yesterday i spent an hour or so cleaning the house. sprayed and wiped the bathroom sink. sprayed and washed the kitchen counters and stove. vacuumed the tile floors, bathroom, bedroom and living room carpet (with one of those powdered perfume baking soda sprinkle products). Then washed the tile and bathroom floors, and bedroom hardwood with the sponge mop and lysol. then i spent an hour out in the garden pulling garlic, sweating to death. came back in, took a shower, and afterwards started getting a migraine.

visual aura started on the left visual field, a sort of big line right in the middle of my vision. i made some tea, took some excedrin, quickly tried to eat some mashed potatoes. they didn’t seem to help. the aura seemed to go away for a bit as i tried to watch some tv, but then it came back on the right side of my visual field. that’s never happened before. my head started to hurt and i knew i wouldn’t be able to go to work so i called in. tried to fight it, staying on the couch and watching tv but it got to be too much so i went to bed.

the pain kept getting worse. i kept having to go to the bathroom every 10 or 15 minutes, which is too often considering i only had a cup of tea. on one trip to the bathroom i realized my left hand and up my arm was completely numb. went back to bed where it stayed numb for a while before switching sides to the right hand/arm. my lips got tingly as well as my tongue, though not much, and then my teeth/gums. that’s new. they sort of felt like they were going to fall out. more getting up to go to the bathroom, more numbness that kept switching sides.

i figured i should see if i could still talk, so i sat on the bed and tried to say things. i couldn’t really think of anything to say. i tried to say “i can still talk” but it didn’t come out right (or maybe it did and i couldn’t hear it right). i believe i was using wrong verb tenses, like “i can still talked”. i kept trying to say it, and think of other simple sentences to say and they all had weird verb issues, or i’d put extra sounds at the end of words. i couldn’t say my boyfriend’s name, though i could spell it (i think!). i definitely was not speaking babble or jibberish like when this happened this badly in senior year of high school, but i definitely was not speaking right.

back to bed, i think i fell asleep for an hour or so. by 5 hours in the aura problems seemed to have gone away. my head really really hurt, there were some eye issues where they didn’t feel right yet, but the other things had straightened themselves out. i wasn’t very tired and couldn’t sleep so i actually did things on my phone and read. J brought me spaghettios and stayed for a few hours, went to proper sleep around 4am until 1pm. afraid to get out of bed, the pain is still hanging around, esp when i move or sneeze.

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