if anyone has wondered about my default icon, it’s buster and his traumatizing incident in a photo booth from the tv show Arrested Development. james had brought season 1 dvds over a few times when we were all still friends, and the show was amusing but we never ended up watching all of them. they’re now playing on cbc after simpsons, so i watch it every day and we’re into the 2nd season i think. what an underrated show. you’re watching and you really don’t realize how funny it is until after. very intelligent, and usually incredibly absurd. like having michael and his niece maebey sing kareoke to “afternoon delight”…you really don’t think anything of it until they’re singing and both realize the entire song is about sex. LOL the writers did such a good job coming up with hilarious things people wouldn’t think of. anyway. love the show. buster has now had his hand bitten off by a seal. LOL. he actually reminds me of james sometimes hahah sorry. wish the show hadn’t been cancelled. i read something that showtime picked it up but i don’t know if that was true or not.

oh and i think it’s hilarious that britney spears has shaved her head hahahah

work has changed the radio from the 80s station to the 90s station. it’s like one big middle school dance now. seriously, they play songs i haven’t heard in 15 years. and it’s fantastic.

ok i must have watched vh1s one hit wonders count down a million times, but just now payed attention to the fact that soft cell’s tainted love is a cover….haha i had no clue.

“recording artist and author” latoya jackson…..that’s how they announce her on the Muncie Police celebrity reality show “Armed and Famous”. it’s on vh1. apparently it just didn’t get the audience it deserved on cbsabcnbc whatever channel it premiered on. hahahahahahaha latoya thinks the cats in muncie have it out for her. david, you SO should have done something to make these “cops” show up at your house.

and i have to apologize again but i love america’s next top model, and i love tyra. and i want AJ hair, getting mine cut tomorrow. sadly, it’s been cut like that before and never looks like that. her photo was amazing tho. /me likes her. is the show always on wednesdays? if so, goodie for me. hahahah

oh dear god, the bush speech/little richard geico commercial spoof on daily show tonight, so hilarious. god bless jon stewart. so need that on file. it hurts to laugh but omg…so great.

cassie had to cancel the trip up here this weekend 🙁 🙁 but dan/ will be here tomorrow sometime. he’ll get to see the wounds in person instead of relying on the picture haha.

oh my, lewis black on baby Suri…”apparently they live in the sears portrait studio” LOL god bless lewis black too.

oh daily show how i missed you the last 2 weeks. what a perfect day to return from reruns. thank you for coming back for the 2nd half of my recovery

(about humane hunting on tv becoming the nascar of hunting)
isn’t nascar already the nascar of hunting?

watching “inside the twin towers” on discovery channel. it’s interesting. it’s sometimes technical showing how and where the planes hit. the most striking thing is a man who was on one of the floors in the 2nd tower that was directly hit. he was looking out the window and actually saw the plane coming towards him. he dove under a desk right as the plane went through the building. duck and cover worked for him. just amazing. i can’t even imagine…the reinactments of what it was like to be inside the building – from reports of survivors – aren’t totally cheesy and ridiculous like the nic cage movie looked.

it’s just as sickening and terrifying as it was 5 years ago.

i plan on watching 2 9-11 documentaries on cbc tomorrow. the one of most interest to me is toxic legacy – about the bush administration cover up of the real dangers in the air after the collapse of the buildings. “an air that kills” had a whole section about the EPA finding significantly high levels of asbestos in the air, and in the dust that covered the inside of offices and apartments in the area. the entire building was coated in asbestos fireproofing. how could people think it wasn’t in the air?

america’s next top model #6 marathon. oh my god, molly sue is absolutely stunning. gorgeous. but i’m not sure if i think that because she’s so beautiful, or because she looks like “brian slade” from velvet goldmine hahahaha

and bring on round 3!

poor ottawa… 🙂

SO EXCITED. a bunch of fans of the show Fear on mtv put together a 7 dvd set of all episodes and bonus stuff. sold on ebay. totally mine now! freakin loved that show. can’t wait to get it!