I was home for break and I wanted my job back at McDs. So I went in to talk to Dave, but the store was all different. It had been remodeled or was in the process of being remodeled, so it was all weird. I saw Dave, but he was way tall, like 6’2″ or something, and I was like, this is weird, Dave’s not taller than me. And he had really bad skin, acne wise I mean. So I asked him if I could have my job back for a few weeks, and he said to talk to Joy (?) who was the new manager doing schedules. So I found her, and she was really tall too, and sort of old. So I asked her for my job back, and I guess she was semi-deaf (Dave said so) so she couldn’t understand what I was saying. I felt really weird shouting at her, but I had to. I told her I wanted 40 hours a week, and she was like, what?! No one gets that! I told her it was only for a few weeks, and she said it was ok. Then my friend Amanda was at my house, she lived there, and she slept in a bunk bed above me. We went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep well. Then a friend of ours from work Cheryl came over, supposedly she was drunk, and when she was drunk she needed to come stay at my house. But she had to sleep in the same bed as Amanda. So she got in the bunk bed, and was talking. I didn’t know what was going on because I was half asleep, but I heard her take her shoes off. I didn’t even know another person was up there until I asked Amanda if she had gone to bed with her shoes on, and she said no that it was Cheryl. Then my alarm went off, and I was trying to turn the light on but I couldn’t, it was broken. So Amanda turned hers on, and I was thinking it was weird that Cheryl was just getting home now, at 6:30 am. But then Cheryl wasn’t there.

There was some small part of this dream or another one, about 2 lego/toy space ships that had to go on a mission, I was on one of them, and had to go to Mercury and Venus, and study them. I didn’t know how to fly the ship, or how to land or anything. So we crashed into one of the planets.  

possible explanation: none

possible interpretation: none, wow

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