woo hoo! i’m in toronto… yay. it snowed in oakville badly, for like all of 5 minutes LOL. but then we got lost, cuz the yahoo directions were retarded, and we were in missasauga. so we called carolyn and we just ended up turning around and going in reverse… i mean, just retracing our steps.

so we got here, sat around, went downtown to poster stores….yeah i bought 3 u2 posters that i really don’t have anywhere to put…but i NEEDED them…one is the zootv one, i HAD to buy cuz ITS THE FLY!!!!!!!! and then one from popmart tour….and one from recently, with the 4 of them….yeaah. didn’t find the bathroom bono one but…i suppose i’ll survive… for now 🙂

so then we ate dinner at pickel barrel, and then came back to carolyn’s house, did nothing for a while, then headed back downtown to go to the drag show. well there was a line, and it was cold, so we went to the same bar that we went to after depeche mode but then left cuz there was no food. so we spent a few hours there, got drunk… LOL. drunk now. if u couldn’t tell from the way i’m typing.. no the typos, but…the way i’m talking. hell maybe i’m not sounding all drunk.

but so we left the bar when it closed and got the street car or something and sang elevation while walking down the street, and then on the streetcar, and then the bus we took, and then we talked about Larry drumming in the cab back to carolyn’s house. yep, so we’re here now….yeah. i’m tired. and drunk hehe.. not too drunk., but…buzzed yeah. ok

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