Internet Friends


Isn’t it funny how you get onto the internet, and you join a mailing list, or start hanging out in a chat room on IRC or something, and you make a lot of friends. You talk to these people a lot, and you talk about EVERYTHING. Everything from relationships, to problems with your parents, to how much pizza you ate the last week. It’s amazing how good of friends you become with these people that, most likely, you’ve never met.

Now I’ve met a few of my best internet friends. After you meet them, your internet friendships are better than ever. It upsets you when they are upset, you get worried about them, you try to cheer them up, they can make you mad, you can make them mad, just like you knew them in real life….Sometimes it even seems like they care about you more than the people you know in real life. You can tell them everything, and they are always willing to help you out. You laugh together and cry together, just like real friends.

So this is a little letter to all my internet friends. I really appreciate everything you guys have done for me. Tarl, Amanda, Kevin, Sandy, Glen, Emily, Robin, Cyndi, Kandi, Jac, and maybe even Patric… thank you for putting up with me and my bitching lately. You guys are some of the best friends, real or otherwise, a person could have, and always remember, I’ll be here for you, like you have been here for me. I thank you, I love you.