Orgy Detroit

exactly 5 years ago danielle and i met orgy at water street in rochester…kinda neat…

tonight’s theme was found on a tshirt of one of the band members of one of the (5) opening bands. it said “welcome to detroit” it had a gun and bullet holes and then said “sorry we missed you last time”….but let’s start at the beginning

headed out around noon and got to detroit in very good time. took a slight detour once we got off the highway because we’re blind and missed the road. ended up at the city airport (not metro). adrienne called her friend to see if she knew where we were and where to go. turned around and turns out the street we wanted was pretty much right off the exit and we somehow missed it.

so we found harpos and yes it’s in a ghetto-esque neighborhood. parked in back of the venue, hung out by the bus but they seemed to be done inside and already getting on the bus. i’m a retard…we’re standing there and adr goes “hi!!” and i look and it’s this really attractive guy with spiked hair who i thought was johnny haro. fyi johnny haro was the drummer in econoline crush during the “season of econoline”. i was thinking, why is johnny haro here? yeah it was bobby. MY BAD. i’m a bad fan LOL.

anyway…went and had one of the scarier fast food moments of my life. went to KFC to use the bathroom. the entire counter was behind bulletproof glass, with those turn tables that you put your money in, they turn it and take it, and give you your food. the only time i had seen one of those before was in a gas station in niagara falls. so yeah…kfc was scary. went back to get in line. doors were at 6. talked to a few girls who were in line behind us, got inside and the venue was…weird.

they use harpos for metal shows and its a night club. so there were 3 levels with a bar, dance floor, and mosh pit. they had lovely signage saying “enter mosh pit at your own risk” and “Absolutely no stage diving”. wanted to steal but…that would have been tough. the stage was over 6 feet tall, with no barrier or any kind of railing. so if you wanted to be up front, you had your face to the stage. we hung back a bit through the FIVE openers….

yes FIVE. i thought there was going to be 2. wrong. 4 “no name” bands, then godhead, then orgy. the openers weren’t horrible, but they weren’t superstars either. godhead was great. enjoyed their set alot. it amuses me that people mosh to a beatles song (elenor rigby) and that most of those people probably don’t even know it’s a beatles song.

so then orgy. gah. the show was so fantastic. we started off in the middle, ended up in front of paige. ok someone please tell me when he learned to be so fucking sexy. like. o.m.g i always thought he was way cool, and hot, but daaaymn. he was like oozing sex. so hot. haha. same set list as the toronto show. 107 kills me every time. during blue monday it turned into an orgy dance party, and people started hoisting themselves up onto the stage. of course others followed and there were tons of people up there. then through that song and the following 1 or 2 people continued to go up on stage, hug/shake hands with whoever, go back down. by the time the club got people on stage to stop everyone from climbing up it felt as if we were the only people who didn’t go up LOL. the crowd was much more into the show and much more responsive than the toronto one it seemed. and the band seemed to like everyone coming up (to a point). the boys seemed to be having more fun than last week.

during the 5 openers we had talked to this girl from canada who was so boppery and adorable. she managed to get on stage a few times, so i was happy for her.

had a “moment” with paige which was lovely, cuz he’s the only one i didn’t get to meet years ago when this all began. i was totally looking forward to talking to them outside after the show.

so yeah. great fucking show. leighanne and adr hoisted me onstage after to rip a set list off. the roadie tried stepping on me twice, i’m like PLLEEAAASE I BEG! so he let me have it. haha i rock.

well…while roadies were setting up orgy’s stuff there had been a weird pop noise. the 2 girls we had talked to in line were next to us and she joked that it sounded like a gun shot. we laughed, no big deal. it was sorta high pitched, sounded like a child’s pop gun or fireworks….

midway through the set jay says for everyone to be careful on the way home tonight because there was a shooting behind the club…i thought he had said people were shooting up so i was like, well…whatever. the show ends and we leave, to find cops everywhere, police tape all around where the tour bus and equipment trucks for the bands were…they had shut down the highway next to the club…because there was a shooting. !!!!!!!!!! welcome to detroit. this really just made my night. it amuses me to no end because i kept asking people what the neighborhood was like, and i got “it’s not that bad, it’s not down town or anything…but it still is detroit” LOL. and there was a shooting.

so i took a bunch of pics of the crime scene, leighanne ripped a piece of police tape off for me. i loved it. seriously. it made my night. i can’t believe it LOL. poor orgy’s bus was trapped in the crime scene. there had been a limo in front of the club and we figured they left in that since they couldn’t take the bus and leave for ohio…who knows what will happen. have to remember to look in detroit newspapers tomorrow to see if there is an article about it. ROFL

i’m just so seriously amused. LOL. just perfect.

oh, and i got propositioned for sex by a passing car LOL. and before the show some cops pulled up and asked who was playing. he was hot so i invited him to the show. he said he had to work. bummer lol.

the girl from canada is going to send me copies of her pics (cuz they let ppl bring cams in, but figuring they weren’t going to i had put mine back in the car)

setlist from both shows:
inside my head
the obvious
blue monday


from the detroit free press:

“Man killed, another hurt in shooting outside club

One man was killed and another wounded Wednesday night in a shooting in the
parking lot of an east-side Detroit nightclub, police said.

Officer Glen Woods said the shooting occurred shortly after 9 p.m. outside
Harpo’s Concert Theater, 14238 Harper.

An off-duty Detroit police officer told investigators he was at the nightclub
when shots were fired in the parking lot, Woods said. The officer went outside
and saw a man walking away from a gray vehicle.

The police officer identified himself, and the man pulled out a gun and began
firing, Woods said. The officer ducked behind a utility pole and fired back.
The man again shot at the officer before fleeing on a pedestrian bridge over

The men who were shot were later found inside the gray vehicle. They were taken to St. John Hospital and Medical Center, where one was pronounced dead and the other was listed in temporary serious condition. By Cecil Angel”

seems like the “shooting” we heard inside was most likely not THE shooting…because godhead was playing around 9, so it wouldn’t be timed right. oh well. we can still pretend we heard it lol.

Orgy Toronto

wow yesterday was amazing!!!

i love orgy.

so…the show. i wore my fake hair and it only sorta hurt, and it didn’t get pulled out so it was wonderful….anyway, headed out around 5 with leighanne adr and james. we were meeting danielle and her friend erika at the show because they spent the day in toronto. i figured we’d eventually find them. turns out while driving down bloor someone walked right in front of my car…and it was danielle LOL. so we caught up with them, stopped at a restaurant/bar for some of us to eat, then headed to lee’s palace to wait in line for doors at 9. danielle met a bunch of the boys again while we were eating, which is totally cool for her.

lee’s palace is super super small. smaller than showplace. so it was fabulous. aphasia opened for orgy. they’re signed to jay’s label. they were really good. young too. james bought their cd after the show, gonna have to burn it for myself. the lead singer looked like a cross between james, ian, and tommy gnosis haha. so that was cool.

and orgy…gah. what to even say?!?! it has been far too long since we saw them. ended up in front of amir and paige. there was no space between the “barrier” and stage (it was a padded rail attached to the stage). the show was great. jay had some mic troubles, and apparently was a bit sick so paige and ryan were helping with vocals. it was paige’s birthday, so one of the roadies brought out a cake for him and everyone sang happy birthday. it was so fun. the set list was something like:
(the order is messed up)
inside my head
107 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
fetisha (!!!!!!!!!!)
blue monday (jay’s mic stopped working during the “you spin me round” addition, unfortunately)
the obvious
eva (!!!!!!!!!!!)
encore: stitches

the show made 2 more orgy converts, and james seems to have a good time too. gah. so great. they make me so happy. ryan looks like such trash though. bad bad hair. they’re such a fun band. i totally want to go see them again. gah love them.

headed home after the show. got hassled by the nazi border guy, got home around 2:30 and crashed. great great night. yay!

Orgy in Worcester

Orgy # 6 March 3, 2001 – Worcester, MA

Adrienne, Danielle and I woke up at Joe’s the next morning. We got ready to head to Worcester, and left around 2:30. The Palladium was easy to find, which was surprising. We had to wait outside for an hour, in the snow and cold. Stupid east coast winters. Doors were at 6, but they didn’t let us in until probably 6:30. We were frozen. They had the weirdest way of letting people in the venue. They picked people out of the crowd to go in, mostly from the front, but a few little kids with their parents were allowed in first. We got in, stood up front to wait through 3 bands blah. I hate openers.

We saw all of Tinfed this time. The crowd was rude as hell, telling them they sucked and to get off the stage. They aren’t bad. I don’t particularly think they fit in with an Orgy/Spineshank crowd, but whatever. They only play for a half hour or so, deal with it. Alien Ant Farm had microphone problems at first, then got settled. Crowd got rougher. Of the 3 shows, this crowd was the roughest… It was all little kids. I felt like a giant, because I was taller than everyone (except nomad girl next to/in front of Danielle). The little girl in front of me was probably 5 feet tall. I could rest my chin on her head (but that also meant, when she freaked out during Spineshank and Orgy, she could knock my teeth out). Spineshank was rough. It wasn’t too bad, because we were so squished, I didn’t really get hurt. Many more fans of them at this show than Albany. Same impression as before…The singer is hot, but still, the music is not my thing.

Orgy came on some time after that. This show was the best of the 3, but worst crowd. Little kids suck. The little girl in front of me, and her fat friend were really annoying. It was ok, since I could see over her head. But they freaked out when they got 2 of Amir’s picks. For some reason, they left with maybe 5 songs left. That was fine with me, because I got barrier for the rest of the show and the encore. Yes an encore this time. The set list was the same as the other 2 shows, except for the encore. They came back out and started Eva. Eva of all songs. I NEVER thought they’d do Eva live. It was awesome. After that they played Pantomime. It was way cool. I ended up with a pick Amir played with (half of the word “orgy” was rubbed off and its all chipped) and an Orgy condom ha ha. The whole show was just way cool. They seemed a lot happier than the night before, I guess Jay felt better. It was a lot cooler, because they’d open the doors of the theatre between each band to get the equipment out. Jay kissed Paige when they sang 107 together…um…there was just a bunch of way funny stuff they did.

Danielle had her Rough Cutt shirt on from 1984, and Amir saw it. He handed her a pick at one point. It would be an awesome show to have on video (so if you know of one, lemme know ha ha). During Blue Monday again, the Spineshank guy and Alien Ant Farm singer came on stage again. The Spineshank guy had a fur collared pimp coat on. After the show we stood around at the barrier again. The security was dumb about giving us stuff, saying they wouldn’t get the setlists for us. Whatever. We left after the show. We didn’t stick around for any of the shows because it’s too damn cold, and it’s really not that important for me to meet them. At least not that important that I’m willing to freeze to death. I was also getting sick at that point, blah. We drove back to Joe’s place, got back around 2, a lot earlier than we had thought, since doors were at 6, even with the encore the show was done earlier than the other 2.

Observations from the show

– Amir is so perfect. I noticed this at the other shows too, especially Albany. It was so hot but his makeup didn’t run, his hair was totally perfect even after the kept touching it to get it out of his face.

The weekend was awesome. Probably the best weekend of my life ha ha. How sad is that. It’s really weird that 5 people I don’t even know can make me so happy. Orgy is so addicting. People comment on the fact that they have the same setlist every night (which is technically not true). But every show is different, and they put on such a good show. I so need to see them again. YOU GUYS GOTTA COME BACK TO UPSTATE NEW YORK!

So in closing, thanks to Adrienne for agreeing to go (and you’re welcome for us converting you). Thanks to Joe for letting us stay with him in Troy. And thanks to Jay, Paige, Ryan, Amir and Bobby for making me so happy. Yeah yeah, sob sob, etc etc.

Orgy in Albany

Orgy # 5 March 2, 2001 – Albany, NY

After 2 classes a nap and another class, Adrienne, Danielle and I headed out to Albany for the 2nd Orgy concert in 2 nights. We were going to be late to this one too. We got to Joe’s house, picked him up and he drove to Northern Lights for the show. We got inside during Tinfed again. We got treated to some Alien Ant Farm again, this time assholes in the crowd started to mosh. Got pushed around a bit.

Then we got “treated” to Spineshank. Got pushed around a lot, ended up at the barrier. Good deal. Spineshank…blah. Totally unimpressed. Too hard, too annoying for me. Can’t even say I enjoyed one single song. But whatever, the pushing got me to the barrier so it’s all good. We were in front of Amir and Paige for this show. This show was better than Toronto. Same set list as Toronto. The setlist taped to the stage said Pantomime before Where’s Gerrold but they didn’t play it for some reason. It seemed from the show that Jay was sick. It was really hot in there, the guards went through 3 cases of water on both sides. Jay commented a few times on the heat, and how he didn’t know how we could stand it. During the interludes Jay went to the side to “rest”, cool off, wipe his face off etc. Amir came onto this speaker thing, and motioned that he was way hot and stuck his tongue out and laughed at everyone. It was cute ha ha.

During Blue Monday, the singer from Spineshank came out to sing in Ryan’s mic (oh, and Ryan took his shirt off cuz he was so hot, that was unexpected. Didn’t realize Orgy ever took their clothes off…always wearing damn long sleeves :P). Singer from Alien Ant Farm came onstage too. It was cool. No encore again after the show, we think because Jay was sick or whatever. We stuck around up front after the show to get “souvenirs” of the show. I got one of Amir’s picks. I think Danielle did too. Before the show I had seen Steph, who I’d been talking to online since I realized I had taken a picture of her at Orgy at Waterstreet 2 years ago. It turned out I was next to Tracy, who I also had talked to online, and Steph was right behind me the whole time with her other friends. I don’t think Tracy realized who I was, and although I said hi to Steph, not sure she realized either haha. Whatever. We had lost Joe during Spineshank, so we found him again and went to get food. Went to Denny’s like always. Our waiter was awesome, I commented on the different menu, and how I had stolen one from home. So he let me have it, and got me a Daytime menu. Ha ha. We headed back to Joe’s for the night to finally sleep.

Observations from the show:
– once again, can’t get over how huge Paige’s platforms are.
– Bobby’s drum solo is cool as hell.
– Ryan is ripped!

Orgy in Toronto

Orgy # 4 March 1, 2001 – Toronto, Ontario

After counting down the days, it was finally Thursday, and the Orgy weekend had begun. Adrienne came down during the day, and we waited around before going to pick Danielle up from class and head back home to NT. We picked up David and got our tix, and drove up to Toronto. It was an unusual experience, going across the border. The guard asked us why we were going to Toronto. David told him we were going to a concert. The guard asked who, and David said Orgy. After a strange look, he asked what kind of music to play. David came up with techno-metal. Good call. He shook his head, gave us another weird look and let us go.

We thought we were going to be later than we were, but doors were at 8, not 7 as we had thought, and we got there about quarter after 8 and had to wait in line in the cold snow and wind (since we were in the Great White North) for about half hour I guess. We found Carolyn easily, she had just gotten there too. Once inside we went to the bar area for the first bands. Carolyn, Adrienne and I stayed in the bar area because there was more room, and the floor looked really packed. I didn’t feel like fighting mean scary people to get up front. Danielle and David went into the crowd, and turns out people basically let them get to the barrier. Oh well, next time.

So when we got in, Tinfed was already playing. We thought they were Alien Ant Farm haha. They weren’t bad, but whatever. Alien Ant Farm came on after that, they were… entertaining. I spent most of their set staring at the balcony over the bar where various members of Orgy were watching the set. They played their “Smooth Criminal” Michael Jackson cover, which I thought was rad as hell, because I figured they wouldn’t play it. They asked the crowd if anyone liked Michael Jackson…Carolyn, Adrienne and I screamed haha, Danielle said she did too. They said they didn’t care if we didn’t like him, they were gonna play it anyway. It was cool.

Spineshank didn’t play that night, because they were finishing a video in California…no loss. Orgy didn’t go on until around 11, and played for about an hour. Set went something like this: vapor transmission intro, interlude, suckerface, dissention, chasing sirens, opticon, 107, fiction, gender, bobby drum solo (which sounds like Bjork’s “Army of Me”), stitches, where’s gerrold, blue monday… and another interlude thrown in there at some point. The show was great. Before Stitches, Jay asked the crowd if anyone had a bitch or asshole who they love and hate at the same time, when people screamed he said something like, you’re losers. I don’t really remember. At the end of the show, Jay said something about how we were the best fucking audience as always. They left the stage, and then Jay came back on and said something to the sound guy in back. Then he started talking to us, and told us that they were going to come out and do a few more songs, but the soundboard got fucked up and they couldn’t. He said something about how they’d be back with Papa Roach and to come see them again. Kinda pissed about no encore, because the other shows had no encores. Whatever. Danielle caught a towel which we thought was an unused one, but it turns out there’s makeup all over it.

We hung around for a few minutes inside, deciding what to do…leave or stay and wait around for them. We decided to leave, since by then it was after midnight and we had a 3-hour drive home. We left, got back to NT to drop off David, and drove back in a blizzard to Geneseo, got home at 4. We had another experience with the border guard, asking us who we saw, and more weird looks when we replied “orgy”. Ha ha. Anyway, we got back, and had to get up the next day at 7:30 for class… we’re good little students.

Observations from the show:
– Ryan is thoroughly entertaining. It was the first show that I got a good chance to watch him on stage. He is amusing as hell.
– I think that’s my only observation from that show.

Orgy @ Buffalo

December 5, 2000 – Orgy Show at 103.3 Misfit Xmas party

Oh my god. This was an amazing show. Danielle, Eric and I headed out to Buffalo in white out conditions to see Orgy play at the 103.3’s Misfit Xmas party. We got there around quarter to 7, had to wait outside in the freezing cold for 20-25 minutes. It was terrible. Once we got inside, it was fine, I could feel my feet again, it was all good. We got barrier thanks to Eric. Dust For Life played first, and it was more enjoyable this time than at Geneseo with 3 Doors Down (but being at barrier makes everything more enjoyable). The guitarist Jason was late coming on stage. We found out talking to him after the show that they had told him 8:30, so at 8:10 he went and took a piss, got a beer, and then saw the band was on stage. So he came in after the 1st song. We were on the other side of the stage from him this time, in front of the bassist. They’re a decent band, they put on a decent show. Better than Geneseo, like I said.

Between sets 103 did some lame ass stuff on stage, boring. Danielle and I had our pictures taken by 2 different photographers. One guy on a digital camera, I’m assuming for 103’s website, and one by a chick. I also had the skanky Chuck Norris wanna be security guard take a picture of us with my camera. After that was Lifehouse. Not impressed, but the absolutely beautiful lead singer helped a lot. The sound was bad, you couldn’t hear his vocals at all, but then again, I was having a good time just staring at him. Then after a forever wait, as per usual with Orgy, they finally came on.

The show was incredible! The set list went something like this: Suckerface, 107, Opticon, Fiction, Gender, Dissention, Stitches, Where’s Gerrold, Blue Monday/You Spin Me Round. Only 9 songs, which I was disappointed about that, but it was a radio show party thing. And they made up for it with the show. We were right in front of Paige the whole time. When they came out Amir gave us love, held out his hand for us to grab. Suckerface, not my favorite song off VT was a great opener. 107 kicked ass! I love that song, and it was awesome live. The new shit definitely is good live material, which some people might not think so cuz it’s not really as guitar driven like Candyass stuff was. Anyway, the whole show Danielle and I were singing, and we totally got Paige and Jay’s attention. They looked over at us all the time, Paige gave us tons of love. Jay looked over at us during songs that he had ad-libs too (Gender, Dissention, Blue Monday) to see if we knew them, which we did. At one point Jay came over and held his hand out to us for a while, which was rad. Then, I don’t even remember what song it was, but it must have been Blue Monday, he was having everyone sing, was holding the mic out to us and stuff. Then he came down off stage to the barriers and came right in front of me and Danielle. He walked by twice, and then stood up on the step right in front of us! Danielle’s face was right in his crotch (lol), he was getting totally molested (not ONLY by us LOL) and was loving it the whole time, big smile on his face lol. His shirt was soaked, but it was really rad material, it felt cool HAHA. I was surprised that we weren’t crushed when Jay was in front of us, or maybe we were and I just didn’t notice, I was too busy with Jay standing right in front of me.

So then he went back onstage, and they finished up Blue Monday (if that was the song they were doing at the time) with You Spin Me Round, which Jay looked at us to see if we knew that was next. We hung out at the barrier still after they left the stage, to get the setlists or picks or something. Someone had thrown flowers on the stage, so the stage people gave us parts of them. Then I asked the guard for the setlist but he gave it to this other 16 year old chick who had been flirting with him the whole time (it was an 18+ show). Then they got Amir’s extra pics and gave them to us. I got one with a G and I on it. (oh yeah, I also got a Dust For Life pick, and setlist.)

Then we walked around, I got a shirt, and we met the guys from Dust For Life. I got a pic with Jason the guitarist and the singer Chris. I got their autographs and the drummer Rich’s autograph. I was talking to Jason, and told him I had seen them at Geneseo, and he had no idea they had even played there HAHA. He said he liked my pants, and stuff, was all flirty. It was rad. Chris was talking about how it was the worst show they played, he got hit in the head with a drumstick when the drummer tried to throw it to the crowd. Then someone kept throwing Trident gum on stage. He was so funny, cuz he said something like how that guy was going to meet some girl and have bad breath and be like, damn I threw all my gum at that band! Rich was hitting on me, shook my hand all that stuff, and was like, yeah I saw you down in front. haha It was kinda funny. After that, we left to hang out by the busses. It was so damn cold we moved the cars to the side where we were standing, so we could sit in somewhat warmth until they came out. Eventually we left, after about a half hour probably, because it was cold, I had gross vinyl pants on and had to pee. The show was totally awesome, mad love from Paige and Jay, definitely better than the other 2 shows of theirs I’ve seen.

A few observations from the show:

– Jay has a really nice tongue… nice and pink and shiny. And he’s mad skinny. Small nipples as well,  not bad, just an observation.

– Paige’s platforms are huge

– When Amir comes on stage, he looks like a doll. Like a glam/goth Barbie

– Ryan has a really large head

Orgy at Water Street


May 19th, 1999 was the Orgy concert in Rochester NY. I went with Danielle and her brother David. We wanted to go really early so we could get right up front for the concert (it was in a small clubish/bar place). So we drove all the way to Rochester, and got there and Ryan was out by the backstage door signing autographs and stuff. So we parked, and went over there to see if we could talk to him. Well, he had to go back inside to do a sound check and stuff. So we were waiting by this back door for, about an hour, with a few other people, waiting to meet the band. They were inside doing sound checks, and stuff. They played “Dissention” 2 or 3 times and we got to hear it perfectly from where we were outside!! It was soo awesome, cuz we heard Jay doing sound check, and I forget what he was saying, but it was funny. So then…They were finished doing that, and they were going to go to the hotel.

So they came out the back stage door, and we got to meet them!!! The first one I met was Amir. My hands were shaking, but he was super super nice. I gave him my silver pen to sign the CD cover with but it wasn’t working, so he had to use his black marker he had, and you can’t see it too good (cuz its on black background). And I got a picture of me and Amir. He’s alot shorter than I thought. He looks really tall in the “blue monday” video, and on stage. He had the same nail polish as Danielle. haha So after that, I went to talk to Jay (I think I talked to Jay next, yeah). I asked him to sign my CD, and for a picture. I was calm, it was cool. Then he put his arm around me for the picture, and I realized he was touching me and it was so weird. I didn’t freak out or anything, it was just, oh my god, Jay’s touching me HAHA. ( his whole time, Danielle and David are talking to the band and getting autographs too). So David starts talking to Jay, and carrying on a normal conversation. He told Jay that they should come to Buffalo and Jay said something like it was bad enough in Rochester, he had to walk 3 hours to find breakfast that morning, and there weren’t even any good malls there. haha After I talked to Jay I went to talk to Bobby. He smelled SOO good haha. I got his autograph, and a picture, which I think looks super cute. After Danielle talked to Bobby, Paige came out. Danielle got Paige’s autograph, but their road manager was trying to get Paige away to go back to the hotel to get changed for the show. He told us all to wait there and Paige would come back and hook us up, but we didn’t want to wait for them to come back and get bad spots inside for the show. So the band left, and we went around to the front of the building to get in line for the show.

There were a bunch of 8 year olds behind us with their father!!! I wouldn’t have WANTED to go see Orgy when I was 8…unreal. Anyway, we get in, and we got a pretty good place, close to the barrier, 3rd row approximately. The opening band, some local band, Distortion 9 or Division 9, something like that, came on. They were um…bad. Then an hour after that Orgy came on AHHHHHHH it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!!! They opened with “Dissention” like at UB (actually, they probably had the same play list), and it was sooo awesome. I got pictures!! woo hoo. But so they played “Dissention”, “Gender”, “Fetisha”, “Fiend”(i think), “Stitches”, “Pantomime”, “Blue Monday”(and Jay sang “you spin me round(like a record)” at the end too), a new song I don’t know the name of…um…was that it? It might have been. They played for 50 minutes about. It was SOOO awesome! The crowd was sooo smushed, way worse than UB. But it was better, because you were so jam packed you couldn’t fall. But of course, I have the worst luck with crowd surfers. I got hit again. Some guy kinda landed on me and a bunch of people and we couldn’t get him off us, so I fell on the ground. Someone picked me up and someone else asked me if I was all right. I was, I didn’t even feel it AHHA. Everyone was so nice at this show, not like UB.

So I got way pushed back from Danielle and David. At one point Jay threw one of his towels into the audience and Danielle and David got it. The two of them and the 2 girls who helped me when I fell all had it, and they fought everyone off and then ripped it and shared it. So I have a piece of Jay’s towel!! 🙂 hehe….Um.. so When I got pushed way back, I was stuck right on the edge of the mosh pit, so I just got out of there and I moved back into the crowd where people were calm HAHA. I dried off (I was sweating so much, my hair was soaked, and my Under 21 stamps on my hand all sweat off) and watched the rest of the show. It was so great. I’d definitely go again, besides I need pictures of me with Ryan and Paige, and their autographs!! They better come around here again sometime soon!! So the show ended and I finally found David and Danielle and we left for home. It was so awesome ahhh….

Orgy at UB


May 1st was University at Buffalo’s Spring Fest 99. MTV’s campus invasion came, and Run DMC, ORGY!! and Sugar Ray played. It was free, and I love ORGY so we (me, roommate Danielle, Eric and Mary) decided to go. We got there around 2:30pm and it had started at 12, with local bands I guess. The line to get in through metal detectors was so long, we were like, AHHH we’re never gonna get in to see Orgy. Eric found some kid he knew from RIT and we cut into the line haha go us.

Run DMC came on, and we were like SHIT, we are NEVER gonna get in intime to see Orgy. But when Run DMC came on, lots of people left the line, to go sit on this hill because they all thought they weren’t going to get in too. So the line got a bit shorter, and we got in during the middle of Run DMC’s set. We pushed our way into the crowd a bit, and watched the rest of their set…it sucked. lol….so then, we wanted to get up front for Orgy, so we pushed our way up to the front, not total front, but into the big mush of people. Then some DJ guy was spinning records while we waited for like, an hour and a half until Orgy came on. Run DMC had to go on early, cuz they had some other show to do…so Orgy wasn’t ready I guess….they came on FINALLY but everyone in the crowd got rowdy from waiting for so long, and people were pushing, and falling all over the place, and it was really hot and sweaty. It was so much fun though, because you’re all excited and stuff, and trying to get closer up front, and stay standing at the same time.

So Orgy came on and Jay Gordan looked so good. So we were watching the show, while being pushed all over, and jumping along with the crowd, and trying to stay standing, and avoid the crowd surfers….(more about that later)….They played “Dissention” first.. ahh kicked ass, so we’re fighting the crowd, and a crowd surfer came from behind us and landed on us. I got kicked in the face, and lost my 3rd pair of sunglasses this year (yeah, go me :-P). It really hurt, and I had my head down, cuz like, the guy was kinda still on me. I was wiping my face, cuz I swear I tasted blood. Danielle shouted “GET THE FUCK OFF HER” to the guy, and Eric was punching the guy and trying to get him down off the crowd, he was kinda still on me. Well he fell to the ground and I looked up at Danielle and she was like are you alright? And I had to ask her if I was alright, cuz I didn’t know if I had a face left AHHA (it wasn’t THAT bad, but I didn’t know if I was bleeding or not.) Eric was kicking the guy on the ground, and he was like, are you ok? and I was like NO I gotta get outta here. So we all left the big mush of crowd, and watched the rest of the show from back where it was way less crowded.

Orgy played SOOO good. So like…after they were done… Oh wait I forgot a really cool part. While we were still in the big mush, I think after “dissention” Jay goes “How many girls out there wanna fuck Mark McGrath (from Sugar Ray)?” and some ppl in the back shouted….so then Jay went “Well I wanna fuck all of you too” Ok…so back to the story… Orgy finished, and we got some drinks, and were waiting for Sugar Ray to come on, even though we don’t like them at all. So we’re standing back by the paramedics tent again, and Danielle was looking at Sugar Ray and saw some of the Orgy guys walking by the stage. So she went “LOOK IS THAT ORGY?!” and I’m like YES and I pushed her and said “GO!” so we ran to this chain link fence by the edge of the stage. hahaha

So we saw 2 or 3 of the guys in the band walk behind the stage. So we just decided to stay there. So then, Ryan, the one guitar player from Orgy came around the stage again, and went up the stairs to watch Sugar Ray! So me and Danielle were yelling for him to come over and talk to us haha… he was so drunk HAHA. But anyway, he kept looking at us, and waved to us. So then… um… Paige, the bassist came onto the stage with Ryan, so we kept waving to him too HAHA…Then Bobby the drummer came on and he blew us a kiss and waved to us……… then Jay came on stage. We kept yelling for him, and he looked at us and waved…then he pointed us out to someone else. He kept looking over at us and we’d scream and wave trying to get him over to us, and he’d wave. He waved to us 3 times, and pointed at us, and blew us a kiss too! hahahah. We didn’t pay attention to Sugar Ray at all…. the only part of their show I remember is saying how Orgy set a high jump bar very high, and that Sugar Ray could only jump real low. And Mark McGrath kept saying how they couldn’t stand up to Orgy cuz Orgy is great and Sugar Ray sucks HAHA….well Sugar Ray did suck, and Orgy kicked serious ass!!! It was so much fun!! We are planning on going to see Orgy again on May 19th in Rochester, can’t wait.