Hockey dreams

October 30, 2000 – I guess there had been a Sabres game, and I was trying to find out who won. It was against some Canadian team, I think Montreal. So I was wandering around my neighborhood looking for someone with the TV on so I could find out the score. I ended up walking down Nash Rd and kept seeing a bunch of girls from high school, who I hate, driving around. So I went down into Wurlitzer Park and started walking up some one’s porch steps. It was an old lady’s house, and she saw me coming and warned me not to come any closer. I guess she thought I was a robber. She was an overly paranoid lady, because she had electrified her porch railings, and so I grabbed one while I was going up the steps and got electrocuted. She said she warned me that it was an electrified railing, but she never did. So I’m standing there getting electrocuted, because I couldn’t let go. So I let go finally, and then she felt bad, and took me inside, I guess she trusted I wasn’t going to rob her. I told her I wanted to see the score of the game, and she said sure, and made me put on her husband’s Sabres baseball hat. It said Stu Barnes on it. The Sabres lost (I hope this isn’t a psychic dream, because we play Montreal on Friday haha), by one goal. The old lady still felt bad for electrocuting me, so she invited me for dinner. But I was still pissed that there was no warning sign about the electrified railing, and I didn’t want to stay but she had already set a place for me. She had 2 grandsons there too, who were running around. Well I had to go to the bathroom, so I asked if I could and she said sure, and showed me where to go. It was in a drawer in a cabinet in the dining room. Well first of all, I didn’t want to pee in a drawer of a cabinet. Secondly, it was in the dining room and there was no door or anything so they wouldn’t see me, and the 2 boys kept running around. So I didn’t go to the bathroom. That was about it.

November 14, 2000 – I was in high school and was sitting by two of my ex-friends. I can’t remember what we were talking about, and I think we were eating, but one of them mentioned drugs and I asked what kind of drugs she wanted. She was like You sell drugs?, and I said no, but I know tons of people who do, and depending on what kind of drugs she wanted, I could get some for her. Then we were at my house, and definitely eating at this point. I had gone upstairs to look at some website I had created, and it was about some old man who had 2 wives. There was something wrong with the site though, and it had turned into some Barbara Streisand site at the bottom half of the page, I guess because this old man had married her too. Then I went back downstairs, and they told me Rob Ray from the Buffalo Sabres had called for me, because he wanted to know if I wanted to be the rooter for the next game, and possibly all the rest of the games. Apparently a rooter was a person who came out right before the team did and got the crowd all excited and stuff. I wondered why the hell he would want me to do it, because I don’t like getting all excited, and I’d be highly embarrassed and rather inhibited. And I wondered why he asked me, but apparently it was because of some kind of relationship I had with some other guy on the team (not sure who). So they gave me Rob’s number and I went back upstairs to call him, but was really nervous, so I was rehearsing what I was going to say to him. I was going to say “Hi Rob, it’s Sara. How’s the shoulder?” but I never called him because the alarm went off.

January 29, 2001- Hockey dream. It was the last game of the Stanley Cup Finals. I was actually on the team, and it must have been in overtime, because I scored the game winning goal. So all my line mates came over to hug me and stuff, and then Adrienne didn’t realize we had won right away, and then she did so she was all happy and laughing as everyone from the team surrounded me on the ice. Apparently the game took place inside a mall, because then we were all walking around the mall all happy, and store workers were congratulating us. At one point, we were in front of Spencers, and someone came over to give Eric the Stanley Cup. He didn’t want to carry it, and then he thought someone was going to steal it. So I was like, “how are you not gonna notice someone stealing the Stanley Cup.” and then he was whining about how heavy it was, and that he needed to put it down. So Mary found a box, and he put it in a box and then carried the box. Then a bunch of players from the Sabres were on a talk show kind of thing, and it was Vaclav Varada and Alexei Zhitnik and someone else I can’t remember, who were on the show and kids were asking them questions. It was so hilarious. Someone asked Alex a question, can’t remember what it was, but he kept saying all these really hilarious things and one time said something like “over the past 3 years I only had 30 shots on goal.” But it was so hilarious, I was watching the show and laughing to death.

January 23, 2001- Adrienne, Danielle and I had tickets to a bunch of hockey games. The only thing though, was that they were held in my basement. They practiced in my basement, and the games were there. So we were getting ready for the game, and our seats were in my dad’s back room in the basement off to the side. From inside the room we couldn’t see the ice. We also had to sit on these really high chairs, they looked like pinball machines. It was time for the game, and the players were walking down the stairs to my basement, and one of them was this kid from high school who we used to call “Free Willy”. He was talking in an accent like he was Russian, and I was standing by the steps watching him. I started kind of yelling at him, and I was like “what do you think you’re doing. you know you’re not on the team. pretending to be russian isn’t going to get you on the team.” So he got all sad.

February 14, 2001 – It was my birthday. There was some part of this dream about Orgy. But then it was my birthday and I was having a party, a pool party. It started really early in the morning, and Danielle and I went swimming because it was really hot. Then for some reason we went out to the front of my house, by the mailbox, and Ryan from Orgy drove by. I guess I had invited them to my party but they didn’t know where it was. Maybe that’s why we went in front. But we looked all gross because we had been swimming, but I guess everyone thought we looked fabulous. So then we went back to the backyard, and with everyone else. The pool was on my deck and it was more like the size of a hot tub. My parents were there too. So people kept arriving, and we had cake. Then someone came and asked if I was me, and I said yes. So they left, and a little while later this boy from high school showed up with a hot wheels toy for me. Then someone was talking about Denis Hamel from the Sabres, and about how he wasn’t doing good because his mom had diabetes and he wouldn’t accept the fact she was going to die. Then he arrived, and was talking to everyone. He looked different though, like an India Indian. So my mom brought him cake, but she didn’t know who he was or why he had an accent. He dropped some cake on his pants.

April 11, 2001 – Sabres beat the Flyers in the first game of their play off series. Sabres scored 6 powerplay goals, including one from Rhett Warrener…

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