crazy exploring dream: i was going to check out a new location that was supposed to be a school before my friend came into town. i googled it and the satellite view/street view made it look just like central terminal, and i was like “come on now google, that can’t be right” but then i realized it was just the same general shape as the terminal, it was located near by, but it was an actual different building. so i went by to check it out, it was late in the day, so i wasn’t going to spend much time there. i was making my way through a bunch of rubble and 2 other people showed up, these explorers i knew from instagram, and then 2 others, one gay guy and a female. i was like, well for this being a “new” location it’s pretty popular. so we found a broken open wall and went inside. and it was no school. it was an entire abandoned town inside the walls of this building. there must have been some harry potter cloaking shit going on, like hogwarts, to make it look like this entire town was just an abandoned school. the town looked like it was just completely abandoned all at once, like everyone just walked away. there were tons of cars all over, mostly 57 chevys in perfect condition, and then some vw buses. we got in one of the cars and started driving for miles through this town. i thought we were making way too much noise but no one else was worried about it. i figured someone would still hear us “inside the school” and call the cops. we drove by a bunch of row houses, all full of people’s personal stuff, but none of the buildings had windows. like all the windows had been removed and reused when the town was abandoned, not that they were all broken. because this town was perfectly intact. no one knew that it was there, no graffiti, no vandalism. so we wandered around, but i didn’t get my photo gear out since the daylight was fading and i was going to come back the next day with my friend. i took some cell phone shots but that was it. there was so much cool stuff to see, and it was so big i kept saying i was gonna come back and just camp there for a week, exploring everything. i kept being amazed that this town was sitting there unknown in the middle of buffalo. at one point we were walking around and you could see the brink of niagara falls and i was like, how is this possible that we are on the edge of the falls. then we realized there was some sort of glass we were looking through and we were actually below river level. there was some really nice ballroom we found, and the gay guy started playing a pipe organ, and again i was like, dude, not stealth, we’re making way too much noise. we finally decided to leave and ended up going out a door that ended up on the sidewalk, i turned to the others and said, we can’t tell ANYONE about this, since other explorers suck and ruin everything. of course we walk outside just as a security guard is walking by. he didn’t seem to mind that we were clearly coming out of the place, but he did say that on monday a bunch of dirt was getting delivered to bury all the entrances. we were bummed that this town was going to disappear again.

then i dreamed i was being held down in bed by invisible forces i assumed to be demons. i was trying to fight them and get them to let me go but it was too hard. then i heard my friend mary’s voice saying that i couldn’t give up and i had to fight them off.

then i dreamed that pano’s restaurant was in niagara falls and more like salvatore’s italian gardens, with these weird giant talking head statues. i was trying to find my mom’s car to put mr kitty in it while we ate and couldn’t find it. i kept wandering the parking lot that kept getting bigger and bigger, and i walked by groups of tourists who came in on buses. there were a bunch of kids trying to catch an all white flying squirrel. there were lots of power lines and a bunch of animals had gotten caught in them and were being electrocuted, and so much electricity was coming off these animals that any kids that were underneath them looking at them started getting electrocuted too.

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