Michael Jackson – Invincible

what am i holding in my hand a day early?! MICHAEL JACKSON’S NEW CD!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!

this is me :-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


running commentary on mj’s album

track 1: unbreakable – fantastic intro to the album. very “jam” like in it’s punch as a first song. Grade: A+ (upon second listen the grade went from a- to a+)

track 2: heartbreaker – um..it’s different. Grade: A

track 3: invincible – very cool. i find the first 3 tracks to be too similar though. should have put a song inbetween 2 and 3 i think. and they all have raps at the end…Grade: A-

track 4: break of dawn – ok i’m finding it slightly hard to not laugh…mj singing about making love. i can listen to his old songs about sex (ie. lady in my life) without laughing… but i dunno LOL…it’s a really nice song tho. his voice sounds really amazing. Grade: B+

track 5: heaven can wait – first 20 seconds, sounds like it is a Thriller throw back…the layered vocals…very “lady in my life” ish…in all these songs so far, you can totally tell which producers were responsible for them. this is so obviously a teddy riley song. the others were so rodney jerkins. but wow… vocals on this song amazing. definitely a better love song than break of dawn. similar to teddy’s work on Jordan Knight’s debut album…Grade: A

track 6: you rock my world – lol the intro cracks me up. chris tucker is so funny. this song just makes me really happy, maybe cuz it was the first new track i heard….it’s still weird to hear it without the KTU call out hook lol. great choice of first single, so far.. since i’m only on track 6 who knows… Grade: A, ok no A+ i really love this song LOL

track 7: butterflies – first 20 seconds, off the wall throw back… very “can’t help it” esque… like it could be the same song. vocals are different, sounds very un-mj-like….another song about sex…ok i don’t like this song. good thing MJ didn’t write it LOL. i REALLY don’t like this song….omg i almost can’t listen to it……Grade: C- sure it’s a good song, but i really hate it lol.
2nd listen…first minute i like, kinda fun. don’t like the chorus all that much. don’t like the falsetto of the 2nd verse… don’t like the bridge…this song does not belong on an MJ cd…it belongs on like, some teen pop princess cd….definitely do not like the end, this is where i want to rip my ears off. lol

track 8: speechless – omg the first 10 seconds i thought i was listening to “you are not alone”. his voice just comes in and says “your love…” and i swear he was gonna say “Another day is gone…” lol. omg it’s so totally YANA lol, i mean just that part, not the rest of it so far. i hate ballads. i think this is a religious song. vocals sound great tho. i don’t like this song either. ok yeah, totally don’t like this song either. I’m sure EVERYONE is gonna ADORE it.. cuz it’s like MJ fans theme songs regarding MJ. Grade: C-
2nd listen – still hate this song.

track 9: 2000 Watts – DEFINITELY MORE OF MY THING! is this even mj singing? doesn’t sound like him at all!! i get the impression this could be on an nsync cd for some reason…nothing in particular about it…i dunno. has the potential to be an even better song. it is VERY cool tho…Grade: A-
2nd listen – this song has the potential of having a REALLY RAD video if it was released as a single.

track 10: you are my life – the way i’m going with ballads, i’m having preconceived notions about my fondness for the song and it’s just started…ok way too sappy, but not as bad as the other 2…have i mentioned i hate ballads? i’m getting the impression this song is about his kids…i hate sappy songs….Grade: B

track 11: privacy – reminiscent of intro to “tabloid junkie”…wow like it already. mj sounding a bit evil 🙂 OH SLASH IS ON THIS SONG! er wait…no… ok, i swear he just said SLASH, and it’s a guitar solo, but he’s not in the credits as “guitar”…it says Michael Thompson..unless that’s Slash’s real name (andy informed me Slash’s name is Saul Hudson, which i knew duh.. so it’s not slash)….Grade: A

track 12: don’t walk away – GOD ANOTHER BALLAD. vocals sound great. very clear..ends really abruptly..Grade: B+

track 13: cry – r.kelly wrote this song..hmm… i like it. i liked it when i downloaded it LOL. best ballad on this album. and did i mention? i hate ballads. but i really like this song alot. on listening to it this time, i thought it was “on the line”…it sounds alot like “on the line” now that i think about it….but yeah, this is by far the best ballad on this album. yeah, this song is incredible. could totally do without the “change the world” a la “man in the mirror” bit… i hate that. lol. but god, this song is so great. jesus, i’m so blown away. omg. Grade: A+++

track 14: the lost children – just the title makes me want to puke but ok…open mind…ok no. that’s it, just no. it’s cute…but no. no. no.no. Grade: C+

track 15: whatever happens – this is the song with carlos santana…sounds cool. mjs voice sounds great. yeah like this song. Grade: A+

track 16: threatened – ok yeah this is cool. so rodney jerkins tho…this is rad. very fun. i wonder what these Rod Serling spoken parts are from. says courtesy of CBS broadcasting inc…Grade: A-

ok, finished the album. back at track 1 now. let’s see, what’s my overall grade on Invincible?!….i’m kinda torn. the 2 crap ballads in the middle really ruin the entire thing for me. like i can’t see myself listening to those songs EVER again. ok, since it seems i need to think in outline form, let’s make a list:
1. good album
2. not as good as dangerous, which is the best MJ album i think.
3. dance songs on invincible are better than dance songs on HIStory
4. i think the song order could have been different, making the whole album better. like the first 3 songs all have raps at the end.. and then u got the block of ballads in the middle…song order is really important i’ve found.
5. the middle ballads…oh god. how much do i hate them?…
6. i think the public is really going to like the album. i’m not sure how they’re gonna like those middle ballads tho. seriously.
7. i like the album. but it has the potential to grow on me tremendously. I was VERY generous with my grades of the middle ballads…because really I should give them an F but i’m trying to at least look at the music, and overall composition of them and ignore the fact that i want to rip my ears off….we’ll see how the 2nd listen goes.

overall grade as of now: A-/B+

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