Small Town Fame



I am famous in Geneseo. I’m the girl who only eats french fries for lunch. I went to the dining hall for lunch last week, and one of the managers was there with the lady who always serves the food. I get french fries every day because there is nothing else I like. I don’t really like sandwiches, hot or cold. If they had a chicken sandwich they always put some kind of cheese. I don’t like it. So I get fries every day. This time the manager starts to talk to me.

Manager: “Why do you only eat fries every day?”
Me: “Because I never like anything else.”
Manager: “Well what kind of stuff do you like so I can make it for you? I worry about you only eating fries every day.”
Me: “Well I like those spicy chicken fingers you had last semester.”
Manager: “Oh, I think I only put them on once this whole semester. What else do you like?”
Me: “Well, I like normal stuff, like hot dogs.”
Manager: “Anytime you want something and you know we have it, like hot dogs, just come and get me and I’ll make it for you. I don’t like you eating fries everyday.”
Me: “Ha ha thanks.”

Well that was weird…I knew the serving lady knew I got fries every day because she gives them to me. I didn’t know the manager knew. So then a few days later, there were hot dogs. So I go in for lunch and the lady expects me to say fries, and I surprise her by saying hot dog too. So she says “Where is (whatever manager’s name is)? She’s eating more than fries!” The manager comes and is very happy and excited I’m eating something else with my fries.

That same night for dinner, they had chicken poppers and fries, which I can eat. So I get that for dinner and go to cash out, and the cash out lady remarks about me actually eating! She says “Hi Hun, you’re actually eating today!”


THEN!!! Saturday night, we go over for dinner, and I just didn’t feel like eating chicken strips again. So I just bought a carton of milk on the other side of the dining hall, so I could make mac n cheese. I go to pay for it, to a different cashier, and she says “I hope that’s not all you’re eating for dinner, a carton of milk.” I said, “No I have to make mac n cheese or something.”

I didn’t realize everyone knew me as the girl who doesn’t eat, considering that I eat 7 meals a day!