Big Macs


AHH today was so cool!! I worked 7-4, and around 8 I drove to 2 other stores to pick up big mac buns and milk. I got back to the store around 845, and when I walked in everyone goes 97 ROCK (a local classic rock radio station) is coming at 930 to give away 50 free big macs!! I was like WHAT? HAHA so we were toasting buns and making macs for a half hour. The guy gets there, and he’s on the radio talking about how we make big macs, and all these ppl show up for the free big macs. We had no idea why he was at our store, something to do with the store that sells the most big macs…

Well our co-ops advertising agency came to see what was going on, and she told us that because this year is the 30th anniversary of the Big Mac, some other ad company wanted to find the Big Mac capital of the country, and yesterday announced the finalists in the competition.. OUR STORE BEING ONE OF THEM!!! Can you believe it? My store, which does no business anymore, in a no-one-knows-about-town is one of the finalists in the Big Mac Capital of the country contest!! So the guy from 97 Rock gave out the 50 macs, and our district supervisor or whatever this guy is told us to give him 50 more, so we made him 50 more!! He stayed at our store giving them out an extra half hour. So then after that radio station, and 2 of our local TV stations left, we found out that ANOTHER radio station 93.7 was gonna come at 4 today to give out 93 free big macs. So once again, at 3 we started toasting and macing away…They came at 330, and we made all the big macs, and they gave all of us free shirts and stuff!! It was soooo cool. I had to have made over 200 big macs today.

So our one manager is gonna be on TV because they actually interviewed him, and the rest of us might just be on camera!! isn’t that so rad!! And I still cant believe our store sells the most big macs!

I also took a few online IQ tests yesterday. One said I had a 123, and then this one I just got back said this:

***Your IQ score, as computed by our 3-5 minute test, is 132.***

70-89 Below Average

90-99 Low Average

100-109 High Average

110-119 Superior

120-129 Very Superior

130-139 Very very Superior

140+ Genius

Pretty cool huh? I’m a very very superior person, intelligence wise.

Back to McDonalds… my last day is tomorrow (Aug 22, 1998). Its gonna be sad. All these people already told me they are going to come in and see my before I leave, and bring me little gifts and things. I never thought leaving that hell would be so sad…