i had requested tonight off so that lei and i could go see Elevation – a u2 tribute band – recreate the zoo tv tour at the opera house in toronto. i put in my request too late and so i was on the schedule…that is until i went in for my 10pm shift and i wasn’t on the road map (tells you what section you’re in). so i left…and we went to toronto. got there late, but saw half of the zoo tv show, and saw the band do the few other songs after. they were really good…sound wise…some things left a bit to be desired, like macphisto, but maybe i just expect alot from someone trying to be macphisto

How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb

Have They Done Another Actung Baby?


so…i also came into ownership of an advance copy of u2’s new cd “how to dismantle an atomic bomb” *cough* so here is my song by song review. keep in mind i suffer a disease. this disease manifests itself by making me not like any u2 record the first (or 2nd or 3rd…) time listening to it. u2 albums need to be listened to then put on the shelf to age for a few months before i listen to them again and actually like them. so i have a feeling this review is going to be quite a bit negative…and that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad.

Vertigo (3:13) – as we know from a few weeks ago, i love this song. however it is absolutely not representative of any of the rest of the album. it’s a shame really…

Miracle Drug (3:54) – i like the lyrics. alot. but…that’s about it. it’s slowish and boringish. and very “electrical storm” ish…

Sometimes You Can’t Make it On Your Own (5:05) – this is bono’s song about his father who died a few years ago. again i like the lyrics but…i don’t like slow songs!!! by anyone really!!! it’s pretty but slow songs bore me.

Love and Peace or Else (4:48) – now this song is very very cool. dirty edge guitar, bluesy feel sorta…groovy. i feel like i should have more to say about it LOL. really really like it.

City of Blinding Lights (5:46) – old u2 sounding…the song that recycles lyrics from “last night on earth”. bono thought “hmm…when was the last time i wrote good lyrics, oh yes, pop, let’s see what’s on there that i can reuse, but change a little bit…” and he didn’t even pick good ones. but i like this song. honestly lol. i told you this was going to be negative…

All Because of You (3:33) – more upbeat and fun. reminds me of a “rattle and hum” era song…the guitar i think…not the rest of it really lol. “i like the sound of my own voice” hehehe “people got squashed crossing the tracks”…not exactly the most stellar lyric ever, but it’s amusing at least.

A Man and A Woman (4:27) – *I* like this song. lei doesn’t. it does NOT sound like a u2 song in the slightest… seriously, it’s like..what band is this. it’s on the verge of sounding spanish. i expect carlos santana to make a guest appearance. or like bono singing a sade song…it’s like spanish jazz. i probably would never have imagined u2 making a song like this. but i really do like it lol. it’s smooth. bono says ‘Sister” alot in it, makes me think he’s trying to be jeff martin haha

Crumbs from Your Table (4:59) – not sure i have anything to say about this song. it’s not bad. sounds like “electrical storm”. oh yeah, this is the song that practically STEALS the same riff from the end of “electrical storm” for the end of this song.

One Step Closer (3:47) – the ultimate song to fast forward. it’s on the level of “grace” and “peace on earth”. absolute crap. if i never hear it again i’d be happy.  (aarrrrrrrrrrrrg the basement door was shut again so the cat shit on my bed again arrrrrrrrrrrrrrg)

Original of the Species (4:34) – weird…synth/strings…i like the lyrics again. slow again….

Yahweh (4:22) – so u2 is a christian band. this is the song the band did so they’d win back the people they pissed off when they came out with “achtung baby” instead of “joshua tree part 2”. and i don’t like it. i really wanted to, really wanted to, but i just don’t. i think it’s silly. it’s not deep or thoughtful or anything. i feel like it’s part “zooropa”, reminds me of bono singing the advertising ads, combined with “somedays are better than others” just the rhythm of the lyrics i think… but badly combined. i don’t know.

it’s a very chill album…slow and not at all like vertigo, which for ME, is a disappointment. i wanted up beat real rock music. this isn’t it.
lyrics – B…better than “all that you can’t leave behind”
music – B…well..it’s still u2 sounding. i think the reason i like “achtung baby” so much was because it didn’t at all sound like what u2 was supposed to sound like at the time. and i like (half of) “pop” so much because “pop” didn’t sound like u2 either…this sounds like u2. and while that’s obviously not a BAD thing, it’s not exactly thrilling anymore either….
live ability – i’m not sure i’d want to see any of these songs other than vertigo live…
bono – bono is being bono. self depreciating a bit. the abuse he has put on his voice is very apparent. it’s not horrid, but it’s definitely not what it used to be.
edge – edge is shouting “hello, i’m still in the band, i’m right here”. sounds like “i will follow” edge met up with “electrical storm” edge and they had a baby.
adam – very “pop’ adam bass lines
larry – is larry…it’s drums…they sound the same to me. haha.

right now, upon…3rd listen or so… i don’t like it. now that i’ve heard it, i don’t want to listen to it anymore. back on the shelf for a while i guess.

and my comp is broken. just stopped working before i went to work. sounded like it turned off, but it didn’t. just the hard drive seemed to stop running. screen froze. turned it off and back on, cant boot up. fabulous. dad is coming tomorrow to take a look at it. it better not be completely messed up. i better not have to wipe the drive, because i don’t have anything burned….grrrrr i cant live without my comp.

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