I had a baby, and I did not care about it AT ALL. I had no attachment to it whatever, I wasn’t even sure it was alive because it didn’t cry or make and noise, or move really. I left it with someone to go on vacation, and came back and hadn’t missed it at all (“it” lol, it was a boy). I picked it up to try to act like a real mom, and burp it, and it finally started moving and stuff. I had no equipment for a baby, like a crib or changing table, or diapers or anything. I was holding it and I realized that it was going to turn into a crazy serial killer, or possessed demon like the kid in the Omen, because of a lack of parental attachment. And as I was holding it, it started turning red and shaking, the eyes turned red, and steam was coming out of it’s ears and I was like, yep, I was right, it’s already a demon, I should kill it. Suddenly it got really small, and fit in my hand like an action figure, so I figured I could just squeeze it to death and I did, and popped it’s arms and legs off. Problem solved.

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