ug *ahem* i feel like crap. i should eat something. it made the sick feeling go away last night. i only got out of bed right now cuz i was in too much pain. i almost want to throw up, cuz i’d probably feel better. but it’s not that bad that i could actually do it. ug.


today’s haiku

mom’s cooking something
making me very nauseus
wish that she would stop


i still feel sorta sick. i went back to bed for a while, half asleep. got up and had some tea and toast. when i eat, it makes the sickness go away, sooo i should keep eating. since i am hungry despite the nausea. the sickness should be going away soon. dr adrienne said so haha.

i’m making it sound like i have morning sickness LOL. so to ease your worries, i don’t LOL.

i’m thinking i should take a shower before my dad gets home. he’s always weird about when i’ve been lazy around the house all day, or he comes in to say hi and i’m in bed reading or something. so what if i’m still in my pjs and it’s 3pm, i’ve been sick!


have i ever expressed my belief that i was an exhibitionist in a past life? this is something i’ve thought for a long time, not a recent revelation (despite the answers of this quiz and the porn one lol)…seriously for some reason, i think i was a flasher or something.


yahoo headline “Shuttle docks with ISS, delivers salsa” hahah

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