ride for roswell

today i rode my bike 33 miles to raise money for the roswell park cancer institute. i ended up raising $1065, which was totally surprising since i didn’t expect to raise more than a couple hundred. they ended up raising over 3 million this year, from 7000 riders.

leighanne had asked me to do the ride months and months ago, and once it got nice out i started “training”, since i’d never ridden more than 12 miles. going out a couple times a week i finally made it to 33 while i was on vacation at the end of may, then i slacked off only going about 10 miles once or twice a week. but today’s ride was as expected, just over 3 hours. the weather was nerve racking all week, with rain predicted, but it turned out to be mostly nice. and i mean…it sprinkled on my drive to UB, and it sprinkled when i was leaving, but the ride itself was rain free. tons of clouds, which was nice cuz it was only in the mid 60s, and since i left my sunglasses in the car, i was super glad the sun didn’t end up coming out or i would have been very unhappy. however it was quite a bit windy, biking into it for the 2nd half of the ride. could have done without that haha. the 33 mile route went through clarence, sort of rural, then back to UB.

it was fun and challenging and for a good cause. i’d definitely do it again. maybe not the 100 miles that brian did, but i could maybe do 44. as long as it’s not windy haha

aaaannnnd NY state passed the gay marriage bill, so now all my friends can suffer through marriage and the expenses of divorce!! congrats! 🙂

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