U2 in Hamilton

u2 – hamilton, ontario – october 13, 2001

best show i’ve ever seen

I got up at 7:30 to get ready to leave for Hamitlon. Wanted to leave at 8:30, cuz i needed to get there by 10:30 to pick up my ticket from the person i bought it from. Yahoo directions said it would take me close to 2 hours to get to Copps from NT, plus the border hassel due to all the crap going on, i left around 8:15….what time did I get to Hamilton? 9:30….haha. it took me an hour. border was no problem, i stopped and exchanged money, all that…the way home my trunk got searched at the border, had to show ID…good to know they’re protecting us!! 😛

so i got in line, and got a number (314) and then later got my ticket. I didn’t get lost, it was all good. Ended up talking to these 2 girls and a guy in line, played cards with them etc. I let the girls store their crap in my car since they had taken the bus and had no where to put it.

So after about 8 hours we got let into Copps. Well before that we had gotten wrist bands that guaranteed a floor spot…dunno what the difference is if you have a GA ticket but whatever. I got a cool wrist band! So…we got frisked, etc, got into Copps. It’s really small in there, probably the size of the Rochester arena…the first 350 people got let into the heart, which although my number was 314…yeah didn’t get in the heart. NOT A PROBLEM!!! I ended up barrier on outside of the heart, on edge’s side….probably halfway from stage to tip of the heart. could see perfectly (when the security guard wasn’t in my way)
sooo…garbage played, yeah. (i totally forgot they had played until i was about 10 minutes from my house on the way home lol). they were good….1323534635 times better than PJ Harvey. They played their hits…only happy when it rains, stupid girl, #1crush… i was happy they played that, cuz i totally forgot it was their song and i really like it. yeah shirley manson is perfect looking.
so after that, waited around more, painful lol but whatever. u2 came on around quarter to 9. opened with “elevation” and “beautiful day” like in buffalo (they had done something different earlier in the week, so no one knew what to expect for our show). they changed the set list up ALOT, which is good, cuz it means i didn’t see the exact same show. While I prefer the buffalo setlist, this show was by far better. there was so much extra “special” stuff that made it way better.
1. bono hugged an american flag for a good 2 minutes. a girl at the outside tip of the heart had an american flag. i forget which song was ending when bono took the flag and hugged it for a very long time. he hid his face in the flag as he hugged it, and stood there. (someone said he was crying, and was wiping his tears with it) millions of pictures were taken obviously, need to find some. it was really special. kinda sad that it takes 4 irish men to spark a bit of patriotism in me… there were also other people with american flags, a sign that had a flag on it and said “thank you for caring” on it…..i dunno. the whole fact that i was an american in canada, and ppl being so supportive..it was really touching.
2. bono brought up some kid who had made a sign that said he wanted to play guitar with the band. they brought the kid an acoustic guitar and bono and the edge stayed at the tip of the heart with the kid as he played. however, the kid had no idea what he was doing! he sucked badly cuz he was so nervous, he was shaking, so bono was telling him what chords to play, where his fingers should be, the rhythm etc as edge played it and the rest of the band played….then bono and edge left the tip back to the stage and the kid followed them, and then bono gave him the microphone, and took the guitar and the kid sang the song as bono played. it was so great!
3. they played “out of control”…and while i don’t see how great of a thing this is, i guess it’s rare for them to play it, since it was their first single ever….so that was cool
4. yeah ok, i admit, i cried…I SAID I WOULD! but not for the reason i said i would… almost cried during “kite”….was too dehydrated to form tears LOL. bono was talking about how he originially wrote the song for his children, but now he thinks his dad wrote it for him…sad…but i did cry during the last encore…they played “one”, and the screens behind them read off the names of all the people who died in the 4 hijacked planes a month ago…which went into “peace on earth” and “walk on”…yeah…cried…it was bad. but i wasn’t alone so hehe
5. bono shined the spot light right in my face during “bullet the blue sky”….like, he was standing right in front of me, light in my face, could not see…not like just the edge of the spotlight kinda shining on my face, no like THE DIRECT BEAM! lol….oh and while singing “jacob wrestled the angel and the angel was overcome” he was all hugging himself, and i was like omg you are so beautiful.

6. acoustic version of “staring at the sun” by bono and edge… so great.

i was SO happy they played “bullet the blue sky” and “new york” because i was unsure they were going to…esp bullet, cuz they didn’t the other night…i am obsessed with that song as of late, so i was really happy i could see it from the front of the stage and not the back. they changed the intro to the song, took out the singing, and the NRA/Heston part…just went right into the song…it’s so haunting…the spotlight bit is a nice touch…during “new york”, bono comes on to the heart, stops right in front of where i was, where he sings in front of a screen thing. well they changed the words to the song, and the security guy came and put them on the stage in front of where bono would be since he doesn’t know them…so it was kinda rad to see bono reading the words from the sheet….bono kissed edge during “until the end of the world” haha it was so cute

didn’t play “mysterious ways” or “the fly”….the fly, not so much a shock as mysterious ways…i figured that was a staple of the show…but that’s ok. whatever.

beautiful day
until the end of the world
new years day
out of control
sunday bloody sunday (i believe this is when bono took the flag)
when will i see you again/stuck in a moment
angel of harlem
people get ready (with the kid on the guitar)
staring at the sun (acoustic)
where the streets have no name
still haven’t found…

encore 1:
bullet the blue sky
what’s going on
new york
with or without you (with extra verse)

encore 2:
peace on earth
walk on

that might not be right….the u2tours.com setlist was missing new years day…so tried to find another one, this one came from ppl on the interference board

i totally just remembered (10-22-01) out of no where, that bono was doing this ultra cute thing, making his hands into a heart shape and holding them in front of his chest…for an example, click here for a photo – don’t think from hamilton…. it was TOO cute…love bono…

ok thats all i can remember right now…

the 2 girls are supposed to send me the pictures they took…will post them if/whenever i get them. not looking like i am getting them.

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