Non Party

august 15, 2001

well its been a week since i posted. carolyn came down to visit for the janet concert, and stayed for a week. it was good, since i’m home alone, and scared to death. however all of our activities didn’t go as planned.

so we were going to do a fight club esque week…we were going to be tourists at support group meetings. well we were going to go to a sexaholics meeting on tuesday, but then things didnt work out with me meeting with the psychologist i “work” for and the bus schedule, so we didn’t end up doing that. then wednesday we were going to go to the 6pm church service at an assembly of god church, but then started doing something and didnt go. i forget what we were doing but whatever. friday was the janet concert. that was good. we had really good seats. while i dont like pop music, and i dont like janet, she’s a jackson, and it was entertaining. saturday was my non-party.
i was planning on having some people over to have some drinks, just hang out whatever. well it turned into a bbq. eric came down from rochester, joe brought rick and janet, and adrienne and danielle came of course. amanda and her boyfriend matt came so we could all pass judgement on him. joe grilled, we attempted to make hamburgers, but they didn’t turn out the best. but people ate them. you would think a cookbook that’s purpose is to show easy things to cook would tell you how to make hamburgers.. nope. they’d rather tell you how to make leg of lamb, cuz that’s SO easy…a total beginner could do that. 😛
anyway, yeah we even made corn on the cob. overall, for a non-party thrown by me, it was pretty sucessful. joe took janet and rick home and then came back, amanda and matt didnt say anything really, but it was cool.
sunday we went to the flea market, and then watched movies. joe and adrienne came over, we watched Seven and Fight Club. Seven rocked, and of course fight club is still brilliant. we got pizza, all that happy horse shit. carolyn and i were going to go to a different church service, at a pentecostal church, but once again, didn’t.
monday i didnt want to work so i left after 2.5 hours, and called in for the next day. monday was supposed to be power animal day. we drove out to the place where the healing touch meeting was supposed to be held. it was at a nursing home. we go in, and found the room, no one was there yet cuz we were early. but we were both like um, i think we should go. so no power animals for us. we then tried to think of other fight club esque things we could do, that weren’t illegal and didn’t involve killing anyone. the only thing we could think of was to make soap, but we didn’t know where to find a liposuction clinic to steal the fat from. anyway….we also came up with the throwing postcards off of tall things, from Invisible Monsters, but then realized there are no tall things around here to throw postcards off of. so we just went home, adrienne came over and we watched Requiem For a Dream, finally. It was really good, really disturbing and depressing, but really good none the less.
tuesday i didn’t go to work, and just ended up sitting around most of the day. went to fridays for lunch, where i quite possibly could have gotten botulism…i had mildew-ey iced tea, which i was informed today could be tainted with botulism. apparantly iced tea is a good conductor for botulism if the container isn’t cleaned properly. so if i die, that is why. blame it on Fridays. then we went to the craft store, adrienne and carolyn spent some money.. actually i did too, i bought a strand of eye ball lights LOL. i need to get batteries for them….carolyn left tues night, adr and i took her to the bus station, and all that. it was a good week. but now i’m alone again and back to being scared to death to be in my house. lovely.
on a good note, i was informed by geneseo that i will be moving into my delayed townhouse on september 10th. so its only 2 weeks delayed, better than the last group of people that get to move in on october 10th.
i have so much to update on my site, so if your bored, i’ll probably be here all night updating the page, feel free to talk to me