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robopanda is horrifying article by jermain dupris about the record industry and itunes. he has some points, but keeps stressing the purchase of singles and that if you want a song you should buy the album and not just the single song on itunes….um…did he forget about 10 years ago before mp3s and napster and itunes, there were these things called cassette and cd singles…you could always just buy “the hot song” without the rest of the album. so what’s the difference?

today was the big release day. the year zero remixed album, and rerelease of the joshua tree.

yz remix – overall it seems to be something i’d listen to more than once, which i can’t say about the rest of the nin remix albums. saul’s lyrics over “hyperpower” is neat. and thank god for ali and modwheelmood, for redeeming “the great destroyer” by taking out the worst 3 seconds of nin history. i quite like their version. the fan mix is of “my violent heart” is pretty good. ladytron’s “the beginning of the end” could be absolutely fantastic if not for the synth beeps. leave them in, that’s fine, just turn them the fuck down. why are they so loud? they sound so out of place. otherwise, great remix. the “closer” addition at the end was surprising. saul’s “survivalism” i think is the same version played before the shows, or at least i have heard it before somewhere (and i don’t think i ever listened to the singles…/badfan) “capital g” is mostly obnoxious and i’ll most likely always fast forward. “vessel” doesn’t sound all that different, and it’s hard to improve on perfection anyway :). “the warning” is a great improvement on a rather forgettable song. “me, i’m not”, on right now…i don’t know how people can remix songs like this and still say it’s the same song, or even remotely related (and this one completely isn’t!). why, cuz 9 minutes in they’ll throw in one lyric? i knew when i saw that it was 14 minutes long that i’ll never ever listen to it. oh, there was some trent breathing noises. well that was 14 minutes of my life i’ll never get back. “another version of the truth” string quartet, fantastic. i love that kind of stuff though. the middle kept making me think of the tea party’s “save me”. “in this twilight” is very nice. “zero-sum” interesting, has a groove, pretty good.

i can’t find the vinyl anywhere (er at the places that sell vinyl still), looks like i’ll have to order it eventually now.

and even though i don’t particularly like the joshua tree, i did buy the remastered box set. it has the remastered album, bonus audio cd of bsides and unreleased songs, and bonus dvd with a live show, documentary and videos. and a book and prints. basically i bought it because of the “wave of sorrow” video i posted last week. it just really struck me as being so fantastic, and i’m sorta dying for some u2 that goes back to what they were (even if i don’t like the joshua tree era), poetic and intelligent, and not this fluffy, lyrically disastrous, half hearted attempt at meaningful music that we got on “how to dismantle an atomic bomb”. i’d take JT era over the current one any day haha. my problem with JT…i just don’t think i’ve ever really “gotten it”…i read about what JT stands for, what the songs are about, the meaning, etc etc, but I just don’t get it. there is absolutely no personal connection in the songs for me (except maybe “Running To Stand Still”), they don’t in any way strike me, and for me that’s a big part of the musical experience.

i hope to god they do this sort of rerelease for Achtung Baby :), few more years…


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