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robopanda is horrifying article by jermain dupris about the record industry and itunes. he has some points, but keeps stressing the purchase of singles and that if you want a song you should buy the album and not just the single song on itunes….um…did he forget about 10 years ago before mp3s and napster and itunes, there were these things called cassette and cd singles…you could always just buy “the hot song” without the rest of the album. so what’s the difference?

today was the big release day. the year zero remixed album, and rerelease of the joshua tree.

yz remix – overall it seems to be something i’d listen to more than once, which i can’t say about the rest of the nin remix albums. saul’s lyrics over “hyperpower” is neat. and thank god for ali and modwheelmood, for redeeming “the great destroyer” by taking out the worst 3 seconds of nin history. i quite like their version. the fan mix is of “my violent heart” is pretty good. ladytron’s “the beginning of the end” could be absolutely fantastic if not for the synth beeps. leave them in, that’s fine, just turn them the fuck down. why are they so loud? they sound so out of place. otherwise, great remix. the “closer” addition at the end was surprising. saul’s “survivalism” i think is the same version played before the shows, or at least i have heard it before somewhere (and i don’t think i ever listened to the singles…/badfan) “capital g” is mostly obnoxious and i’ll most likely always fast forward. “vessel” doesn’t sound all that different, and it’s hard to improve on perfection anyway :). “the warning” is a great improvement on a rather forgettable song. “me, i’m not”, on right now…i don’t know how people can remix songs like this and still say it’s the same song, or even remotely related (and this one completely isn’t!). why, cuz 9 minutes in they’ll throw in one lyric? i knew when i saw that it was 14 minutes long that i’ll never ever listen to it. oh, there was some trent breathing noises. well that was 14 minutes of my life i’ll never get back. “another version of the truth” string quartet, fantastic. i love that kind of stuff though. the middle kept making me think of the tea party’s “save me”. “in this twilight” is very nice. “zero-sum” interesting, has a groove, pretty good.

i can’t find the vinyl anywhere (er at the places that sell vinyl still), looks like i’ll have to order it eventually now.

and even though i don’t particularly like the joshua tree, i did buy the remastered box set. it has the remastered album, bonus audio cd of bsides and unreleased songs, and bonus dvd with a live show, documentary and videos. and a book and prints. basically i bought it because of the “wave of sorrow” video i posted last week. it just really struck me as being so fantastic, and i’m sorta dying for some u2 that goes back to what they were (even if i don’t like the joshua tree era), poetic and intelligent, and not this fluffy, lyrically disastrous, half hearted attempt at meaningful music that we got on “how to dismantle an atomic bomb”. i’d take JT era over the current one any day haha. my problem with JT…i just don’t think i’ve ever really “gotten it”…i read about what JT stands for, what the songs are about, the meaning, etc etc, but I just don’t get it. there is absolutely no personal connection in the songs for me (except maybe “Running To Stand Still”), they don’t in any way strike me, and for me that’s a big part of the musical experience.

i hope to god they do this sort of rerelease for Achtung Baby :), few more years…



so..puscifer. eh. the packaging is amusing. it’s alright. i’ll even say it’s better than the last tool album. but it’s not really what i was expecting – since i was expecting alot of kick ass stuff like The Undertaker (which, the version on the album is not the same as the sound track version – which i think is the renholder remix, and gee, surprise, something danny lohner remixed turned out awesome ha). it doesn’t really show off maynard’s voice, it’s mostly…”low talking”, and not really singing. and his voice is the reason i like him. there is a whole song which is a sermon hahah. good old maynard. it’s interesting. it’s fairly short. i’ll give it a few more listens, but it’s not a “desert island” album.


year zero

year zero = love. I don’t know why I get scared about new NIN releases because Trent never fails us. Even having heard it at the pre-show listening party in London, I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not. I don’t like it, I love it. It really is an incredible album, nothing at all like With Teeth, or even like any old NIN stuff. There are elements of Downward, and elements of the Fragile, but still completely different. I can’t pick out a single weak song on the album – and even the best albums, like Achtung Baby which I think is one of the best recordings of all time, has weak songs. But with the exception of 3 seconds on the album, which I’ll get to later, it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s really an album that you have to listen to all at once to really appreciate. When I gave in and listened to Survivalism and My Violent Heart on myspace I didn’t really like them. But on the album, as part of the whole package, they’re great. And be sure to call the phone number on the back.

1. Hyperpower – instrumental, Josh on drums. Energizing, good intro.
2. The Beginning of the End – great song despite it sounding like My Sharona 🙂 Having heard it live helps to get into the song.
3. Survivalism – When I listened on myspace I thought it was ok, but overall wasn’t super impressed. Seeing it live made it totally awesome. “lost our faith along the way and found ourselves believing your lies” incredible lyric.
4. The Good Soldier – Alex and I had been scared that this song was about christianity and Trent finding god. It’s not. It’s about (the) war, and belief in the war cause. Includes a xylophone. ha!
5. Vessel – at this point, my favourite song on the album. I can’t really explain why, or really even describe the song. Loud and seemingly disorganized. Planned chaos. Fantastic.
6. Me, I’m Not – love. Kinda chill, still NIN.
7. Capital G – very catchy, definite single potential. Features Trent’s new found love of singing staccato.
8. My Violent Heart – wasn’t sure I liked the song when I first heard it on myspace, but in the context of the whole album it’s great. Also, gotta love Trent just speaking the words. *hot*
9. The Warning – apparently I have nothing to say about this song ha.
10. God Given – along with Vessel, favourite song on the album. Very, very dancable. You can picture it being played in clubs. It sort of sounds like a Danny Lohner remix, it has that kind of timbaland type groove to it. I swear the blurry picture with the lyrics in the booklet is Michael Jackson.
11. Meet Your Master – I can’t help but think of “master of puppets”, because there just aren’t many words that rhyme with master ha. Doesn’t sound like metallica in the slightest bit tho. Could have single potential too. I can imagine hearing it on the radio – you know, if i ever listened to the radio.
12. The Greater Good – reminiscent of the fragile.
13. The Great Destroyer – massive massive problem with the song. It goes along quite well and continues quite well except for the…horrifying…let’s call it “epic vocal flourish” of the last line of the song. God it makes me cringe. It is just so not nine inch nails, and it’s so not trent reznor. It’s…bad 80s metal. Leighanne used to turn the volume down at the beginning of Bowie’s “cat people” because she hated the way he sang “with gasoline” but I completely understand now. That last “the great destroyer” is just so awful. It is the only flaw on Year Zero. Or maybe I’m just missing something – like that it conveys a certain meaning to the song and album. But…no. just. no.
14. Another Version of the Truth – piano! it still exists! An instrumental very reminiscent of the fragile, and “a warm place”. very nice. A calm after the storm or nuclear winter. Whichever you prefer.
15. In This Twilight – a very noisy pretty song. Strangely optimistic. Makes you wonder what comes after year zero. Both literally as in the next album, and as the next part to unfold in the “world of year zero”.
16. Zero-sum – Background piano and spoken word very reminiscent of “the downward spiral”. Really really gorgeous song. The lyrics are just beautiful and really “make” the song. Gah. My reaction right now came as a complete surprise, after reading the lyrics along with the song. Very impressed with it suddenly.

One one hand you can hear the Saul Williams influence on the album – the spoken word, the “hip hop” groove – but on the other hand, the spoken words parts are very reminiscent of The Downward Spiral as well. It doesn’t say alot about who actually played instruments, other than Josh on drums, but the album seems to reflect Aaron’s manic sort of guitar playing.

Just…go buy it!

10,000 days…

i got an advance of tool’s new album “10,000 days”. with all the driving i did today, and their massively long songs, i’ve only gotten through track 8 but i think it’s safe to form an opinion on the album. it’s…tool. that’s for sure. it’s that tool sound where you could hear one note and know it’s a tool song…and i can’t say that i’m disappointed in it, because i really don’t hold tool up on that pedistal where what they do can or cannot disappoint me…but…seriously, the album is lateralus part 2. at many points in the album i thought i was listening to “Schism”…ok now this is not a bad thing necessarily because i really like lateralus, but…maybe they need a bajillion years between albums so that they come up with a slightly different sound from the previous album. lateralus didn’t sound like aenima…but this one definitely is an extension of lateralus. now my problem with that is i can’t listen to lateralus, or this album i can already tell, for a long time because the sonic texture starts to get to my head…i don’t have that problem with aenima and undertow. and nothing so far off 10,000 days has really blown me away like parts of lateralus did. but maybe upon further complete listens….so it’s good. it’s definitely good, i don’t think tool could ever put out anything bad unless maynard did it on purpose to make a joke haha…you’ll love it if you loved lateralus and you might not if you loved undertow. i didn’t try to get tickets to the toronto show, trying to win a pair. but they’ll be around again at some point so i’m not stressing.

game tomorrow. i guess we’re taking phil’s brother and his friend to dave and busters to eat before the game. i dunno it doesn’t matter to me so i didn’t really pay attention lol. i haven’t heard back from channel 2 yet, the anchor that called me does the early morning show so she must have been gone already when i called back. maybe they’ll call tomorrow. grr. they better! hehe

didn’t do a damn thing at work tonight and left 2 hrs early…i should count tokes sunday to make up for the money.

and for those who were worried, kitty has settled in quite nicely. just took about an hour of hiding in the closet and behind the couch.


i got an “advance” of Lacuna Coil’s new album Karmacode. sadly, i’m a bit disappointed. it is way way more commercial than their other 5 releases (no, they are not a new band!). it almost sounds like Korn to me. it sounds more Korn than Korn’s new album does (which wow, is really bad). in particular, “what i see”, so korn it could be off of Issues. some of the songs have a very pronounced bass line, that wasn’t there in past releases, and it makes me think “wow i didn’t know Fieldy left korn and joined LC”. the album really lost some of what made me love them so much, that element of goth creepiness. there’s lots of christina chanting, but it lacks that mysterious element that Comalies had. it’s almost like they tried too hard to keep that element in, so the songs where there is some, it seems not to fit. it’s still better than everything else on the radio, but…it is very mainstream now. it’ll probably grow on me, if i can stop thinking that i’m listening to korn with a female singer.

stomach was perfect when i woke up, but around 230 sudden pain again, and i’m really dizzy. may have to call in tonight, tho i don’t want to. i only have 12 sick hours currently.

which reminds me however, we’ve cut down the number of shows from 14 to 6. only doing the ones in a 5 hr radius or so, which means: saratoga, toronto, cleveland, columbus, detroit, pittsburg. it’s a issue of money, amphitheaters, money, shitty 1st bands, money, jobs, money and money.

waiting for my dad to get here with my new printer. i’ll be able to make more pins 🙂

my 347th listen of “with teeth” review…

1. all the love in the world – definitely has grown on me. love it. the end is rockin.

2. you know what you are – i might have wrecked my car speakers with this song.

3. the collector – has grown on me too. but still not a fav.

4. the hand that feeds – still love it

5. love is not enough – still love it

6. every day is exactly the same – this is the song i would say sums up last november through april….and somewhat, even right now…
Sometimes I think I’m happy here
Sometimes I still pretend
I can’t remember how this all got started
But I can tell you – exactly – how it will end
I wish this could have been any other way
I just don’t know what else I can do

i still think it’s depeche mode-y, i think it’s the drums. it struck me as being sorta orgy like too, but not alot. this song is more “the new ‘hurt’ ” than “right where it belongs” is like every other fan is saying…love it. favourite “ballad” of the album…

7. with teeth – still friggen love

8. only – still way fun and totally rockin. a guy at wegmans caught me singing the chorus to myself haha oops…

9. getting smaller – has grown on me, but again, not a favourite

10. sunspots – something about the very very beginning of the song bothers me, but it builds a whole lot, and i caught myself rocking to it without even realizing it. so i decided i really really like it haha

11. the line begins to blur – still love it.

12. beside you in time – least favourite. quite probably my least fav nin song ever. it just really irritates me

13. right where it belongs – everyone is calling this “the new hurt” and i can’t possibly disagree more. i like it. but it is no where near on the level emotionally that “hurt” is…i don’t get how everyone sees that.

when i eventually get the dual-disc in the mail, i can see the 5.1 surround mix totally kicking ass *still hasnt listened to the downward 5.1 mix…/badfan*

i was on pai gow tonight, had a conversation with 2 guys about music, who actually liked the same crap i do. it was cool. they asked me what i thought of “with teeth” so i got to talk about trent so it’s all good. got out early but not early enough. boo.

forgot to mention last night….tried to stealthily take pictures of a classic canadian mullet with lei’s camera phone but they totally noticed haha. there was something else i was going to mention too but i forget….

trent in 16 hours.

i had requested tonight off so that lei and i could go see Elevation – a u2 tribute band – recreate the zoo tv tour at the opera house in toronto. i put in my request too late and so i was on the schedule…that is until i went in for my 10pm shift and i wasn’t on the road map (tells you what section you’re in). so i left…and we went to toronto. got there late, but saw half of the zoo tv show, and saw the band do the few other songs after. they were really good…sound wise…some things left a bit to be desired, like macphisto, but maybe i just expect alot from someone trying to be macphisto

How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb

Have They Done Another Actung Baby?


so…i also came into ownership of an advance copy of u2’s new cd “how to dismantle an atomic bomb” *cough* so here is my song by song review. keep in mind i suffer a disease. this disease manifests itself by making me not like any u2 record the first (or 2nd or 3rd…) time listening to it. u2 albums need to be listened to then put on the shelf to age for a few months before i listen to them again and actually like them. so i have a feeling this review is going to be quite a bit negative…and that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad.

Vertigo (3:13) – as we know from a few weeks ago, i love this song. however it is absolutely not representative of any of the rest of the album. it’s a shame really…

Miracle Drug (3:54) – i like the lyrics. alot. but…that’s about it. it’s slowish and boringish. and very “electrical storm” ish…

Sometimes You Can’t Make it On Your Own (5:05) – this is bono’s song about his father who died a few years ago. again i like the lyrics but…i don’t like slow songs!!! by anyone really!!! it’s pretty but slow songs bore me.

Love and Peace or Else (4:48) – now this song is very very cool. dirty edge guitar, bluesy feel sorta…groovy. i feel like i should have more to say about it LOL. really really like it.

City of Blinding Lights (5:46) – old u2 sounding…the song that recycles lyrics from “last night on earth”. bono thought “hmm…when was the last time i wrote good lyrics, oh yes, pop, let’s see what’s on there that i can reuse, but change a little bit…” and he didn’t even pick good ones. but i like this song. honestly lol. i told you this was going to be negative…

All Because of You (3:33) – more upbeat and fun. reminds me of a “rattle and hum” era song…the guitar i think…not the rest of it really lol. “i like the sound of my own voice” hehehe “people got squashed crossing the tracks”…not exactly the most stellar lyric ever, but it’s amusing at least.

A Man and A Woman (4:27) – *I* like this song. lei doesn’t. it does NOT sound like a u2 song in the slightest… seriously, it’s like..what band is this. it’s on the verge of sounding spanish. i expect carlos santana to make a guest appearance. or like bono singing a sade song…it’s like spanish jazz. i probably would never have imagined u2 making a song like this. but i really do like it lol. it’s smooth. bono says ‘Sister” alot in it, makes me think he’s trying to be jeff martin haha

Crumbs from Your Table (4:59) – not sure i have anything to say about this song. it’s not bad. sounds like “electrical storm”. oh yeah, this is the song that practically STEALS the same riff from the end of “electrical storm” for the end of this song.

One Step Closer (3:47) – the ultimate song to fast forward. it’s on the level of “grace” and “peace on earth”. absolute crap. if i never hear it again i’d be happy.  (aarrrrrrrrrrrrg the basement door was shut again so the cat shit on my bed again arrrrrrrrrrrrrrg)

Original of the Species (4:34) – weird…synth/strings…i like the lyrics again. slow again….

Yahweh (4:22) – so u2 is a christian band. this is the song the band did so they’d win back the people they pissed off when they came out with “achtung baby” instead of “joshua tree part 2”. and i don’t like it. i really wanted to, really wanted to, but i just don’t. i think it’s silly. it’s not deep or thoughtful or anything. i feel like it’s part “zooropa”, reminds me of bono singing the advertising ads, combined with “somedays are better than others” just the rhythm of the lyrics i think… but badly combined. i don’t know.

it’s a very chill album…slow and not at all like vertigo, which for ME, is a disappointment. i wanted up beat real rock music. this isn’t it.
lyrics – B…better than “all that you can’t leave behind”
music – B…’s still u2 sounding. i think the reason i like “achtung baby” so much was because it didn’t at all sound like what u2 was supposed to sound like at the time. and i like (half of) “pop” so much because “pop” didn’t sound like u2 either…this sounds like u2. and while that’s obviously not a BAD thing, it’s not exactly thrilling anymore either….
live ability – i’m not sure i’d want to see any of these songs other than vertigo live…
bono – bono is being bono. self depreciating a bit. the abuse he has put on his voice is very apparent. it’s not horrid, but it’s definitely not what it used to be.
edge – edge is shouting “hello, i’m still in the band, i’m right here”. sounds like “i will follow” edge met up with “electrical storm” edge and they had a baby.
adam – very “pop’ adam bass lines
larry – is larry…it’s drums…they sound the same to me. haha.

right now, upon…3rd listen or so… i don’t like it. now that i’ve heard it, i don’t want to listen to it anymore. back on the shelf for a while i guess.

and my comp is broken. just stopped working before i went to work. sounded like it turned off, but it didn’t. just the hard drive seemed to stop running. screen froze. turned it off and back on, cant boot up. fabulous. dad is coming tomorrow to take a look at it. it better not be completely messed up. i better not have to wipe the drive, because i don’t have anything burned….grrrrr i cant live without my comp.

Seven Circles album review

the tea party – seven circles

1. writings on the wall – am i listening to the tea party? this is not a tea party song. as eric said, it sounds like a stone temple pilots song. that’s not what i thought first, but i can hear that now. what captured me immediately is the guitar sounds like it’s a rage against the machine riff…it’s not a bad song, it’s sorta rockin, but it’s not the tea party

2. stargazer – this is not a tea party song either. wtf. i really wonder if someone else wrote these songs…it’s ok

3. one step closer away – again…it sounds like a stone temple pilots song. well at least the beginning…the chorus…back to rage guitars…and i dont like the chorus. it would be a cool song, creepy, haunting if they didn’t go into a fast lame chorus.

4. oceans – i hate slow sappy tea party songs, but this one is not as bad as the ones on interzone…er well…the chorus is as bad, but the rest isn’t haha.

5. luxuria – best song on the cd. it just is so cool. classic tea party right from the start.

6. overload – another good song. yay. but back to rage guitars. jeff martin found a new guitar tone and used it way too much. and still has that weird STP sound during the chorus…

7. coming back again – a bit creepy sounding, like a godsmack song. decent

8. the watcher – ug slow and sappy again. they all sound the same…

9. empty glass – one giant bowie tribute…major tom, ground control, starman, diamond dogs, golden years…it’s decent as well

10. wishing you would stay – i like it. it’s different, again. features holly mcnarland as well. ok i really like this song. yeah, this is my fav song on the album. it makes me overly emotional haha.

11. seven circles – boring. instrumental at the end is nice though.

overall impression: disappointing. this is not a tea party record. it’s really not. of all the songs, in my opinion only 1 holds to their “sound”, and that’d be luxuria. the slower songs keep in form with their other slower songs, but i never really like them. as eric put it, it’s not like they can’t grow and change and evolve, but they do have a distinctive sound, and we expect an evolution of that, and not just an evolution into crap. as of now, i find the whole package rather boring. it lacks the cohesiveness of their other albums. there’s no grand epic largeness. it’s just a bunch of random songs thrown onto an album. it doesn’t tell a story, or seem to go together at all. so yeah…it’s not awful by any means, just not what i was expecting, and doesn’t meet my high expectations of the band. i’m sure it’ll grow on me, but….not all that great.


in other news. i have a really bad sunburn on my neck from sunday, and wearing clothes kills it lol. the collar on my uniform is going to murder me tonight at work.

U2 – not so best of 1990 – 2000 – subtitled: what were they thinking?
picked up the limited edition best of, b-sides, dvd at target (14.88 on sale). i’d been hearing how much they were screwing up with the remixes, but didn’t go listen to them for myself at to begin with i was wondering why on earth they’d be remixing songs for a best of cd…when i bought the first best of, when i wasn’t a u2 fan, if i had gotten remixed songs i would have been very, very upset. remixes are for fans, not for casual listeners, but i digress…they remixed, gone, discotheque, and staring at the sun from Pop, and numb from Zooropa…as well as a sorta new version of mysterious ways…i fast forwarded through some of the songs i hadn’t heard were remixes, and went to the new versions.
1. “mysterious ways” – it’s normal, it’s achtung baby version, and suddenly you’re like WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?!? suddenly bono starts slurring and badly sings a high note. ok what?! why change an amazingly brilliant genius song, for 3 seconds, to make it retarded…specifically, it’s the “she sees the man inside the child” part. i don’t know what the hell he’s saying now, but it can’t possibly be that, and it sounds stupid. and if i was not a big u2 fan i’d hate it, and be really irritated it wasn’t the album version everyone knows and loves.
2. “gone” – this is one of their best songs ever. the live version is incredible. and that’s what i think they were trying to do with this one. they rerecorded the vocals, or dug a different vocal track out of the dust bin, and changed some of the music around it…it doesn’t work. it doesn’t touch the original or the live version. i was actually cringing when i had it on in the car. during the first chorus i was thinking, if they were trying to make it more like the live version they needed to add Edge’s background vocals…which they did in the 2nd chorus, but not nearly loud enough to be any good. and you can tell they used some of the vocal tracks from the original album version, and then some new ones. at least it seems that way to me. no doubt the end high notes are the old track, no way can bono hit that now. *sigh* then the cd goes onto “until the end of the world” which is one of their greatest songs ever as well… non remixed THANK GOD
3. “discotheque” – new beginning, not as hyper, more ethereal…it’s OK so far, since it’s a remix and not supposed to sound like the original…it’s totally devoid of its hyperactivity tho, which made the original so fun. ok the chorus, wtf. so not good. ok no this is not good at all. it’s so choppy now, no flow…no bono moans…no boomchas…without the boomchas, just them saying “discotheque” is really dumb for some reason. well that sucked.
4. “staring at the sun” – another of the greatest u2 songs ever…ok it just started and it’s like wtf is this crap. this sucks for no particular reason. it just sounds awful. it’s hurting my ears. an acoustic version would have been better. this is really not good. who approved this?
5. “numb” – so far not all that different. ok wtf is with the very out of place background “i feel numb”? i think it’s larry. it doesn’t need to be enhanced, leave it inaudible in the background please. bono’s falsetto is way cool, so it’s ok that it’s been brought up. but the other part. no…ok yeah nice bono falsetto. 🙂 if it wasn’t for the bad “i feel numb” part, this would be the best remix…but it really ruins it for me.

and the new songs
1. electrical storm – i like this song. alot. and the video. hehe. larry shirtless, can’t go wrong.
2. the hands that built america – cheesy…it’s ok, it’s strange, bono sings opera. definitely soundtrack material (it’s from a new movie “the gangs of new york”)

thank god for no remixes of “hold me thrill me kiss me kill me” and “until the end of the world” or i’d really have to bitch. and i still do not get why “the first time” is on this cd…if you wanted another song from zooropa.. hello?!?! “lemon”!!! or even “daddy’s gonna pay for your crashed car”…but “the first time”??? stupid.

i think they felt it was safe to remix all these songs from Pop since it was their “failure” album…hardly. i don’t care if they say it was unfinished etc…the first half sounds very good and very finished, it’s the 2nd half that needs help. and all the songs on the best of are from the first half. and just because casual fans won’t know the Pop songs, doesn’t mean they needed to be remixed into crap, cuz that’s not gonna make casual fans go out and discover Pop for themselves…and i guess the “numb” remix…no one really knew that song either.

you know what. i don’t like this cd at all. the first best of was so good…and this one, i don’t get it. i dunno why. i just think it’s really bad. it was probably hard to pick out tracks to include, since you have to include songs from “achtung baby” which might as well be a best of in its own right…to me, this cd is not representative of the best of u2…especially with all the fucking remixes. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING omg it’s pissing me off so much lol. if the songs were left non remixed, this would be much better, but i’m already thinking of how i’m going to have to fast forward half this cd…if i even bother to listen to it.

ok bsides. actually they’re mostly remixes…i hate remixes. lol. i never listen to the best of 80-90 bsides disc. i’m a bad fan. oh man i can’t take this. the “dirty day” remix is pretty cool. er well most of it is. “north and south of the river” never heard this song before…eh sorta boring. i hate dance remixes. haha this song is called “salome” and it sounds like bono is saying salami. shake it, shake it, shake it salami hahah. the “numb” remix on the bsides disc is bizarre haha… it’s all hip hop-ified.

well the bonus little dvd thing redeemed the rest. it’s so funny.

NIN “And All That Could Have Been” school assignment review

trent makes me so happy. since i was bored and pissed off, i decided to watch the nin dvd. yeah, so happy. hahaha. for some reason i felt really into it today. it was weird. when they showed the audience i wanted to be there so badly. as much as i DIDN’T want the crush, and all that for the tea party…i long to have that kind of experience again…leaving a show worn out, exhausted, sore, drenched in sweat, and completely euphoric…i dunno man. i just…want it really badly. of course, it has to be one of MY bands…nin, orgy, apc…not just any band. i can’t feel the same way with bands i see that i’m not all that into…

anyway, i said i’d post my nin review that i used in my newsletter but i kept forgetting. so here it is…



nine inch nails – and all that could have been – DVD and limited edition CD

nine inch nails mastermind Trent Reznor has never been known for releasing projects quickly. And he’s never been known for releasing unacceptable product. Once again he doesn’t disappoint.

The new live DVD and CD set “and all that could have been” is a trip through 2000s Fragility Tour 2.0 of North America and Canada. Recorded over various dates on the tour, (and taking entirely too long to release) “and all…” is a stellar picture of what the critically acclaimed live show was about.

NIN opens up with the hard hitting “terrible lie” from 1989’s Pretty Hate Machine, and follows it with the ever favorite “sin”. They delve through tracks off The Downward Spiral before jumping into new tracks, and then back in time to visit the Broken EP.

Always the perfectionist, Trent Reznor takes the audience through an emotional roller coaster enhanced by the use of smoke, LCD panels for ambient lighting, as well as brilliant moving imagery as can be seen on the DVD. Emotional highs are contrasted by quiet calm, then elevate into a frenzy again. Beautiful instrumentals such as “the mark has been made” and “complication” (on the DVD only) are interspersed among the vocal tracks, and create an atmosphere that is unusual for a rock show, especially nine inch nails.

But don’t let that fool you. As can be seen on the DVD, there was plenty of destruction on stage, and plenty of mayhem in the audience. NIN closes the set with the crowd-pleasing “closer” and “head like a hole” while Reznor proceeds to smash apart a keyboard with the microphone stand. The emotional climax comes during the encore, as the band closes the show with “hurt”. An incredible song that can tug at the strings of the hardest heart, it’s not the lyrics that bring tears to the eye. As the DVD pans across the front of the audience, it’s the ability that Trent Reznor has to make everyone feel what he feels…it’s seeing men and women in the audience crying, singing along, eyes closed, that adds to the brilliance of the song. It’s not often that a person can elicit that kind of emotion in that big of a group of people. Incredible.

Highlights of the CD and DVD include “the frail”/”the wretched” couplet, “la mer”/”the great below”/”the mark has been made” on the DVD, and of course, the closing “hurt”. Another fine Trent Reznor product.

The limited edition CD of “and all…” contains a 2nd companion disc entitled “Still” (also available for purchase on Reznor has described the disc as a good CD for a rainy day. While playing around with different interpretations and acoustic workups of old songs during the tour, he produced the disc to showcase some of what he had been working on. “Still” contains broken-down acoustic versions of classic NIN tracks “something I can never have”, “the fragile”, “the becoming” and “the day the world went away” complimented by new instrumentals, and the incredible new vocal track that gave the CD set it’s name. The song “and all that could have been” is an out-take from The Fragile sessions that was too good to be ignored. While it didn’t fit in with the flow of The Fragile 2-disc set it fits perfectly on “Still”. The instrumentals are beautiful works of art, reflecting Reznor’s classical training. My personal opinion on the disc is that it is the greatest CD ever made. It’s absolutely beautiful.