Jeopardy clue: “You need 3 Trent Reznors to get enough of this metal found in the body to make a nine inch nail”

(answer: What is Iron?) LOL

taken from adrienne’s away msg…it was a real question hahah


this is too cute (from

Many Sabres intended to place winning bids on their commemorative “New York” jerseys worn in Sunday’s game against the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden.

That was before they saw how high the prices have skyrocketed with several days remaining in the Internet auction to benefit the Twin Towers Fund. The auction, which runs through Tuesday, can be accessed at and

“I know a lot of guys wanted them, but we’re not just walking away with them,” defenseman Jay McKee said. “There’s a price range we have set, but to get the jerseys we’ll have to shell it out.”

The captains still top each team’s list. Mark Messier already is over $6,000, while Barnes and Miroslav Satan are holding firm at around $2,500.

Rob Ray and Tim Connolly are at $2,010, while Alexei Zhitnik is at $2,000.

The jersey prices of McKee ($1,510) and his defensive partner, Rhett Warrener ($1,362), probably are higher than they should be. That’s because they have been bidding on each other’s to drive up the price.

“I hope he gets stuck buying mine,” McKee said. “Then I’ll buy it back from it for half of what he paid.”


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