work was really slow despite the insane amounts of people who descended upon the rainbow center to apply at the casino. i didn’t go today, because i left at 4:30 and was told it was a 6 hour wait in line. so i’m going to go early tomorrow morning, probably around 10, and wait in line til they open at 12. kristen and mike waited in line for 4 hours today – they got there at quarter after 11. i thought it was just going to be go in, fill out an application and leave, but apparently they’re doing screenings, and talking to each person – hense the 6 hour line.

so i hung up cobwebs at work for hours today. i’m covered in them. it’s all decorated for halloween with bales of hay, and corn stalks and stuff…pumpkins etc. it looks cool.

i’d really like to see nate tonight, but i’m not holding my breath. if i get my hopes up too much i’ll end up crying later i’m sure. i’m figuring i’ll get the “i’m really tired” excuse…i’m sure my mom will yell at me tonight for not doing the list of chores she gave me to do today, even tho i told her at least 3 times i had to work today, she still gave me the list…once she yells at me, i’ll REALLY want to see nate so he better be up to do something. i don’t really feel like doing anything out, renting a movie would be fine with me…no over exertion so his “tired” excuse won’t really fly haha.


i wish i could harness my psychic ability and make some money off it. cuz i was right, once again. called nate…conversed a while
me: well did u want to do something tonight, get a movie or something?
nate: i’m exhausted
me: all you did was peel stickers off a van all day
nate: yeah i know….blahblahblah

i convinced him to do something tomorrow night, instead of thursday (but gonna work on thurs night too haha)…he might be going to see his friend in DC this weekend. i told him he might get shot lol. he’s like oh yeah, i forgot about that lol. i guess the other friend he’s going to drive down with is being a bitch about taking off of work and stuff, so it might not happen. let’s hope it doesn’t *selfish* 😛 i’m entitled to be selfish. but really…the sniper thing, i wouldn’t go down there right now if i was paid….ok well i would if i was getting paid alot LOL. nate jokes about how he wants to get shot in Niger, he could go down to DC and get shot getting gas…haha.

mom didn’t yell at me. actually thanked me for going to get the grocerys when i got home from work. but i’ll have a list of stuff to do tomorrow, even tho most of my day will be spent in line at the casino job thing.


duran duran is
a cool 80s band that should
come play at hard rock

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