just got back from allentown art festival downtown….same as always, lots of stupid people with animals and strollers. got 4 matted pics of last weeks U2 show from the concert picture guy. i might scan them at some point. whatever.

i’m really bored. i don’t have really anything to say but i’m just that bored. my parents looked at a “really nice car” for me today. mom said they’re waiting for the guy to call back cuz the price was more than they wanted to pay or something. i hope i get it. i don’t even know what kind it is HAH…its a car, it runs, i can take road trips and go on concert binges…its kinda funny how i say “concert binges” because binging is usually a reference to food or drugs…concerts are my drug… that’s funny. i had this wack dream last night that i was dating johnny knoxville… its on my dream page if u r interested. of course, go there after ur done here 🙂

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