How To Destroy Angels – EP

my attempt at an unbiased review

the whole album is NIN with a chick. trent + atticus and this is the music you get (which is great as expected), but a girl sings on it. and i don’t like chick singers most of the time. over all i think most of these could have been ghost instrumentals, and would be better that way.

1. The Space In Between – it’s ok. sleepy chick singing. it’s a little on the boring side, but it does build. as far as the video goes, let’s hope life doesn’t imitate art.
2. Parasite – the one i like the most on the album. no, not just cuz trent sings on it. i do think their voices mesh well in this context.
3. Fur Lined – hate. it’s obnoxious. it sounds like a With Teeth reject, same drum machine as “only” and a strong baseline creates the same feel. and the vocals, ugh, seriously they hurt my ears. no thanks.
4. BBB – it’s amusing, it got stuck in my head before i had even finished listening to the whole song. the end sounds like people meowing in the background. haha
5. The Believers – a definite instrumental, that disappontingly isn’t. a shorter version could have easily fit in anywhere on Ghosts. anyone can whisper, this isn’t a special talent.
6. A Drowning – this song makes me sad, because if this was a NIN song with trent singing, it would be a “classic” along the lines of hurt/the day the world went away/right where it belongs/in this twilight. anyone else singing with the slightest bit of emotion would make this song incredible. but sadly we get quiet emotionless singing. it’s very “year zero” to me, musically.

listening again, GOD it’s just SO NIN but…disappointing that it’s not really. i don’t know that trent could ever do anything seriously different than NIN, that’s just who he is and the sound he produces. i can’t stand whispery girl singing, no matter who is doing it, it’s just so boring. it can’t convey any emotion, and anyone can do it. i feel like i have to buy it though, because i have listened more than twice and i can see myself listening again. i don’t hate it, but it’s not great. i need the multitracks to make instrumental versions 😉

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