long long day. work was CRAZY. thank GOD i worked day yesterday, because at night there were 16 reservations with half of them being over 20 people, and a total of 138 people needing seats within an hour of eachother. the swingers convention and high school homecoming…i’m sure it was unbelievably insane after i left. it was insane when i was there. i actually worked with other hosts, and we waited on tables all day. it felt like summer. haha. no really good stories out of it though.

picked up nate on the way home from work, back to my house so i could eat and change, then got adr and headed to RIT. got there around quarter to 9. chilled for a while before heading out to the kareoke thing in the student union. apparently the guy doing it this year had an awful selection of songs (i looked, and he did…1 MJ song and it’s childhood?!?!) so eric bitched, went home got his own copy of “jump around” to do haha. eric and the crew did STP’s “plush” and eric did a solo jump around, but had issues, so it was blah. didn’t stay much longer after that – back to the apartment to chill, watch tv, play atari, and lay around on eric’s bed til 2. haha. got home around 4, slept now until quarter to 12. had some wackass dreams again, but don’t really remember them.

i decided i really don’t like sundays. they’re depressing. i work monday, tues, and thurs day shifts next week. i was supposed to close friday, but i switched for monday. so that’s nice.

and oh yeah, sabres kicked ass AGAIN! 6-1!!! 2 games 11 goals, keep it up boys.

and oh yeah again…add another animal to the list of animals i’ve killed. hit a rabbit after we left RIT…nate said my car probably looks really yummy cuz he thinks i ran over it’s head…he looked at the car when i dropped him off at home, but it was dark. i’m kinda afraid to go look cuz i’ll have to clean it. it rained last night though hahah


well after i blogged i went back to bed until 2:30 hah. then work. it was busy, i was up front by myself, but did an excellent job hah. a german man named jerry befriended me. could not understand what he was saying, so i smiled and nodded and every now and then was able to make something out and respond.

the new server who is all weird towards me is more weird now…he touched my ass yesterday. today he’s taken to calling me “hey baby”, “sara honey”, or “sara baby”…and it’s not cute and endearing like if nate calls me “babe”…the “hey baby” seemed really condescending, the others were just annoying. and he stands way too close when he talks to me….like on seinfeld, a close talker.

i totally forgot tomorrow is a holiday. i dunno if nate has off or not. not like it matters, i’m working all day. his friend is in town, and i’m not sure if their plans for tomorrow night include me, or if it’s a boys night out thing. i’ve never met this friend, and i’m not sure the friend knows i exist lol. this friend is in nate’s “nerdy circle” of friends, who don’t talk about feelings or if they have girlfriends or not. when i accidentally met his friend andy, andy had no idea nate had a girlfriend lol. but this friend might know me…whatever.

i’m going to apply for a job at the casino…hopefully as a dealer, but there are a bunch of things i could be trained to do there. dealers make alot of money. they’re opening the employment office for the casino on tuesday, and it’s in the rainbow center (across from hard rock) so going to go there after work on tuesday. i don’t see why they wouldn’t hire me as a dealer…

i feel 80. i have arthritic hips currently. got out of bed to shut my window sometime last night, almost fell over, my legs hurt so bad and were so weak. and all day today it hurt to walk. dunno why either. i think it might be partially due to wearing my adidas sneakers yesterday, since we ended up walking onto campus and back. they don’t have heals so i walk differently in them, and it must have stressed out some of my muscles. i was fine til i got out of the car at my house last night, but didn’t really notice til i got out of bed. and i was more or less fine at work, but sitting down now and getting up again, hurts super bad. feels like my legs are gonna detach from my hips haha.

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