Keith Richards quote

currently reading on my phone “Life” by Keith Richards. i had to stop because I needed to record this passage:

“Mick and I had a totally identical taste in music. We never needed to question or explain. It was all unsaid. We’d hear something, we’d both look at each other at once. Everything was to do with sound. We’d hear a record and go, That’s wrong. That’s faking. That’s real. It was either that’s the shit or that isn’t the shit, no matter what kind of music you were talking about. I really liked some pop music if it was the shit. But there was a definite line of what the shit was and what wasn’t the shit. Very strict.”

and that is how i feel about music.

currently reading in real book form, “Just Kids” by Patti Smith. I guess it’s a few weeks of music related autobios haha.

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