ziggy’s gone and done it again. it’s winter and she doesn’t like to get her feet wet, so she doesn’t go outside. yet today my mom let her outside for a while. my parents leave to go out to dinner with friends, and i guess ziggy came inside. i keep hearing these weird noises, and i’m like wtf i thought my parents left. and then i heard a noise that sounded like my mom throwing stuff down the laundry chute, so i figure oh she must have forgotten something and my dad just went outside. then i hear these scraping noises, and i’m like alright, what the hell is going on. who is in my house? i look in the dining room and there is ziggy playing with something. i figure she must have gotten some ribbon again, but then why would it be on the chair? so i yell at her to get over here, and she goes into the living room. then i hear another loud jump thud scrap noise, and i’m like that’s it. so i go into the dining room to find ziggy and she’s in the other room jumping against the wall and washstand near the front door. and there is a bird. great. i’m alone in my house and ziggy brought a bird in again, now what the hell am i gonna do to get it out. so i got one of my dad’s big gloves on, and now the bird had fallen inbetween the washstand and the wall, and then fell to the floor. so i tried to grab it on the floor…but of course that didn’t work so the bird took off and ended up flying into the kitchen and smack into the windows. so well at least now the bird is sitting on the ledge where the top and bottom window lock. so i grab the bird and pin it against the window, while with my other hand i’m trying to unlock the window and pull it down – which was especially hard since it was half frozen, and i’m an invalid in both arms now…got the window open all the way so i could throw the bird out. no more bird. but then ziggy is still scratching and jumping against the wall the windows are in, thinking the bird is still there. and now ziggy is laying in the middle of my bedroom floor looking evil and satanic. i think she’s going insane. seriously.

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