insane dream

dream: I had gone with my parents to this giant resort spa place that had the weirdest decor. the place was huge but it was decorated everywhere with mannequins. i was wandering around, really looking for these custom ovens i had heard about that an artist designed that looked like horror movie characters were coming out of them, cuz i wanted to tell phil about them. the place was huge, and you didn’t really stay in single rooms with the people you went with, but giant communal rooms. so i found the room the adults would stay in, and i found a room for real little children that was full of toys, and more weird mannequins. i finally found the room that teens or young adults stayed in, and i left my bag there. the beds weren’t really beds but like dental chairs, that reclined back into almost flat beds. they all had numbers, and then in the front of the room there were numbered tables where you could leave your stuff. i had picked chair 12, and then left wandering again. i found this room that was completely just a sort of exhibit with mannequins, of a 1950s beach scene, complete with water and waves made out of plaster. i left the room to go find my parents to half joke around that we were not at a spa resort, but at a wax works horror show and we were all going to be turned into the mannequins. at some certain time we were forced to go to bed, so i went back to the large young adult room, and someone had taken my chair so i had to find another one, so i took chair 16. there were almost like groups of chairs, you could barely discern one group from another but they were just ever so slightly closer together than other chairs, and i was expecting jason to show up, so i picked a chair that had vacancies near it. there was this red headed girl next to me, who i had seen around. a guy took the one in front of me, and jason did show up and took the one kitty corner. i started joking around that we were in a wax works and going to be turned into mannequins and they joked that they agreed, but you could tell we weren’t really joking. the whole place was weird. i joked that the red head girl was in on it because she was too normal, and perfect looking. this black guy walked by and he was all sort of jolly and joking around, and i was like see, we’re in a horror movie, he’s the funny black guy providing comic relief. and no one better have sex, cuz you’ll die right away. then all the lights went out for our forced bed time. it was completely pitch black. after a little bit we heard someone outside start yelling “everybody!!” and we were like wtf….and they’d yell it again. you couldn’t see anything cuz it was so dark. finally they come in, and it’s a band…some like…electronic/dance band like fatboy slim, or daft punk and they start performing. and the whole thing turns into this giant party full of debauchery. and that’s how it is every night after that. we never see any of the adults again, every night is this giant mardi gras like party full of craziness. jason and i still think it’s mega weird, a few others do too, but everyone else is like “this is the best resort ever” with secret parties the adults don’t know about blahblahblah. one morning we’re all being herded out to some activity and the whole thing feels really weird…like this is when we get sent out to become mannequins. even though i don’t remember any other activities the place provided us, it really has a cult like feel. so jason and i are walking in the big group towards this activity and he’s like, do you really want to do this, and right away i say no. then we see what it is we’re going to, those sensory deprivation pods, and i’m like NO WAY i am not going in one of those, they’re going to do something to us. so he’s like ok let’s leave. i didn’t think we’d be able to because there were security guards everywhere, but we decide to just walk by them. one of them calls my name and i just say NO at them, and they let us keep walking. we pass other groups of security guards who look like they’re going to stop us but then they just let us go. there are people near the doors handing out “swag bags” of literature on the cult, but we don’t take them even tho i am sort of interested to see what they said, for purely sociological reasons. we get outside and are in this chain link fenced in walkway, sort of like a prison, but it’s a pathway and exit, it’s just disorienting, and it doubles back on itself, and creates optical illusions while you walk. but we keep going and we see a delivery truck, or like an ice cream truck style vehicle with a rocket launcher on it, and we’re like, wow this really is a militant cult, we weren’t imagining it. and we seem to escape safely with no issues but somehow we know, we’re never going to get left alone really, we’re going to have ppl tailing us and trying to get us back into that weird resort.

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