i think the best way to describe midnight bowling last night is in the words of paige haley….”smack an ass”….and i guess i’ll just leave it at that. i didn’t bowl cuz i screwed up my right arm at work friday by carrying a huge jug of vegetable juice with one arm (cuz the other had 3 boxes of vinyl gloves). it hurts. i told joe i was still gonna go but not bowl, and he said that was ok, but then he was like WHAT UR NOT BOWLING….so him and rick um.. tackled me into a huge hug. yeah. it’s funny that they think it still bothers me that they touch me HAHA.

so going to try to use my burner again today. my dad is like… well u have those 80 minute cds that might not work in our burner. and i’m like wtf does that have to do with anything..they work in every other burner ive used. and he’s like, well our burner is old, before they had those cds. DOESNT MATTER OUR BURNER USED TO WORK WITH MY CDS JUST FINE! i burned at lest 3 last summer (or the summer before) on my 80 minute cds, and then it suddenly stopped….for audio cds it goes through the burning process, and at the end it ejects a blank cd….so dont tell me its the fucking cds. but whatever. i’m using his cd now, to see what happens. so then he can be like “well i dunno whats wrong, it works for me”….


I HATE MY DAD’S COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes i’m trying to burn cds again. yes i’m using one of my dad’s cds so SUPPOSEDLY it should work….it was about 35% done with that first caching part or WHATEVER it has to do for an hour and a half…and then the computer crashes. so i’m starting over again, and unclicked the cache button, and determine speed button and one other, so it SHOULD just be WRITING right now. but it’s so totally not. it’s still doing whatever that first step is that takes an hour and a half. AND IT’S STILL NOT GOING TO WORK SO IM GOING TO HAVE TO MURDER IT. how much do burners cost now a days? maybe i’ll go buy myself one. and then my dad can yell at me for wasting my money. well sorry that your computer and burner are pieces of crap.

Bobby Hewitt’s MTV cribs episode was on, so i did some frame caps (that were long overdue) for my Visual Illusions site….and then the comp crashed before i saved them all… so i only got like 20…and the best ones were at the end. BLAH.

but since it was a cribs marathon, i saw the John Travolta one about his…. 707 AIRPLANE!!!!!!!!!! HE OWNS AN AIRLINER!!!!!!!! it is so beautiful. i want a plane.


it worked. it took 3+ hours BUT IT FUCKING WORKED FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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