going to see red dragon at 9:30 tonight. hopefully nate won’t fall asleep 😛

so until then, watching hedwig, doing nothing.

sometimes i wonder what i did before digital cable…the past few days the channel guide has been out, so it says “no data” instead of what is on that channel as you surf…i’ve had to go back to surfing and guessing what shows are on! It’s horrible!! i need to know what show is on immediately! haha *spoiled*

i need a haiku for today. haha ok

i need a haiku
cuz i promised one daily
i’m such a slacker


*edit* watching the hedwig commentary for the first time (what’s wrong with me, i dunno…) shit now i forgot what i was gonna say. oh yeah. in the background of clips of an interview with some guy, he’s got one of the glowing plastic deer lamps that i wanted to buy last year. hahahah.


Herbi938: i went to go get my friend for dinner and the girl who lives next door was having sex
vacant enigma: lol
Herbi938: we stopped and listened outside the door
vacant enigma: LOL

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