ug slept so wrong in the spare bed. my back/neck is all screwed up now, i feel like my head is gonna fall off. blah. this hurts.

someone keeps calling and not leaving a msg on the machine. i didn’t want to get out of bed to answer it, but they won’t leave a msg and now it’s kinda freaking me out. that’s why i’m awake.


sometimes i wonder if the life i’m living right now is really mine. cuz so much of it has changed recently, that it’s like… is this me? and am i doing this? lol.

it was adrienne who kept calling. she didn’t want to leave a message.

i’m so friggen cold. and the thermostat to the house is in the warmest room in the house, so the furnace won’t go on until that room is cold. it’s already set at 70, blah. i am fearing taking a shower, because i’m gonna freeze to death, but i figured i should get started on my day. i already sorta cleaned up the kitchen, but i need to do some laundry, find my winter clothes, and then do some job stuff. i think i might go apply at brylin hospital again. for the 3rd time. now that i’ve actually graduated maybe they’ll give me a job. doubt it. but i don’t feel like driving down there today, so i’m not gonna :). of course i could go take pics of the psych center while i’m down there…hmmm…see where i can break and enter. nah, i’ll just stay home. adr will be by after work, parents should be home around 11pm.


omg the amount of scratches on my car is unbelievable. esp on the passenger side. i don’t know what you guys do getting into my car but holy crap. and these aren’t even surface scratches, i dunno wtf kind they are but they’re white…what is that, primer? when my dad sees them he’s gonna yell at me. but i don’t get it. i don’t know how i keep getting them i just do…my parents have cars for 10 years and don’t get scratches in them, i have mine for a year and have tons.

i went and did my errands. paid my credit card bill that i forgot about, got gas….don’t give into that whole discounted gas with purchase of a car wash thing, cuz they didn’t give me any damn discount. i still paid 1.55, not 1.45 as the sign says. arg. i called to renew my prescriptions since i have the new mail order drug thing…and i called temp agency. i could have had a job starting tomorrow. mail room clerk..sorting mail, entering simple things onto a computer, long term position. while she was explaining it to me i was thinking of what i should say because i didn’t want it. MAIL ROOM CLERK FOR CHRISTS SAKE I’M A COLLEGE GRADUATE! i’m not fucking sorting mail for 7$ an hour. but it started tomorrow, so i got to use the excuse of having another job where i need a weeks notice.

oh yeah i forgot to mention, i figured out what job i need to have. waitress at the harbor club at HSBC arena. you take people’s orders in the 200 level seats…i can walk up and down the stairs while watching the game taking orders on a palm pilot. but i figure you gotta know someone to get that job lol. a season of free games, how fantastic would that be. getting paid to be there for the games even better hehe

i’ve been getting myself slightly motivated to start a webdesign “company”…create a site for myself to advertise my services. and i’ve even thought about possibly “hiring” kristen at work to do graphic work for me, if it came to that. she’s a graphic designer, i’d pay her for what i’d need done…so i might work on that today…figure out what i’d need to put on the site and stuff. make up some dummy sites as examples of what i can do, that sort of thing. it’s just that i see what’s on the web and i see how much better i can do it. and i see that there is a need for really affordable web design, which i can provide. god 500$ a site would make my day, and “professionals” charge over 1000$ for simple sites. small businesses can’t afford that…so there’s my niche lol. i gotta get back to my flash lessons too, because that’ll make me more marketable i think.

trying to work out some plans to go see danielle in november. gotta see if nate will go with me. that’s the only way my mom is going to let me drive out there – oddly enough. it’s cuz nate could drive my car, no one else can. the first 2 weekends in nov are good for her, so gonna see what’s up on this end since nate claims he won’t be working in november.

oh and for what seems like no reason, but there is one, i’m gonna say this again. i have really amazing friends.


ha guess who signed a 2 year deal with the sabres 🙂 BOUT FRIGGEN TIME!

didn’t expect to hear from nate today, but he called a bit ago. he had to check in on…something. i guess the plan is to go see “red dragon” later in the week (assuming friday or sat night) with his friend andy, and adrienne. my feeling is that he should pay for adr’s ticket too, but i’m not gonna express that feeling LOL. nate’s whole “we’ll do something later on in the week” line should be patented. he’d make alot of money from it lol.

do i seem irritated again? cuz i’m really not this time. it’s hard to convey feelings in type, but oh well. i’m quite content at the moment. bored, but content. and sorta hungry even tho i actually ate dinner tonight.


canadian airing of the osbournes… so friggen funny *love being a border baby*…the bubbles quote is 2984294 times funnier when it’s unbleeped. now i wish i’d been taping the unedited ones all along, cuz it’d be great to have unbleeped ozzy wav files haha. and you can put on closed captioning and see what ozzy is actually saying. but yeah. hiiiiilllllaaaarious.

so in honor of the osbournes, the first edition of my to-be-daily haiku poem.

ozzy is so great
can’t use the remote control
no bubbles for him

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