Maurice Benard


I got to meet a famous person today. I met Maurice Benard who is an actor on General Hospital. He plays Sonny Corinthos. My roommate, her friend and I went to see him at a mall near us. The mall opened at 7:00am and we didn’t want to not be able to meet him, so we got up at 5:30am, yes we are insane sometimes, and drove to the mall (hey, the directions we got from Yahoo said it should take 59 minutes). We got there at 10 to 6am, and the doors of the mall were already open. So we went in. We were the first people in line!!! There were other people there for n’sync tickets, and Beanie Babies, and us Maurice fans. We waited in line for 5 hours approximately, in front of this woman who claimed that Maurice *knew* her, and once he saw her he would say it was all right for her to get a personal autograph (there were rules, because he was only going to be there for an hour, and they wanted to get as many people through as possible, so no personal autographs, no posed photographs, etc). Well by the end of the time there, we basically thought she was full of shit HAHA. She kept butting in to things that had nothing to do with her, stuff about how the guards should tell all the people at the end of the line to leave, because there would be no way they would get to meet him. WHO CARES, you are gonna still meet him, why bother with the people in the back. Makes perfect sense to me. I can’t even remember the rest of the stuff she said to us, about everyone, but that she made a little girl cry.

The little girl was sitting on the stage, she was 7 or something, and she had a camera because she just wanted to take a picture of Maurice. Keep in mind, this was 1.5 hours before Maurice was going to show up! The woman said to the girls mother that she had to get down, she couldn’t sit up there. The mother was like, yes she can, she’s not doing anything wrong. And the girl started to cry. Anyway, enough with the bitch lady. The radio station sponsoring Maurice’s visit came and set up stuff, and then everyone was crowding around the stage, and the lines, and stuff, and they made way for Maurice to come to the stage thing. He walked right in front of me. HE IS SO GORGEOUS! Oh my god, he is so beautiful, more so than on TV. He looked soooo good, and happy. We think it was his first appearance since his return to General Hospital, and he talked to us on a microphone about how he didn’t expect so many people there, and his birthday was Monday (March 1st) so everyone sang him happy birthday, and he was all smiles (and big dimples!) So then we got to go up and meet him, and the bitch lady who kept saying, yeah your first, was all pushing us and stuff. She was just soooo annoying. Anyway, my roommate went up, and she told me she didn’t even say anything to him, because she was just so nervous and in shock it was him. Then I went up, and I go “hi!” I didn’t know what to say HAHA. Things seemed very unorganized, because mall people only expected like 100 people, and there was over 1000. So I’m up there, and someone had just taken his jacket, he gave me a picture, and shook my hand, and I think I said “it’s nice to meet you” but I’m not sure HAHA, I can’t remember. Then I asked him if I could take a picture, and I keep pressing the button and it’s not working, and then I realized the thing wasn’t open HAHA, so I’m like duh, and I think he started to laugh, but either way he was smiling when I took the picture, and OH MY GOD he’s so amazingly gorgeous. I walked off, and me and my roommate just kinda squealed like ecstatic 12 year olds at a n’sync concert. We knew everyone was staring at us, but everyone leaving the stage was doing the same thing, even this really nice woman we met, who we asked to take pictures of us on stage, because she wasn’t in line (when we went up, she told the security people that she was with us, and got to go up on stage HAHA). She got to hug Maurice, and she was all happy and squealing, and she was in her 30s haha.

We also got tickets to see n’sync….I don’t like n’sync…Roomy and I are going to see Jordan Knight,   ex New Kid On the Block :-). Can’t wait!