it’s not been a good thanksgiving for alot of my friends…mary was admitted to the hospital thurs night with a bacterial infection. her lip got real swollen, hurt, looked like she got punched. it spread all into her jaw and face, so the hospital admitted her with a bacterial infection. people at work are paranoid she has a MRSA staph infection. and frankly i’m sorta paranoid too. so not telling my mom about this one, cuz she’s scared i’ll get one just from all the germs at work to begin with, let alone a friend having it.

jenn’s mom was in the hospital for something, but got out friday. pat and heather lost their baby (5 months along) 🙁 🙁 🙁 3 people at work had family members die this week. tis not been good at all…

hope everyone else had a good/better thanksgiving

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