very strange dream about being at a u2 show…or possibly a sound check situation, i’m not sure…but i was behind the stage with cassie and someone else and at one point during the show larry froze and sorta started having a seizure. apparently this wasn’t the first time. we tried to help him, the rest of the band just sorta stood there until he was ok to play again. the show continued, but then the same thing happened towards the end of the show.

also some dream about going to some abandoned thing in mercer pa, which also turned out to be a hang out for the delinquent kids in town. when i was leaving all these other kids had shown up and this black kid who sorta looked like saul said he was going to cut me. all i said was “no” but he did, huge cut on my leg, i freaked out and since i had no idea where anything was in mercer (aside from the high school ha) i didn’t know how to get to a hospital. 2 guys showed up who apparently owned this abandoned place, saw what happened, and were nice enough to take me to the ER.

an update on my phone. cingular phones sending me txt messages still go to the old phone. but if you send me a picture message, it’ll go to the new phone. when will this end!?!?!?!


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