i have reoccurring dreams about being in school and having not gone to a certain class for months, or the whole semester or even year because i forgot i was in the class.

dream: once again i was in school and had forgotten about not one but 2 classes that i was in. i got my report card, right before final exams, and saw that i had no grade for my english class, bringing my years average down to a 33, and i had also not gone to my cognitive psych class, where i now had a 27 average. that was killing my total average and GPA and i started freaking out. there was a big project due in english that i hadn’t even started, since i had forgotten i was in the class. so i was trying to make up a plan to go to these teachers and ask if i could do some extra work before the final exam to bring my average up. i knew they weren’t going to “buy” the fact that i had forgotten i was in the class, but i figured i had to do SOMETHING or i was going to fail out of school

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