helping her, and she is bleeding. I keep thinking “insert Trevor” but it doesn’t work. Eventually my alarm went off.

October 30, 2001 – i was at an outdoor concert. i’m not sure where it was. but it was supposed to rain so they had moved the concert from its original location to a place that was outdoors, but where the stage was set up, the band wouldn’t get wet if it rained. it was an orgy concert. i decided that i wasn’t going to go up front for the concert, i was going to go on the balcony, which wasn’t a balcony but it was my front porch and it was only slightly elevated so that i could see over the crowd. so orgy was playing, and jay gordon saw me and smiled. then throughout the show he kept gesturing to me and making motions where it was obvious he knew me. so there was a point in the show inbetween songs and jay started talking, and said everyone should turn around and look at me, because i had provided the totally awesome picture of Kirk. so everyone looked at me and everyone started clapping so i kinda bowed. this entire time, the members of econoline crush are sitting on chairs on the side of the stage as if they were on a talk show. and so i kept looking over at them too, and they recognized me as well. i guess they were on after orgy. so orgy finished, and the concert workers said they were moving locations again since it wasn’t going to rain anymore. so EC was like, dude, just let us play here, why move again. and i was like yeah, last time they played here it was 100 degrees outside, let them perform on a stage that’s in the shade. So trevor looked over at me talking, and he’s like Hi there, Sara right? and i’m like yeah, woah you know my name. and so i was talking to trevor who was still sitting with the rest of the band discussing what they were going to do for their show. so I said, you can play an all acoustic set, that’d be alright with me. i smiled at them and trevor and johnny laughed. johnny had cut all his hair off, like it was a brush cut, and i was like nooo i loved your hair before!! it was like, i was a very important person that entire day at the concert, everyone knew me, and i felt like i had the ability to tell people what to do. so i told EC again, that it’d be ok with me if they just did a whole acoustic set. and so Trevor gets a guitar and he comes up on the front porch and sits on the bench. no one else is up there with me anymore. so he’s like, well what do you want us to play, and I said Razorblades and Bandaids, and he’s like hmm, ok. I’m like yeah if you remember how to play it, and then he took out a lyric sheet and was going to play it.

then i was still dreaming, but it was like i woke up, and danielle was telling me her dream. i was really annoyed because her talking to me was making me forget my dream. so i was like dude, i gotta type this up on my site cuz it was so great. so then i went to type it up on my site, and somehow it turned into a U2 concert also. So i was typing out how it was a U2 concert, and that the 4 of them were sitting on chairs like they were on a talk show too. Then i was at another concert, which i guess was the opener for this whole string of concerts. It was a band with 3 people, and the song was familiar but i didn’t know who it was. At first i thought it was offspring, then i thought it was eve 6, but then as the drummer distroyed his drum kit, the announcers said it was Gob (?). then it was supposed to be EC.

and now i forgot the whole 2nd part of the dream, crap. there was a big part with u2, and another part with EC…crap. crap crap.

october 10, 2001 – there was a concert in a book or cd store in geneseo. there were all kinds of bands playing, but no one was really there to see the show. econoline crush was playing, and no one knew who they were except me and my friends. sometimes i was the only one there that knew them, and sometimes my friends were there. so econoline was playing, and they were only playing songs off affliction, but they played 3 songs i didn’t know. so i asked them what the songs were, because they weren’t on my copy of affliction. dan said they were on affliction and i must have a different version. so i asked to see the copy of the cd he was holding. it was black and white artwork, but the pages were all photo copied as if it was a bootleg. so then dan took it and put it back on the shelf. so they finished playing, and took their equiptment away, and i went to talk to them. i saw johnny, so i went to talk to him, asked him how things had been going since i last saw them etc. it was like catching up with an old friend. then i went to talk to dan. he gave me a hug and kissed me on the head…he was taller than me, which isn’t true in real life. so i was talking to him, i asked him why they cancelled the other show i was supposed to go to but neither one of us could remember what the date of it was, so he didn’t remember why it was cancelled. i realized i was wearing my pajama shirt, it had this ugly floursecent colored sun on it, and i had it on inside out…so i was embarrased about that. so then i guess i decided to show them around the town. so me, dan, johnny, mark, danielle and adrienne all smooshed into my little car. i didn’t know where to take them, so i was feeling kinda embarassed that the town is so boring. i guess i decided to take them to main street. then we were in a farmer’s market, and it was really crowded. they enjoyed it though, and dan bought a bushel of tomatos. johnny was looking around, and me and mark decided to wait outside since there were so many people around. since i never really talk to mark in real life, in the dream i didn’t know what to talk to him about. so i just asked him how everything was going with him etc. then they were all finished, so we left. i guess i wanted to go back to my room to change, so we went to the dorm. danielle and i lived in a corridor style room like in Blake Hall, but it had 3 beds, and was a big room. i dont know where dan, johnny, and mark went, but they didn’t come to the room. then trevor showed up, peeked his head in the open door. so i was like hey trevor, how the hell did you find us here? because he hadn’t originially come with us. he said he had been following us. so i invited trevor in, and he looked really amazingly gorgeous, he had eyeliner on, and stuff.

November 19, 2001 – 1. it was trevor’s birthday, so a bunch of us girls went to see him. he lived near us, so we went to his house. but it was set up like a science class room – a lab table with sink in the front of the room near the boards, then desks facing the front. so trevor was behind the desk thing, and we were all sitting in the desks, or leaning on the lab table to talk (flirt) with him. he was surprised that we all remembered his birthday. then one of the girls had a big sign, as if we were going to a concert. it had this blonde woman on it who looked like farah faucett. trevor had left the room to get something, so i asked the girl wtf she had that sign. she said it was trevor’s girlfriend. and i was like, i thought he was dating that kelly person, and that kelly person didn’t look like that. she said no it was his new girlfriend. i still didn’t quite know why she had this sign with pictures of his girlfriend on it. so then trevor came back..with his girlfriend, who had brown hair, but apparantly it was the same person that was on the poster. his girlfriend was a singer too i guess, so we watched her music video, and i thought it sucked. but i befriended her, and was going to take her around town to show her the sites.
2. partly related to 1…..i had finally finished taking trevor’s girlfriend around and it was really late, but i went home. i lived in one giant room with 2 other girls and i had to share a bed with one of them. she was still awake because she was pissed i hadn’t come home yet. she thought i had been with trevor. but i said no i hadn’t been with him. so i got into bed, and the girl was the blond haired little girl that stuffed her bra from the movie Then and Now…she covered my eyes with her hand, because i guess there was stuff going on in the room that i wasn’t supposed to see. there were all these people coming in, and they were robbing they weren’t robbing us, but they had robbed something and were putting the things in suitcases to make a break for it. then trevor’s girlfriend was one of them, and so i was like WTF trevor is going to be so mad when he finds out his girlfriend is a criminal.

april 13, 2002 – i was at an econoline crush concert. it was in like, a basement of someone’s house. they did the beginning of the set, which was supposedly only stuff from Purge. i was hanging around the back of the room, by a table. there was a notebook where i had drawn the word Peaches, and doodled around it. apparently it was a name of some band i liked. this girl asked me if peaches was one of the last bands i like. i was like no way i like, like 50 bands, just 3 that i like a real lot. then EC went on intermission, and i went outside to near where the bus was. they had taken out all their towels and pillows and folded them on the ground. so i was going through them, don’t know why, and i grabbed some pillows to take back inside so i could be comfortable laying on the ground watching the concert. so i went back inside, and trevor was walking around. ziggy was on stage playing drums, and another guy who was a new guy in the band was playing guitar. they were actually playing a song, and someone was singing but it wasn’t trevor. or he was a ventriliquist. then people started coming back in so i moved to the front. adr showed up and i was like, they got a new guy to replace dan. but then we realized the only 2 original memebers there were trevor and ziggy. but we couldn’t remember who was missing. finally we realized that johnny wasn’t there, and that’s why ziggy was playing drums. he had all kinds of weird gadgets on the drums to make them sound different, and he didn’t actually have real drums. it was just this electronic platform thing that looked like a keyboard that he’d hit with drumsticks.

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