it snowed/is snowing. kitty is fogging up the windows watching the snow fall ha

and i dreamed trent called me. someone called and caller ID came up as trent, i tried to answer but the call was disconnected. hours later, another call and i answer, and he asks “why didn’t you call me back?” and i’m like, who is this, and he says trent. so then i’m sorta freaking out, although not at all wondering how he had my phone number. apparently we had talked before for some reason, i just never expected another call. so he’s talking like we go way back, about regular kind of stuff. he was selling his house and someone had come to look at it that day. i kept having trouble hearing him, and then he’d also stop talking and there’d just be long periods of silence. i didn’t know what to talk about, so i asked when the tour was starting. he was silent, thinking about it, and i was like, i know i should know, but i suck as a fan haha. so we were going to hang up but i had to bring up the terminal and the suggestion that he play a spiral only show, or a bridge school type show at the building. i explained the whole thing about the terminal, and he didn’t say anything..and i was like, are you still there. and he said yeah he was just writing all the info down.

also dreamed that dan and i went to explore what was left of spaulding fibre. we don’t see any workers around so we went in and were wandering around. we started climbing this sketchy ladder to figure out what this big tube thing was in one of the rooms. we get to the roof and there were people up there. oh shit. i tried to go back down the ladder but dan didn’t, cuz he figured, we’re screwed, who cares. but these workers totally ignored us, and went on their merry way. then for some reason there was a days inn in the middle of this abandoned factory. wtf. and we had reservations there. so then we were chilling in the hotel room, which had a gift shop selling random things that had been found inside the factory as they demolished it – lots of stuffed animals for some reason. the next day i guess, i want to take a shower, but all the showers were fucked up…no shower curtains, absolutely no room to fit into the shower, etc. i kept getting pissed off, and eventually was like, fuck this i’m just going home to take a shower, i live down the street!


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