Fab Four Quotes

“I’m not his sister, I’m just his bitch.” – Adrienne to the McDonalds worker

Eric: “What is beyond ass pants?”
Sara: “Sausage casing.”

“I have 8 dollars.” – Sara

“Inside voices!” – Danielle

“Oh, shit, border guards, act sober!” – Danielle

“That is so cool!” – Adrienne

“It’s all hairy now, my goo.” – Sara

“I have the incredible urge to lick the ceiling.” – Danielle

“What’s this? A rhino-se-saur?” – Adrienne

Sara: “I’m so dehydrated.”
Eric: “How can you be dehydrated with all this snow?”

“I have tears running down my face but Eric ate sperm.” – Adrienne

“You gots no moneys?” – Sara

“Your face is like nothing I have ever seen before.” (In an Apu voice) – Foreign boy to Danielle at the dance club

“I swear to god, if Stork sits behind me, and Stinky Perfume Girl sits in front of me at the exam I’m going to have a caniption!” – Sara

“If you want to be a plumber, you don’t learn air conditioning.” – Sara

Amanda: My industrial monks cd is cool. They rap in latin.
Eric (rapping): E plurbis unim.

Eric: Your hair could grow at exponential rates.
Adrienne: Yeah, I cut it every day.

“Biron is like Hasek, just hotter.” – Danielle

“What, he can’t multi-task?” – Sara (in response to her IM window being buried on Eric’s screen and him not replying forever)

“I want to go home and play with my towel.” – Danielle

Sara: “It smells like cologne”
Danielle: “It smells like Jay”
Adrienne: “I didn’t notice before. It smells good! It smells good on this end, but bad on the other end.”

“I’m not an orgy virgin.” – Adrienne

“Smell your towel.” – Sara

“Brrr. Cold, Cold, Cold.” – Danielle

“I can’t sit there or my ass will get all pilly.” – Sara

“Jesus. Two hours is a long time, I think I would die.” – Sara (hint: axl rose)

“I don’t know. Maybe he wanted to be comfortable while he got his penis sanded.” – Sara

“Michael, you can’t be intimidating with a plastic face.” – Danielle.

Danielle: “*whine* I can’t find my sooooock?”
Sara: “What are you crying about?”
Danielle: “*whine* I lost my sock, it was on and now it’s not.”
(she changed her pants and somehow lost her sock)

“He was going down on the wood” – Carolyn

“He’s fucking in the wrong place.” – Danielle

“the tight snach caused the death of a virgin” – Sara – describing names of mixed drinks

Sara: “He’s fucking in the wrong place.”
Danielle: “Shove it in”
Adrienne: “oh oh oh” (no this conversation was not about sex)

Danielle: “what the fuck, hell, heck, is that?!”
Sara: “Nice one.”
Danielle: “God what is wrong with me?!”

Eric: “woah!”
Us: “what?”
Eric: “I just looked at the shadow of my hair.”

Danielle: “I asked him about his puppy.”
Adrienne: “It’d probably be a dog now.”

“If I was single I’d be a lethal weapon.” – Eric

Eric: “I don’t wish ill will on anybody”
Us: *blank stares*
Eric: “Ok I guess I do, but not my friends.”

Danielle: “there’s fingerprints on paige.”
Sara: “why? are you caressing his picture?”
Danielle: “No i just had the urge to touch it.”
Sara: “so you are caressing it.”
Danielle: “no i just wanted to touch it.”
Sara: “why?”
Danielle: *whine* “i don’t know. I just had the urge to touch it and now there are smudges on his stomach.”
Sara: “that’s going on the site.”
Danielle: *whine* “noooooo! nooooo! I sound like a psycho stalker. I promise i wont hurt him!”

Danielle: “is it weird i used ‘entity’ in a sentence?”
Sara: *laughs* “yes!”
Danielle: “i’m so weeeeiiiird! i’m such a freeeeaak! What’s wrong with me?!?!?! “

Danielle: “normal people don’t use ‘entities’ when they’re chatting”

“People’s genitalia don’t pop in my head in the middle of the day!” – Danielle

Sara: “That’s going on the site.”
Danielle: “why am i always on the site?!”
Sara: “cuz you’re funny.”
Danielle: “i know.”

“I’m drooling….and i can’t stop….oh and now i’m crying. i’m in need of some serious psychiatric help.” – Danielle

“Cuz they’re on me!” – sara

“He bent him all the way over!!” – danielle

“If you were an ATP pump, imagine how shitty your life would be.” – Danielle

“If i’m having a heart attack I go to the hospital. if i have heart burn i take antacid.” – Sara (once again, another quote like the aircondition/plumber one that danielle thought was funny, and made me put on the site. even tho it’s really not funny unless, apparently, you heard the way Sara said it….and since it’s in type…i don’t see the point of putting it up, but WHATEVER)

“…so it’s decided we’re going to toronto on saturday afternoon, until tuesday afternoon. unless it’s blizzarding. and yes that is a verb. it’s a verb if you live in buffalo.” – Sara in her blog

Eric: What’s the opposite of elevated?
Sara: Um…the downward spiral?

Eric: The sermon on the mount. *mutters quietly* I actually don’t even know what that was.
Sara: I think I was there.

Thursday, July 31

eric: what’s taking so long for our food
sara: they’re killing the cow, er the chicken
eric: they’re choking the chicken
*all laugh*
adrienne: yeah that’s what your savory cheese sauce is made out of
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Sunday, December 22

“that’s not a web, that’s just a mess.” – adrienne
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Friday, November 22

*sara, eric and adrienne rubberneck past an accident on the highway – over turned tractor trailer*
adrienne: it looks like there’s something trapped under the truck.
eric: well it’s a lumber truck, the lumber is all over, which makes it look cooler.
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Sunday, October 20

eric: she was mackin me pretty hardcore
eric: hehe
carolyn: WHOA
carolyn: she was macking you
carolyn: slut
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Thursday, October 17

vacant enigma: easier to say
WooPopRIT: hah ayeha
vacant enigma: toomany syllables
vacant enigma: esp when drunk hehe
WooPopRIT: one syllable instead of 4
WooPopRIT: hehe
vacant enigma: lol
WooPopRIT: ok 43
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Friday, September 13

this was a long time coming. i’m lazy. it’s from my birthday dinner, june 28th.

about eric – “no i don’t think he can – he’s gonna put a hole in it”

i forget if i said that or adrienne said that. haha

thursday, november 15

eric: whyd you think I was rippin ya off or something? 🙂
sara: yes, like always 🙂
sara: cuz i’m the trendsetter
eric: haha
sara: 🙂 we know it’s true
eric: nah, I totally didnt even see yours till I went back
eric: hehe
sara: keep tellin urself that
sara: it was all subconscious
eric: but yeah usually, you think of these things
sara: lol
eric: the comments were cool
sara: as long as you recognize the fact i’m great it’s ok
eric: hehehe
sara: 🙂
sara: i’m having an ego moment, i appologize
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wednesday, november 14

danielle: mostare balads is awsome

adrienne: hey, i’m making up my own career, you can too LOL

sara: EW
sara: someone with a pumpkin stem up their ass
sara: fucking a pumpkin
sara: lol
adrienne: omg NASTY
sara: lol
adrienne: haha
sara: and now someone with their penis in the same pumpkins mouth
sara: haha
adrienne: so its a jackolantern? wonderful
sara: oh yeah
sara: its carved LOL
adrienne: hahah
sara: lol
adrienne: well of course its carved… duh HAHA
sara: lol
sara: well i mean opposed to someone fucking a non carved pumpkin
adrienne: why else would u fuck a pumpkin?
sara: lolol

danielle: OMG
sara: ?
danielle: i just say these 2 pics of bobby
danielle: one of him playing and the ad for his drunm sticks
sara: uhhuh
danielle: and he has a silver thumb ring (band) on his left thumb
danielle: totally like me
sara: lol ok
danielle: and i did it WAY befre it was “kool”
sara: LOL
danielle: he just wants to be like me\
sara: u trend setter u!


wednesday, november 28

danielle: i just think its like ‘your face is like nothing ive ever seen before”….mulitiplied by the creepy factor a trillion billion times
danielle: lol
sara: hahah
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danielle: if you were at a guys house and you were getting it on and he put in that song
danielle: wouldnt you be scared
sara: um no
sara: LOL
danielle: id be liek wtf is wrong with you
danielle: “i want to fuck you liek an animal”
danielle: that wouldnt scare you
sara: hahah nope
danielle: id run like hell
danielle: lol
sara: LOL
danielle: i mean i understand why pple would pick it i gues…cuz its obvoiusly super sexual….
danielle: but scary
danielle: very scary
sara: its only scary to u lol
danielle: i was proud of myself that i knew what song that was
danielle: “i want to fuckyou like na animal”
danielle: i want to feel you from the inside?
sara: i wanna feel u from the inside
danielle: is that right
danielle: ooo im good
sara: lol
danielle: arent you proud
sara: you get me closer to god
danielle: ok so that part isnt bad
danielle: its kinda cute
sara: yeah
danielle: like if i was having sex and the guy was like you brought me closer to god…
danielle: i would think it was cute
danielle: weird but cute
danielle: but I want to fuck you like an animal
danielle: is just plain creepy
sara: hahahahah
danielle: and the i want to feel you from the inside
danielle: thats a little scetchy too
sara: hahah
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monday, november 26

eric’s funny survey responses:
22. Are you trendy? I WEAR TRENDY FUCK PANTS!!!!
25. Who is your idol? Billy.

tuesday, december 4

adrienne: so does he have a totoo?
sara: no
sara: larry does
sara: and so does Dorthey in Oz
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danielle: i want to know if you think he was doing wha ti think he was doing
adrienne: WTF… he was touching you and moving his hand or the hand was nder the tanle moving??
sara: nice typos
danielle: NO
carolyn: rofl
adrienne: shut up
adrienne: LOL
danielle: he wasnt touching ME
carolyn: i so dont get this
carolyn: he didnt touch you
danielle: no
carolyn: so whats the story?
carolyn: hes just fidgety
danielle: he was sitting across from me
adrienne: ok.. so it was like he was wacking off???
sara: hahahaha
danielle: well i wasnt going to be like hey andy are you masturbating
danielle: so wtf was he doing then
adrienne: LOL no.. HAHA
danielle: cuz really i would like an alternative idea
sara: hahahahahah
sara: CRABS
adrienne: dunno.. besides itching.. HAHA
danielle: cuz thats really what it looked like
carolyn: wtf would this guy be like doing the fiveknuckleshuffle in a library
carolyn: thats so wrong
sara: he says he fucks alot
sara: so hes got crabs
adrienne: its kinda weird any way you look at it
sara: fiveknuckle suffel in the library
danielle: yea i kno
adrienne: LMAO
danielle: lmao
sara: some kid wacked off in church and then they had to stand and shake hands
adrienne: OMG
danielle: lmao that is sooo gross
danielle: ok so in the lib i should have benn like hey i have a few qs….
carolyn: if this guy can keep his erection in his pants
carolyn: and wack off
adrienne: you can kinda tell…. just dont get caught looking HAHA
danielle: 1. did you just whip out yoru dick
carolyn: the either has no penis to speak of
danielle: 2. are you hands in your pants
sara: ROFL
adrienne: HAHA
danielle: 3. are you masturbating
adrienne: ROFL
carolyn: or he has way too much practice
danielle: and by the way how big is yoru dick
adrienne: HAHAH
sara: i’d go for the too much pratcie bit
danielle: yea
sara: lol

thursday, december 13

adrienne: when some one was taking the exam today.. they had male exam…. and the penis FELL OFF when they were palpating ROFLMAO
sara: hahahahahahahahah
adrienne: she was like “i dont think thats normal”
adrienne: hahahhahahhahah
sara: its like, a pretend dummy or something?
adrienne: yeah… we call it totum pole man… its just a square with an atachable penis and scrotums (you can pick different scrotums with different problems) LMAO you;d laff sooo hard at this thing
adrienne: we also have a “dial a prostate”
adrienne: LMAO
sara: OMG ROFL
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regarding adrienne’s exam the next day
adrienne: but its oral, so i’ll feel sooo dumb HAHAH
sara: oooh
sara: ROFL
sara: oral
adrienne: YES ORAL
adrienne: lol
sara: hahah
sara: no comment 😉
adrienne: 😛 ok….
sara: hahahah
adrienne: it would be even funnier if you knew what it was on ROFL
sara: ooooooh LOL
sara: penises?
adrienne: hahaha
sara: hah
adrienne: yup… thats part of it…
adrienne: also vaginas and rectums
sara: hahahaha
sara: that is too appropriate
adrienne: i kno hahah
sara: hahahah
adrienne: LMAO
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tuesday, december 11

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sunday, december 9

sara: did u see the pics from his (eric’s) party last night, eric’s wearing a bra
adrienne: OMG hahahahah
sara: LOL

friday, february 1

*sound suddenly goes off the tv*
mary: did you turn the vcr off?
adrienne: haha i thought i went deaf!

saturday, february 9

danielle: what’s bono’s real name?
sara: paul
danielle: *laughing* HOW DORKY
sara: that’s what you said the last time you asked me.
danielle: what’s edge’s real name
sara: david
danielle: that’s not too bad
sara: well i would hope so, it’s your brothers name
danielle: i always hated his name. i was always like, you got such a shitty name. but it’s grown on me.
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friday, february 8

danielle: when you’re pissed off nothing makes you feel better than “Fucking whore!!”
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wednesday, february 6

danielle: thats it
danielle: im going
danielle: my house
danielle: i can pee when i want to

thursday, february 14

*on tv* melissa to roy: “judas”
danielle: poor roy.
sara: he’s gonna feel really bad when she gets the stigmata
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sunday, february 10

sara: and from there i got the html page of the mov, and from that the url of the mov 🙂 i am god
eric: haha rockin

wednesday, february 20

sara: considering we just established how boring we are, it’s nice to have someone think i’m interesting LOL
eric: there ya go!
sara: hahah
eric: I’ll get that in class very rarely
eric: someones like, youre interesting, Im like, well, hang around a little longer, you’ll get over that 🙂
sara: ROFL
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sunday, february 17

“you can’t lisp if you have no tongue!” – danielle

thursday, february 28

eric: what are the lyrics in your profile>?
sara: u mean u dont know?!
eric: not at the moment
sara: hahahahah
eric: Im gonna kick myself, but
sara: but…
sara: what was ur guess
eric: no clue
sara: ooh
sara: its econoline
sara: its digging the heroine
eric: I just listened to that today too
sara: LOL
sara: its a rare day
sara: hahah u dont know lyrics!
eric: haha I know
eric: hehe
eric: revoke my membership for today
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wednesday, february 27

danielle: how do you function being straight edge!!
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tuesday, february 26

danielle: we are so sad
sara: why?
danielle: not only do we check eachother’s blogs like 5 times a day, and read all the comments, but we have long drawn out conversations through blogger comments. and we comment as famous people, and we respond to them… like I responded to JP. how sad are we!?!?!
sara: hahahahahahahaha i know!!!!

saturday, march 9

sara: go to ur house?
eric: good 🙂
sara: or marys
eric: yah
sara: which one lol
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thursday, march 7

danielle: they could totally prompoote the new korn cd piggy back
danielle: *promote
sara: lol
sara: lololol
danielle: prompoote? wtf is that? those arent even the right letters
danielle: preom poote
danielle: that was great
sara: lol
danielle: prom poote
danielle: wtf is that????
sara: hahahah

sunday, march 17

retro quote
the scene: townhouse party. danielle, muhammed, sara and others are staring at the painting on the wall.

danielle: it’s scary. it’s got three eyes. it’s like that tool song…what’s it called?
sara: third eye?!?!
danielle: ahh yeah that’s it!!


wednesday, april 3

danielle: noooo he’s getting his porn mustache back!
sara: nooo
danielle: it’s back!!!
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sunday, march 31

sara: Well Il’l take that off my list – no sex with Mary and Eric
eric: Well there are exceptions to every rule

wednesday, june 19

eric: that girl did not need to be drawing attention to her ass. and she had a wedgie. why is that in style anyway?
sara: wedgies are in style?

sunday, june 23

eric and sara: discussing kids identifying with papa roach and rap rock bands
*big pause*
eric: but trent is still god. no matter what anyone says.

thursday, august 1

playing pool
eric: dude, it’s a stop light!!
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adrienne: danielle, i’ll see you in the toilet bowl

wednesday, august 28

eric – do you think that we’re cool enough that people talk about us
sara & adrienne – no
eric – yeah me neither

sunday, october 20

eric: she was mackin me pretty hardcore
eric: hehe
carolyn: WHOA
carolyn: she was macking you
carolyn: slut

tuesday, january 1

carolyn: now i know what sperm feel like
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sunday, december 30

adrienne: i can’t eat ketchup
danielle: hysterically laffing
adrienne: you’re thinking about steve heinze arent you?
danielle: still laffing, nodding yes
adrienne: i cant eat ketchup after eating all the pickles


adrienne: danielle can eat ketchup even if she doesn’t like it

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