I had this amazing Harry Potter dream. I was at Hogwarts, but it was in the 1920s, and I was part of a group who basically started the Daily Prophet and created all these changes at the school. We started the Prophet on thin pieces of wood, and each one was hand etched by this one kid. I couldn’t believe how much work it was, and I kept saying, we’re wizards, we should be able to create something to make this easier. Then there were weird things about the school, like there were no bathrooms. There was also some kind of time travel portal a girl accidentally found, which took her to a department store in the 1970s. She was trying on make up and a guy walked by her all glammed up, and she asked him if he was sick, and he want off on her for being judgmental about how he dressed, that he must be sick or gay, and she was like, I’m just asking cuz you have blue eye lids (he had bright blue eye shadow on), and then he was totally ok, because she was into how he dressed and she liked David Bowie (although she’s from 1920 and wouldn’t know him). She got a bunch of stuff from the store and was going to go back through the portal, but security came and thought she was stealing, so they chased her around and they ended up back in the castle somehow, and we all had to hide from security. So I ended up hiding on top of a very steep roof with another student from the Prophet. I was trying to convince him, again, that we could do the paper easier than hand etching each one, and that we saw the muggle world in the 70s could mass produce stuff, so we should invent it now in the 20s.


I don’t remember much, but omg it was such an awesome dream. There was loads more I forgot while I kept sleeping.

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