Hedwig and the Angry Inch

I can’t believe I saw Hedwig on Broadway 3 times and never once posted about it. So now I’m going to rectify that.

I discovered Hedwig and the Angry Inch in college, because I saw a photo of John Cameron Mitchell in Hedwig makeup in a magazine and thought he looked awesome. Soon enough I was seeing the movie with Carolyn and Adrienne and I looooved it. I pretty much made everyone I knew at the time watch it, and everyone loved it, including LeighAnne who learned about Hedwig when she was coming up to visit me and planning on moving to Buffalo. It didn’t go over so well when we played it for James and Brian though, who called it “the worst movie they’d ever seen”. Careful guys, your homophobia is showing. I attempted to kick them out of my house, but they didn’t believe me and thought I was joking, but they should know, even though it’s been over 10 years, I will never forgive them for that. (For what it’s worth, Brian did apologize, saying that he wouldn’t have wanted me to say that if he had shown me one of his favorite movies.)

Rumors have flown around for years about Hedwig going to Broadway, and in 2014 it finally did. OMG I was so excited at the announcement that it was being revived, that it didn’t matter how much it was going to cost me, I was going to go. They announced it would be a limited run starring Neil Patrick Harris. I didn’t know what to think about that, because I didn’t know he was a singer, but I didn’t care. I was going.

So what turned out to be the first trip to NYC came in May 2014 with Jason, Susan, Jessica and Nick. LeighAnne was supposed to come as well but had to cancel so Jess found a friend who was interested in the ticket. We flew down for just one night for the show, but it turned into 2 nights when our flight home was cancelled due to weather. Ah well.

The show did so well with NPH they extended the run and started having new actors play Hedwig. I didn’t think I’d go again though, we’re just too far away. Then one day I woke up to the news that Michael C Hall was going to play Hedwig. What? Dexter as Hedwig? I had to go. So Jason and I bought tickets to treat ourselves for Christmas and drove to NYC (so flights couldn’t get canceled in the winter and make us miss the show) in December 2014.

But right after I had bought the tickets to see Michael C Hall it was announced that he’d be followed by the one, the only, the original, John Cameron Mitchell. *dies* I literally started laughing in bed when I read it, I just could not believe it. We had just bought the MCH tickets though, so I let it go…until we went to the MCH show. I decided I couldn’t NOT see John Cameron Mitchell as Hedwig on BROADWAY, so when we got home, I bought us another set of tickets, and we went for the final time in March 2015.

So the first show with NPH, I was just so excited because I really never thought I’d see a major production of Hedwig. I was sitting next to a guy from the south somewhere, who was as excited as I was, and we both said we’d probably cry through the whole thing. I thought it was so great that he and his girlfriend had traveled all the way to NYC because he loved Hedwig so much, given that the South isn’t known for it’s open mindedness. He had a bunch of souvenirs when I sat down, and he was so excited “They had a Shroud of Hedwig, wanna see?!?” I did cry when it started because, again, I just never thought I’d see it live. And during Origin of Love. And during Midnight Radio, because I can’t help it. NPH did a fantastic job as Hedwig, and he sang better than I expected. His performance was funny, bringing out more of the comedic aspects of the show, and he seemed to play Hedwig as a pretty happy character despite the bitterness and sadness of the story.

The 2nd show with MCH, it took me a while to get into it, because despite the make up and wig, I still could see MCH, and at the time I only knew MCH as Dexter. But after a few songs I forgot all that, and it was just Hedwig. MCH was definitely still a man in a dress, he was the manliest Hedwig, but he was fantastic as well. I didn’t know he had a musical theater background either, so I was impressed. I cried at Midnight Radio, again…MCH was still funny when Hedwig was funny, but he played Hedwig differently than NPH, more emotional and sad about life. NPH had more energy, or flamboyance than MCH, but maybe MCH is a more realistic portrayal of Hedwig, since Hedwig is really a forced transgender woman, based on his living situation, and not truly transgender in a sense that he felt like a woman trapped in a man’s body. I feel like Hedwig would still have some manly characteristics despite being forced to live as a woman now. Jason thought MCH was better than NPH.

But then there was JCM! I seriously cannot believe I got to see the original Hedwig. O.M.G. I feel so thankful, and like my life is complete. God, just, so awesome. So a few weeks before our show JCM hurt his knee during a show, and was replaced for a week by MCH again so he could heal, and I happened to convince my friend Emily to see it when she was in NY. I was sad she didn’t get to see JCM, but she loved MCH. Then I convinced another friend, Anthony, to see it, and he did – the day before we were going to JCM. He texted a few things about the show that I didn’t really follow because at the time I had no idea JCM was performing injured, in a knee brace.  So the show we saw was a bit different than what JCM was doing before the injury, but it was still phenomenal, and funny, and fantastic. JCM is my favorite, I’m not sure anyone could top him in my opinion. The injury was written into the script, with the story that Hedwig had gotten Nancy Kerrigan-ed by a man in a Michael C Hall mask, or at least, she thought it was a mask LOL! Much of the show was performed while sitting in a stool, and Yitzak had to bring Hedwig a box to rest his leg on, which when he forgot, earned him the wrath of Hedwig. JCM’s Hedwig was bitter and angry but still funny and likable. The jokes have been updated with different names (like John Mayer instead of Phil Collins, etc) and there are some new bits special for the Broadway production, but the show is very on script compared to the movie, same lines with the same inflection. However, JCM ad-libbed a lot more than the other 2, with his show actually going 2o minutes longer. Apparently James Franco was in the audience with us, which JCM mentioned in the show in one of his ad-libbed speeches. I cried at the beginning, again, because…JOHN CAMERON MITCHELL AS HEDWIG!! And I cried during Midnight Radio, again. God, it was just so fantastic.

There were 2 more Hedwigs before the show closed on Broadway, but they are taking it on the road, so here’s hoping I’ll get to see it a few more times with some more interesting actors. Surely it’ll go to Toronto, if not Buffalo, and I keep joking that I’ll be going to see it in London’s west end once Daniel Radcliff and David Tennant are named as Hedwigs (not joking, better start racking up some credit card airline points).


hedwig was fantastic. the guy who played hedwig had a great voice, and was totally into it. very very good. sadly, they haven’t been getting too big of crowds. went to this radass bar called Lux afterwards with amy. made me and leighanne want to open a bar.

ctrc meeting last night to finalize things for the 75th. the artwork for the event is incredible i think. so pretty. brian and james came over for movies, can’t remember what we watched. i was a rude bitch again, i apologize.

and new layout…from u2’s “bad”…listened to it on the way home from asbury, i forgot how pretty that song is…

must sleep. but must blog!

work was boring. really dead, goofed off with the girls, and they let me leave at 3:20. so i got to carolyn’s early haha. i almost fell asleep in the car about 100 times. it was bad. so we were lazy for 4 hours, ate, went downtown for the hedwig convention. the tickets said doors at 9, the website said doors at 9:30…more like doors at 10:15. finally got inside, sat in the theatre awating instructions etc. there were some people dressed up and stuff, it was cool. got inline for the autograph thing. JOHN CAMERON MITCHELL IS SO FREAKING ADORABLE! he’s so TINY, and he’s so cute. got him to sign my dvd, and Little Hansel (who dances on the bed in Germany) signed it too. after that, went back in the theatre to wait for the rest of the stuff. they had Little Hansel come onstage and dance for everyone, there was a Hedwig from a Texas production who was there who performed, and then q&a with JCM. HE’S SO CUTE! haha i know, i said that. he was really funny too. so it was a good time. but we didn’t stay for the movie. it would have been cool to see it on the big screen again, but i knew i’d fall asleep. things were running so behind it was 1:30 and they were gonna start the movie. carolyn had to get up for work at 7…so we ditched on the movie and went back to her house to pass out lol. good times good times.

so tonight is tool. i need to go back to bed now, cuz i’m so fucking tired. and i hurt all over. i feel like an old woman. my lower back hurts so friggen bad, and my sternum feels like it’s bruised. my neck feels better tho haha. i have tomorrow to rest up and feel better too. need a massage, that’s what i need. ANYWAY yeah tool…need to talk to muhammed cuz he never called me back after he called last sunday. and i had 2 diff phone numbers for him, neither are him. i’m figuring since tool is his fav band, and he NEEDS to find out when we’re leaving or he has no way there, he’ll call this afternoon. lol


i tried out carolyn’s hair wax stuff yesterday, cuz we had looked at it in the store and wondered how it worked. she said it doesn’t wash out. she was right. my hair felt so wacko after my shower, cuz it’s still coated in wax. i wonder how long it’s gonna stay in there. now it’s coated in mousse and hairspray, maybe it’ll disintegrate the wax haha.

my mom is so funny sometimes. years ago she commented to me that she’d know if i was having sex, because i’d start wearing nicer underwear. lol. so i come home from toronto and she’s reorganized my room, including putting aaaaallll my nice pairs of underwear at the top of the drawer, and hiding the ones i usually wear. LOL. what exactly is she trying to do here? lol. she’s ruined it for herself, cuz now she can’t deduce anything since SHE’S the one prompting me to wear nice ones hehe.

finally got a hold of muhammed – 3 different phone numbers later. haha. i’m wondering if i should do anything between now and when we leave…lol. i’m so lazy. i should wash my work clothes but i can do that tomorrow lol. mom will be gone all day tomorrow.

someone (assume: mom) wrecked my window clings in my car. i noticed yesterday when i was checking out the possibly new scratch on my passenger side of my car. SHUT UP CAROLYN. i’ve decided the scratch was there before friday night. when i hit the car with my keys it wasn’t hard enough, and in such a way to actually scratch the paint like the way whatever happened to make the mark did. that’s a really ackward sentence. whatever. yeah. the clings – someone washed the inside of the window, so the ink is all wiped off onto the actual glass. all screwed up now. arg. thanks alot.

i forgot to mention that mgr at work handed me a big bag of canadian change the other day, since they were going to throw it out again (i guess). it ended up being probably around 15$ lol. there was 8 or 9 in just loonies, then tons of quarters. i still have the 6 bucks she gave me when i rolled coins for her lol. not complaining!

carolyn randomly came to visit again sunday night. i mentioned that “hedwig and the angry inch” was playing in buffalo finally, and shes like I WANNA GO. so she got the last bus to the falls and i picked her up at like 9:30. so yesterday me her and adr went to geneseo to get my textbooks since i didn’t preorder, and then went to the movie later on. HEDWIG WAS AWESOME!!! it’s such a great movie. it’s just the coolest. if i didn’t just redesign the site, i’d be doing a hedwig design. i still might, dunno yet.

so anyway, gotta take carolyn to bus station around 2, the tea party show is tonight. yup

hedwig is such a great movie!!!!!! it’s so adorable, and so fun, and john cameron mitchell is so cute!! cute in a platonic way, not in a sexy way…cuz hes gay and all that LOL. but yeah… so love this movie!! i watched it in bed last night, and then watched the 2 deleted scenes. the one is a different version of the mall scene when hedwig goes to see tommy gnosis. and it has this part of Itsak remembering how he met Hedwig in Croatia haha…theres also a part with the manager having a phone installed in her head, and that part is dumb. but the part about Itsak and Croatia should have been left in cuz it explains something i didn’t catch the first time around. Hedwig was married to Itsak. When Itsak gets invited to do Rent, he goes to yell at Hedwig and asks for a divorce… didn’t realize that when i saw it in the theatre….and it’s not mentioned anywhere else in the movie. just that they were lovers or whatever. but in the deleted sceen, Itsak proposes to Hedwig…and it all makes sense. haha….THIS MOVIE IS SO GREAT!!!!!


this is too great. i was looking for my “fashion photo shoot” pictures from when i was in greece in 96, but instead i found a bunch of my old school work. i’m scanning some that will be up later, but this one….it’s a thanksgiving card and it says “we are thankful for…school, food, pilgrams, family, friends, and church.” LOL CHURCH! i never went to church as a kid, why the hell would i say that? i must have been told to put that down LOL.

this other stuff is from MPP and i’m realizing.. i didn’t do a very good job LOL….I got G’s (we had a messed up grade scale, not A, B…etc… it was FR – first rate, the highest, G – good i guess…i don’t remember the rest…)

HAH i found another thanksgiving book from 2nd grade…written and illustrated by Sara Etten. Once again….”thanksgiving is… for family, for freedom, for schools, FOR CHURCH, for people, for pets, for my house, and hospldolls.” HAHA HOSPLDOLLS!!!! it’s supposed to be HOSPITAL! hahahahahah

we must have had to do a journal in 1st grade, cuz there is a whole folder of things i wrote about the year….one of them is about Commander Tom and me being nervous when he talked to me (and i do remember being really nervous)….and there is one about not liking seat work…but when Commander Tom asked me what I’d do as principal I told him I’d give the kids more work to do…and that we didn’t have enough work. LOL and then i’m scanning this one journal entry that is “my mail box got trashed on sunday” with a picture of my mailbox exploding LOL…it did get trashed. hahahaha

my mom found my photo shoot pics… it is so unreal. The guy who did them, Charles…he liked me a bit too much, and he was really strange. well he addressed the package he sent with the proofs and stuff to me…instead of to my parents. Then he sent me a 2nd letter with the photo negatives (which aren’t here…wonder where they are)…at least he couldn’t make any more prints of me or anything lol. I wonder if he remembers me. I wonder if he has a website… lol. nope…no website. he’s on websites, there’s one about his Women and Horses exhibit…and people who had him as a mentor…and photo credits on sites in DC…i really hated these photos he took of me at the time, but now… they’re not half bad. esp cuz most of them are in profile, and i HATE my profile…lol.