Adventures of the Fab Four

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THE ADVENTURES (in no particular order)

The McDonald’s Incident One day, Eric, Adrienne and Sara were on a nightly drive around, and ended up in one of the more wealthy communities of the area. They decided they were thirsty, and stopped at a friendly McDonald’s to buy some liquid refreshment. Sara purchased her bottle of water, while Eric whined to Adrienne, “buy me something!”. Adrienne agreed, and purchased a pop, and some fries for Eric. Behind Adrienne in line was an old woman, probably rich and stuck up from her appearance. Adrienne walked off leaving her drink on the counter, so the lovely McDonald’s employee said to Eric, “Your girlfriend left her drink here.” to which Sara replied, in a very mean tone, “She’s not his girlfriend.” That probably led the poor McDonald’s counter worker to think that Sara was Eric’s girlfriend, and she replied, “Sorry, your sister.” After this comment, Adrienne took the drink from Eric and said, “I’m not his sister either, I’m just his bitch!” The counter worker was shocked, as well as the little old rich lady, who we probably caused to have a heart attack. All 3 quickly left the McDonald’s hysterically laughing.

8 Denny’s nights in a row This started as a completely innocent Thursday night at Denny’s. Some combination of the fab four decided to make the nightly trip to Denny’s for a lovely meal of seasoned fries and water, or the meat lovers skillet and coke. Then Friday night came, and you know what that means, Denny’s night…same with Saturday, and then Sunday, bringing us up to 4 nights in a row. Monday night was probably a sort of fluke Denny’s night, but that’s where some combination of the four ended up. It was getting absurd at that point, but yet again Tuesday night, they ended up at Denny’s. Wednesday, they had decided not to go to Denny’s, but special circumstances arose…the arrival of Krista and Jenny, friend’s of Eric. Where were they? Denny’s. Well then Thursday, the 7th night, well they’d already gone that far, why not go for a whole week of Denny’s every night. And of course, when Friday came again, you know where they were…DENNY’S!! In reality, the only members of the four to actually be at Denny’s for 8 nights straight was Sara and Eric…they attended all 8 of the night’s in question.

Sara’s birthday in Canada For this special event (few weeks after Sara’s actual birthday) Canadian buddy Carolyn decided to make an appearance. Sara and Danielle drove to the train station in Canada to await her arrival. The train pulled into the station, and Carolyn descended from it to meet the 2 girls, who then decided to take a detour to TGI Fridays for some snacks before going to pick up Eric, for the Hollowpoint show. Eric misled the girls who thought the show was at 10, when it was really at 7, and at 7 the girls were at Fridays (which means they missed the show). While the girls were at Fridays, Adrienne called from work. SARA’S FIRST CELL PHONE CALL!! The phone rang while the waiter was present, and he asked to answer it, which Sara let him. Adrienne was thoroughly confused with the situation, but they cleared it up fast. Silly Danielle ordered a daiquiri with 2 shots of alcohol in it, which gave her a slight buzz. Upon finishing their snack, the girls drove to the bridge. They drove across the bridge and were promptly pulled over by the asshole border patrol guy. The girls had to go inside the office and wait, show ID’s, explain why there were 2 American girls and 1 Canadian girl in a station wagon. Then Sara had to go outside with the border patrol guys while they searched her car, and all of Carolyn’s luggage. They did not find anything (they hid the alcohol, drugs, and citrus fruit very well…just kidding). Thankfully the border guards did not tear the car apart and leave it for the girls to put back together. Back inside the office she went to join Danielle and Carolyn, where she called Eric to tell him about their little predicament. Finally they were able to leave. I bet the border guards felt pretty stupid after going through all that trouble and not finding anything. So the girls arrived back in town, picked up Eric and waited for Adrienne to get out of work. A small preparty insued before they left BACK TO CANADA! This time they all walked across the bridge. First stop, the casino to pee and exchange money, it had become a tradition. Then up to Pumps so that Danielle and Adrienne could dance, and the other 3 could start drinking. It was the first night that the fab four nominated Eric to do kareoke, which he was more than willing to do, especially after a few beers. So after a small buzz, and Danielle being hit on by a 17 year old foreigner, the group left for the Beer Garden, and kareoke wonderland. At the Beer Garden, more drinking occurred, and Eric signed up to do his song, Fuel’s “Shimmer”. Well they waited, and drank, and waited, and drank…the guy at the table next to them couldn’t finish his beer, so Adrienne gladly did it for him. Besides drinking the man’s beer, Adrienne, Danielle and Sara decided to hang over the railing of the patio to try to touch the gnome’s ass. Which all 3 of them did! So they drank and waited, and the bar was closing. Did Eric get to sing? No. They figured they’re must have been alot of people signed up, and since they had arrived so late, they had run out of time. No problem, they’d just do it again some other night. So the group left, walked back across the border, and went to… DENNY’S!! Drunken singing in the car began, very loudly, to 3 Doors Down. The Denny’s employees said they heard them coming all the way down the street. It was an a-typical Denny’s night, because while there, a fight broke out between young punks in the parking lot. One boy was bleeding a bit, 4 cop cars showed up, and in general, it was rather exciting.

Kareoke Another fun night up in Canada for the fab four. I believe it started out at Yanks, and proceeded to the Beer Garden for another shot at Kareoke for Eric. Did Eric get to sing, no! That’s 2 times denied! That was it, the 4 were fed up and vowed to go to the Beer Garden first the next night, to make sure there was enough time for Eric to get his chance to sing. The next night Sara drove up to Canada (she wasn’t up for drinking another night in a row) and the first stop (after the casino to pee and exchange money) was the Beer Garden. Eric put in his song, and they waited…and drank, and waited…and drank, and waited. Tons of people who signed up after Eric had gotten to go sing. What the hell was up with that?! So in their intoxicated states, Adrienne and Danielle decided to see what the fuck was going on. They came back down to the table with news…they hadn’t bribed the Kareoke guy, so unless they gave him money, Eric wouldn’t get to sing. They pooled up 5 bucks, and gave it to the stupid guy, and FINALLY ERIC GOT TO SING!! They left right after that, up to the International Beer House (or as the four lovingly call it..IHOP). More drinking insued, and then the 4 began the drive to Denny’s. Another typical night at Denny’s filled with orders for seasoned fries, waters and cokes. One of these 2 nights, Eric had worn shorts he had found a receipt from when he purchased a rose about 2 years ago, for reasons that don’t need to be mentioned here (bitchass), and the receipt was still in the pocket (because he had only worn them once). So the 4 had the bright idea of setting the receipt on fire, and throwing it off the bridge on the way back from Canada. So Danielle got our her trusty lighter, lit the receipt and Eric dropped it over the railing. The 4 watched it flutter a bit until it couldn’t be seen anymore. *sob*

Last day mini-golfing The beginning of a new school year was upon the fab four, and to mourn the occasion, they took another trip.. to Canada. The evening started at Yanks (of course, after the casino) where alcohol was consumed. At one point, Sara and Danielle decided to put on a spontaneous performance of the drum beat of “Judith” on the table. Eric looked at the two of them like they had 12 heads, and asked “what the hell is that?” to which Sara and Danielle replied in unison, like it was the most absurd question ever asked, “Duh, Judith!” Then the 4 got the bright idea of going to play mini-golf at the Dinosaur Park down the hill. Drunken Mini Golf WHAT FUN! Needless to say Danielle had some problems bending down to get the ball out of the hole. Sara did surprisingly well for her intoxicated state, but Adrienne cheated (along with Danielle). Eric was relatively sober since he was driving. Throughout the park are these big dinosaur statues. Sara and Danielle had the bright idea to try and ride one, and ride one they did. A triceratops to be exact, which left Danielle with bruises since she couldn’t get off of it. Adrienne rode a turtle and ended up with bruises as well. Sara didn’t need anymore, she had enough of her own from the A Perfect Circle concert the week before. Drunk mini golf came to an end with Sara and Adrienne stealing their golf balls. Danielle, who had been asking for more beer, made the 4 go across the street to Pizza Hut, where they could get some without having to pay a cover. All the money got handed over to Sara, who went to the counter to buy beer. She asked the girl working how much bottles of beer were. She said some amount, to which Sara replied, “I have 8 dollars!” and shoved all the coins across the counter to her. The girl gave her 2 glasses of beer, which Sara happily brought back to the table. Beers were finished, and the 4 left to go to Denny’s. While walking across the bridge, Danielle and Sara did a stunning rendition of A Perfect Circle’s “Judith.” Drunken singing in the car began, this time to Disturbed. “Down with the sickness” came on, and the car became hushed, as they listened to Danielle do a kick ass job with the middle segment of the song. Denny’s was the usual drunken experience, with seasoned fries, chicken fingers, meat lovers skillet, and waters. Everything was fine until the food came. No, nobody got sick…Sara grabbed the ketchup first like always (so she could take an extremely long amount of time waiting for it to come out of the bottle) but this time she got a bit more than ketchup…a nice big fly, was in the ketchup, inside the bottle. She dropped the lid, and bottle, and called the hostess over. Danielle continued to stare at the ketchup trying to figure out why it was moving. The hostess took the food, and brought back a new fly-less meal for Sara.

Denny’s busboy One night the fab four, and Amanda went to Denny’s (surprise). It was the usual time of night, 11:00ish, and they ordered a bunch of food. They ate, drank, wanted refills, waited, and ended up with rather bad service. No one got any refills, the waitress never came to check on them, overall, just shitty service. So the time was coming to leave, and they still had no check, so they piled their money on the table in hopes to give the waitress the hint. Finally they got their check, but then faced a dilemma…what to give as a tip. While they were there, the poor bus boy who always was stuck with that horrible night shift, had to clean up a big mess, and being the wonderful people that they are, felt bad for jiping him out of a tip. So they called the bus boy over, and Sara gave him 2 dollars tip, and explained why. He said he made 15% of the tips at the end of the night, so Sara had to explain that they were nice people and wanted to give him the money anyway. He took it and thanked them and went back to work.

Denny’s white trash Another relatively normal non-drunken night at Denny’s. The fab four sat in a booth in the middle of the restaurant, and another 3 regulars sat at the table behind them. Then the most beautiful thing ever happened. The 2 most white trash people in the world walked into Denny’s. Immediately the kid at the other booth said he wanted the guy to have his children. Let me explain this couple. The woman had the normal white trash bleach blond feathered hair-do. She was wearing black jeans and a black (or was it purple?) tee-shirt with the shredded fringe sleeves and bottom. Classic white trash. The man was wearing an AC/DC tee-shirt with the sleeves cut off, some kind of pants with a huge belt buckle, a mullet hair-do, and a tattoo of a black rose which said BAD underneath. Pure classic white trash. Adrienne managed to snap a picture of them as they waited for a table. We wanted a close up but no one was brave enough to ask them for one.

Walmart excursions One of the fab four’s favourite past times is going to Walmart (or Target, but the Walmart is 24 hrs). What do they do at Walmart?..why they just walk around. Most of the time is spent in the toy department, causing a ruckus. General mayhem ensues as they explore the store, and make fun of products that they see. The tradition walk through the men’s underwear section is included in hopes that some day they may find the “big underwear section” sign that Eric and Sara once saw, but did not steal at that time. Sometime is usually spent sitting in the garden furniture, as well as exploring house hold appliances. When it comes to knives and hairdryers Target has Walmart far beat. Target has the largest collection of hair dryers, all laid out for the customer’s viewing pleasure. As well as their knives isle…absolutely beautiful. Chopping blocks full of knives…all of them are bolted into the wood of course. But all the knives hang in shimmering beauty above the displays, so if you really wanted to kill someone when shopping at Target (perhaps during the xmas season) all you need to do is rip one of the knives out of its flimsy plastic packaging 🙂 The four have always intended to do a drunken Walmart excursion, but by the time Denny’s is over, they are usually too tired.

Sabres Preseason Game September 23rd was a Sabres preseason hockey game against Columbus Blue Jackets in Rochester, NY. Adrienne came up Friday night to stay with Sara and Danielle, and Saturday they drove up to RIT to Eric’s. That afternoon Eric, Sara, Danielle, Adrienne and Mary went CD shopping for a few hours, came back with a few purchases, had dinner and went to the arena for the game. Sara picked out beautiful seats courtesy of, and they watched the game. The Blue Jackets scored first, but then the Sabres scored 4 goals. Blue Jackets scored 2 more at the end of the 3rd period. Sabres won, yay. They all drove back to RIT, and some of Eric’s friends came over. They got pizza, and Sara and Mary played Super Mario 3 with a large audience. They were doing good, got to level 5, and Mary switched with this other kid who played for a while. He was quite funny, and died a few times trying to beat this board that was almost impossible (Sara beat it though). After that board was finally beaten, Sara, Danielle and Adrienne left back to Geneseo.

Stone Temple Pilots – Disturbed – Liquid Gang @ University at Buffalo – Instead of writing about the entire day all over again, why don’t you just read Sara’s personal account of the day by clicking here

3 Doors Down Concert @ Geneseo The day started with Eric and Mary showing up and going to lunch at McDonalds. After lunch the five went to Soundgarden where Adrienne bought “the fragile” at Sara’s advice. They returned to Sara and Danielle’s room, and then headed to the school gym to scope out the tour busses for a while. Brad from 3DD came out and signed some stuff, took some pics etc. Then the stupid security guards (students) working the show kicked them out of the bus area. So instead, they went inside the gym, where it was warm, and hung out there for a while. They watched the little kids hockey game and then went back to look in the doors to the gym where things were being set up etc. Adrienne and Danielle recognized Chris from 3DD and got his attention to come over and sign stuff. Sara gave him a promo poster to sign, and apparently he had never seen one before, because he asked her where she got it. She said a record store and he said something about if she ever saw another one, but then stopped. Cold was supposed to be playing the show, but cancelled, severely disappointing Eric and Mary. They went back to the room for a while. David and Sam showed up and the group headed to the gym for the show. They had to wait outside, in the extreme cold, with no jackets for 50 minutes. They were thoroughly frozen. Once inside, they got in the gym and up front, 1 back from the barrier. Dust For Life played first, and we’re alright. The crowd was lame. Then Shades Apart came on and the crowd got stupid, crowd surfing and being idiotic. A kid in a wheelchair pulled up next to Sara and David, and everyone kept trying to make sure the crowd surfers didn’t fall on him but one did, and then the kid finally left. Sara got that guy’s shoe though, and threw it. She almost got some stupid chick’s really expensive American Eagle shoe haha. After Shades Apart Sara decided she didn’t want to put up with a gay crowd like that for a band she wasn’t a big fan of, so Sara, Eric and Mary left and went to sit in the bleachers for 3 Doors Down. Their show was fine, much like the first one the group saw, but they had 4 new songs. Of course, everyone in Geneseo is dumb, and only knew “Kryptonite” and many left after they did that song. After the show, they gathered themselves together and went back to the room, before going to Denny’s to eat. Denny’s didn’t happen though, because there was a long wait, and everyone was tired and gross from the show.

Thanksgiving This certainly was an adventure. Buffalo got a huge ass snow storm, 2 feet of snow, roads un- driveable, and Fab Four members stuck all over. The thruway was closed from Rochester area, to Buffalo, down to Erie, thus encompassing all of the fab four members. Sara and Danielle were supposed to go home Tuesday night, as well as Adrienne. The storm hit Monday, closing down the city. Eric, in Rochester, wasn’t leaving until Wednesday. Sara and Danielle needed to get home because the building’s power was being turned off. There ETL (estimated time of leaving) was supposed to be 4pm Tuesday, but didn’t leave until around 7. Adrienne was stuck in Erie until Thursday, because they kept getting more snow. Wednesday, Eric, Danielle and Sara went out with some old high school people, but we’re not going to talk about that. Friday night was a Denny’s night with Amanda. The group got a corner booth, and their typical waiter who was so happy. It was unbelievable how happy and joking around the waiter was. They had never seen him smile before that night. Saturday night was spent at the Festival of Lights in the Falls so Sara could take some photographs for school, then to Denny’s with old friend Emily. They ate, didn’t get a check, waited, no one brought them a check. Considering they always order the same things they all left 3 bucks on the table and left. It wasn’t technically dine and ditch, they just never got a check. Sunday was back to respective schools.

Orgy @ Sideshow, Buffalo NY Instead of typing it up all again, just go to Sara’s website, and read her description of the kick ass evening!

Sabres vs Tampa Bay Adrienne, Danielle and Sara begged their parents for expensive Sabres tickets for christmas. They ended up with 3rd row behind Tampa Bay’s bench seats. 3rd row ended up being first behind the bench! The game was awesome. To read all the details go to Sara’s Website.

Orgy Weekend Adrienne, Danielle and Sara took 3 days to see 3 Orgy concerts across 3 states (well 2 states and one country). I don’t feel like typing it all up over again, so like before, just go to Sara’s Website and read them there…entitled Orgy 4, 5 and 6.

A Perfect Circle The fab four was together again since Christmas for the APC concert in Buffalo on March 12th. Adrienne was driving up from Erie and taking her sister to the show. Eric and Mary were picking up Sara and Danielle in Geneseo, along with Karl and Dan and Karl’s friend. Well Sara had told Adrienne to meet them at the venue around 7:30, because Eric’s eta to pick up the Geneseo girls was supposed to be around 6. They were late. They didn’t arrive in Buffalo until after doors had already opened around 8. Adrienne and her sister had to stand out in the cold for over an hour (because Sara had Adrienne’s ticket). Snake River Conspiracy was bad, APC was wonderful. No need to get into the show, this isn’t a show review website. It was fun, good time had by all.

Econoline Crush Webcast Eric, Mary, Sara and a kid named Joe (Joe the COOLEST GUY I KNOW!!!) went up to Toronto to see the Econoline Crush Webcast on March 30th, because Mary got free passes. Sara had told Carolyn to meet them at the venue if she wanted to hang out for a while. The eta of 8:30 was given to Carolyn. The group didn’t arrive until after 10. Eric was late again. Do you see a trend? Carolyn also waited for them for 2 hours before the NIN concert last spring…someone needs to plan better :). The show was great, Trevor was at his sexiest, but no need to get into that, I don’t want to get flustered.

Summer 2001 Eric decided to live in rochester for the summer, so fab four adventures are few and far between. I am also too lazy to update this site. So here’s a breifing. Bunch of concerts…edgefest, econoline crush, aerosmith, etc….amanda’s grad party….sara’s bbq…yeah that’s about it. concerts mainly.

Geneseo Party 10-20-01 The fab four ride again!! Carolyn went to Geneseo to visit Sara and Danielle on the friday. Saturday, Adrienne drove up from home to visit as well. Saturday afternoon, friend from high school Kristy, and friend Muhammed also descended upon Geneseo for the night. The people mentioned above, plus Sara and Danielle’s housemates Katie, Bill and Leah, all journeyed to the corn maze for some scary fun. They forgot to pay the SEVEN DOLLAR charge to go through the corn maze, but found a way in anyway. After a while in the corn maze, they got out. Katie, Leah and Bill paid to do the haunted hay ride/woods/barn thing, but the rest of them couldn’t afford it. So the other 6 drove back to Geneseo to catch the Sabres game and start the party. By the time Katie, Bill and Leah returned, the party was happy. Lots of rolls of film were wasted. Somehow Kristy introduced herself to 5 boys next door. However, they didn’t live nextdoor, they were just visiting as well. So they joined the party too. At some point Kristy’s friend Jason came down from RIT, as well as Eric, Dan and Karl. Two strange girls joined the party too. The party started to migrate outdoors where there were homecoming fireworks, and to the next door town house. It was decided that more alcohol was needed, so Sara, Carolyn and Muhammed took a walk to the kwik-e-mart to buy some more. They walked back, introduced themselves to some strangers (but didn’t invite them to the party), and kicked a can from main street all the way back to the house. At one point Katie got sick, alcohol poisoning because of her medication, and was taken by Bill and Leah to the hospital. Danielle got sick for the very first time, and prayed to the porceline god for a while. Muhammed and Sara migrated to the next door neighbors house. Because Katie was going to the hospital, Leah warned us that the police had been notified and were going to “check it out” so Carolyn and Dan cleaned up the townhouse, hid the “liberated” goods (aka 2 trafic cones, 2 parking lot closed signs…)and the alcohol. Then Carolyn went back next door to tell Sara that the cops were coming. That is where Carolyn decided to stay, along with Sara, so they wouldn’t be there if the cops showed. Cops never showed. More pictures were taken with the 5 boys who didn’t live there. Then Muhammed disappeared. So Kristy and Sara walked to main street again to see if he had gone for pizza. Didn’t find him, returned to the house to call his phone. Then he showed up as Sara was getting Danielle to go to bed. Kristy and Muhammed left shortly after that. Eric and the RIT folk left a bit after that. That left Sara, Carolyn and Adrienne still awake looking for something to do. The 5 boys had gone to a frat party, so they couldn’t return to the neighbors. So since Sara was in desperate need of some Bono after the whole fiasco with the sick people and the cops, they watched the U2 zoo tv video….then the neighbors returned, they said hi for a bit, then left. Then Steve (one of the boys) knocked on the door again at 4 am, towards the close of zoo tv, and the girls were ready for bed, so he didn’t stay. Katie was fine, so was Danielle. Fun was had by all. A total of 24 people had attended the party, when really only 10 were invited. It wasn’t even supposed to be a party really….

Adventures to Come:

Other Random Adventures Include:
Moist Concert – July 3, 2000 – Eric, Sara and Adrienne
Wang Chung Concert – August 16 – Eric, Sara and Amanda
hollowpoint. shows – all of us at one time or another
3 Doors Down Concert – June something or another, 2000 – Eric, Sara, Adrienne, Danielle
And countless other nights at Denny’s

More adventures to be added as they occur or are remembered

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