Favourite Dreams

this section is dedicated to my most memorable or favourite dreams of the past

Trent Reznor: I enjoy my Trent Reznor dreams. The reason I became a Nine Inch Nails fan, as stupid as it may sound, is through a dream (of course, I wouldn’t become a fan purely because of that, it just inspired me to dig out “The Downward Spiral” which made me realize how much of a genius he is).

My first Trent dream: A little background is needed, because there is a small reason for having this dream. I have a friend who is very into drugs. She is a heroin addict, was recovered at the time (in her opinion anyway). I had gone home from college for the weekend, and gone to her house because we were going to do something, or go out somewhere. We were deciding what to do, and another friend called, inviting her to go do ecstasy with her. I was invited as well, but I don’t do drugs, and I didn’t wanna sit there with them while they waited for the dealer, like I had done a different time. She said she hoped I wasn’t mad that she was ditching me…no I wasn’t mad at all (sarcasm). I was quite upset about it, since I was only at home for 4 days, and she could do drugs anytime. This is the event that prompted the dream.

In the dream, my neighbors on the curve of my street were having a block party get together thing. It was in a warehouse, so I went there with my shopping cart full of food. Lisa (druggy friend, not her real name) and other people from our work were there, it had turned into a work picnic/party. I sat down with people, and we were talking. It was going to be my birthday soon, and I was going to have a party. I didn’t want to say whether or not there was going to be alcohol there or not, because I knew if there wasn’t, Lisa wouldn’t come. She kept asking me, and I said I didn’t want to say. She came right out and said, “well if you don’t tell me, I’m not going to come.” I got really pissed off, but to make it worse she was sitting with Bruce Willis, and they started talking shit about me. I was getting more and more pissed, and ended up storming out of the warehouse, and into my high school. I was wandering around my high school, wanting to cry, but not in front of anyone. So I kept going into the bathrooms so I could cry, but they were either being worked on by maintenance plumber people, or had tons of people in them. Then someone I supposedly knew came up to me and said, “We have to find Trent, he’s the only one who can help you. He’s the only one who can understand how you feel.” I fought him, I didn’t want to find Trent. He kept telling me over and over as we walked around the school looking for Trent, “He’s the only one who can help, he’s the only one who understands.” That line was continuous through the end of the dream, which is why I think it made such an impression on me in the morning. So we continued throughout the school, I continued to fight him, and he continued to repeat that line to me. Eventually we found Trent. He was sitting in a restaurant in the basement of my high school, in a corner booth, reading the newspaper and eating fruit. I didn’t want to talk to him, but this friend dragged me inside, continuing to repeat that line as I fought him. Trent noticed we were there right when we stepped in front of his table. He looked up at me and folded his newspaper. He was very shy, like he didn’t know what to do because I didn’t want to talk to him. That was it. It ended.

Orgy Dreams: I’ve had a bunch of Orgy dreams. I recently found a file where I had typed them up for someone’s website. I don’t really remember them anymore, but…here they are

I was at a show, that was like, in a basement or something, and they did the show. Then it was over, and I was hanging out and there were these big round tables, like at a wedding. Jay was standing near one, and talking to people. Paige was in the background doing whatever, talking or something. I went to Jay, who was being extremely nice to everyone (and he frequently changed sizes as well) and I hugged him, and then I kissed him. he shoved his tongue down my throat. I think that was it.

I was chillin on their tour bus, and then me and Jay were at my house in my bedroom just chillin on my bed. Well he had to go someplace for something so I was alone and some chick appeared there and I was being all bitchy waiting for Jay to come back. So finally Jay comes back and chick disappears, but Jay came back with some guy and some other chick. Well they all sat on my bed (a twin bed) and Jay sat on my pillows which is where I always sit. So I was like dude where am I gonna go. So I laid on my bed on this tiny strip of space left with my head in Jay’s lap. Then this other dude like, tickled me or something and then Jay like attacked me, and was tickling me. He was wearing that pink/red kiss the future shirt. I was like, grabbing onto him and trying to get him back and we ended up on the floor

By my house , where my Mcdonalds is, there are like 4 other fast food restaurants and a shopping plaza. So I was there in the parking lot of the plaza, with my mom, and we were walking towards the street. So yada yada, there’s Jay and Ryan…Jay walked right past me, and I was like woah, that’s Jay. But he had like really bright red streaks in the front of his hair, and had them spiked up. So then I saw Ryan near Taco Bell. So me and my mom went over to him and asked him if he could take a picture of me and my mom(?) so he said yeah sure, and I’m like WHAT THE FUCK , why is he taking a pic of us. So then I was like, can I take a pic of you, so I took a few pics of him and my mom. He was being typical crazy Ry, and was posing and shit for the camera. So then I dunno where Jay went, I didn’t really care. So then I dunno, but I appeared at an orgy concert. It started outside, and I guess it was kinda like a campus invasion thing, but they were on this small stage on a kinda hill thing, and it was grassy. Me and Melinda were there and we were far back in the crowd. Then suddenly a big opening up front appeared and I jumped right in. Well there was this huge chain link fence separating us from the stage. So then Amir, Ry and Paige were on stage and they were playing their guitars and they were like acoustic or something, and were all singing dowop to some chick standing on stage. It was super gay shitty and I was like WTF, then Jay came onstage and they started playing Blur’s Song2. I was like OOOH they are just the openers covering Blur. So then they turned into Orgy I guess, but then suddenly Mir and Paige put down their guitars and ran off the stage to the grass in front of where I was. Now the fence was only like, waist high. So Paige came over to me and was talking to me about how he’s got a son named Angel, and his wife picked the name out and how he had a problem calling his son by a girl’s name or something, but he got used to it. I was like wtf and I’m like well Paige is a girls name too. It was weird, and I was thinking, boy, Paige is drunk. So I dunno where Amir went, but I didn’t care. I guess then they were playing more…and then Paige came off the stage to talk to me again and was just chillin at the fence talking to me … so the show ended and we were inside again and like I dunno, I guess we were like, just hanging around and Paige came out again and was talking to me, or no wait, he was talking to someone else, and I went over to him to see if I could take a pic of us, and he was like, yeah only if you kiss me. so I was like hell yeah sure LOL so I kissed Paige, and he was all hugging me and shit and we got our pic taken, and I guess that was it

9-23-99 There was an Orgy show, at a big stadium, and I wanted to go to it. It was the night of the show, and I didn’t have tickets because it was sold out. So my history professor called me up on the phone and said that her family had a bunch of tickets they weren’t going to use. The problem was that the show was starting in 15 minutes so she didn’t think we would want them. But I was so excited, and I’d only be missing the openers. So me and my roommate took the tickets and headed to the stadium. Well it turned out it was on the water. It was like sea world, where there are seats and they end where the water is. So there were boats on the water and stuff, and Jay was walking on the boats near the edge of the water. We took front row seats, although our tickets were for someplace else. Then we were going to take pictures, and I had one of my dad’s big cameras with a self focus lens, and I didn’t know how to use it. We were behind big things of glass, and then we were inside a car at the side of the road. Jay was on the grass near the road, and he was singing Christmas songs. We kept trying to take pictures of him through the car window. And then I had the bright idea of actually getting out of the car, to sit on the curb and watch, but we couldn’t get the car door open. Then it was over.

more favourite dreams added when remembered

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