i am so tired and i don’t really know why. slept decently last night, but i’m so exhausted. and i have a headache and felt sorta sick all day. i think it was cuz i drank coffee this morning to warm up. i don’t think i can handle coffee early in the morning (or 11am haha), it always makes me feel all gross.

today’s sexual harassment update: jack touched my ass again, random touches while he talked to me about 5 times, and 2 hugs – one for giving him a table, and one to appologize for giving me a hard time (even tho i don’t recall him giving me a hard time)…and then about 398249724 times being called honey. and i asked kristen if he does this with her, and she said no…nate’s gonna have to go kick some ass haha.

i feel as if i’m on the verge of descending into that place i’ve been going about once a week since i started dating nate. but not cuz of him…for no real reason. i just feel like as soon as my mom gets home she’s going to get on my case about something, and i’m just gonna burst into tears. she left me a list of things to do today (vaccum, laundry, clean my room) as if i wasn’t going to be at work all day either…and i’m sure she’ll leave me a list for tomorrow, as if i don’t work tomorrow. and i know she’ll be like I DONT CARE YOU’VE BEEN HOME FOR AN HOUR YOU COULD HAVE DONE *fill in the blank* WHY DONT YOU GO OUT AND GET A JOB. god just thinking about this i have tears in my eyes.

i think it’s safe to say i’ve never been this emotionally variable in my entire life. i’ve never been so happy and felt like such shit, and have it change so quickly back and forth ever. haha i keep thinking of when some certain ex-housemate said she was a rapid cycler. that’s what i feel like the past 2 months. i need a mood stabilizer. lol

since when do elementary schools have dances? we had skating parties…maybe it’s me getting old, but elementary school kids don’t need to be going to dances. do they even want to go to dances? they don’t like the opposite sex – they have cooties. and i remember in 5th grade there was a sock hop and we all thought it was the gayest thing ever, no one went. but apparently, kids at meadow school want to go to dances.

have you heard the latest rumor about the Jackson family? yeah according to Latoya’s ex-husband, he witnessed the Jackson family’s ritual monkey sacrifice at the Hayvenhurst house years ago….and MJ used to physically beat on Bubbles, saying that “he’s just a chimpanze, he can’t feel it”….and that MJ injected magical formulas into his veins while chanting “i’m getting lighter, i’m getting lighter!”…come on now. if you’re going to make up lies about the family, make them semi-believable. ritual monkey sacrifice?!?! right.


omg i actually got rid of all the crap in my inbox. shock…i had clique submissions from the beginning of august in there. hah i’m such a slacker.

i have such a friggen headache. stupid fucking screwed up hormones. and now presenting…the kinds of headaches i get:
1. normal headache – just a normal headache…it hurts, but i don’t usually even notice them, since i ALWAYS have a headache.
2. shark bite headache (aka ice pick headache) – i think i have shark teeth growing inside my skull…every now and then my brain gets caught on one of them, thus sending sharp shooting pains through my head. i know exactly where the teeth are growing, because it’s always the same areas that hurt.
3. sinus headaches – when areas of my brain hurt when i inhale. usually my face will hurt as well. it feels like my sinuses are very dried out and empty, then in pain, which goes into my head. i had one of these at work today, but it went away.
4. migrane without aura – had one last thursday. just hurt really bad, and made me feel like throwing up. as a kid i would always throw up with them, and then i’d feel better.
5. migrane with aura – it’s like i have a stroke, but usually doesn’t hurt unless i move my head. aura includes loss of vision, loss of feeling in half my body, face, lips, tongue, feeling as if limbs aren’t attached to my body, loss of ability to speak or read. thankfully, rarely happens. haven’t had one in 4 years.

i’m not sure which kind i have now… it’s normal but bordering on migrane. it hurts alot. so it’s a bit beyond the annoyance of a daily headache.

and now for my haiku:

i know i missed some
i actually had a life
no time to haiku

i need to find a u2 cover band to play at hard rock for band night. but are there any around here? of course not.

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