I guess there had been a Sabres game, and I was trying to find out who won. It was against some Canadian team, I think Montreal. So I was wandering around my neighborhood looking for someone with the TV on so I could find out the score. I ended up walking down Nash Rd and kept seeing a bunch of girls from high school, who I hate, driving around. So I went down into Wurlitzer Park and started walking up some one’s porch steps. It was an old lady’s house, and she saw me coming and warned me not to come any closer. I guess she thought I was a robber. She was an overly paranoid lady, because she had electrified her porch railings, and so I grabbed one while I was going up the steps and got electrocuted. She said she warned me that it was an electrified railing, but she never did. So I’m standing there getting electrocuted, because I couldn’t let go. So I let go finally, and then she felt bad, and took me inside, I guess she trusted I wasn’t going to rob her. I told her I wanted to see the score of the game, and she said sure, and made me put on her husband’s Sabres baseball hat. It said Stu Barnes on it. The Sabres lost (I hope this isn’t a psychic dream, because we play Montreal on Friday haha), by one goal. The old lady still felt bad for electrocuting me, so she invited me for dinner. But I was still pissed that there was no warning sign about the electrified railing, and I didn’t want to stay but she had already set a place for me. She had 2 grandsons there too, who were running around. Well I had to go to the bathroom, so I asked if I could and she said sure, and showed me where to go. It was in  a drawer in a cabinet in the dining room. Well first of all, I didn’t want to pee in a drawer of a cabinet. Secondly, it was in the dining room and there was no door or anything so they wouldn’t see me, and the 2 boys kept running around. So I didn’t go to the bathroom. That was about it.

possible explanations: No idea. I guess just that it’s hockey season, I’d dream about hockey. Don’t know a thing about the electrocution, as I haven’t talked about the time I was electrocuted at work recently. And the old lady, not sure about that either. I’m never sure with anything in my dreams, they are too psycho.

possible interpretation: Well alot of people would say, dreaming about going to the bathroom, meant I really had to go in real life. The dream was near morning, so yeah, I probably did really have to go to the bathroom. But still, don’t know about the rest of it.

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