this: is one of the most emailed stories on yahoo today. that is not news. not even in the “odd news” category. why? because it happens all the time. a guy in front of me in line at wegmans who couldn’t be younger than 75 got carded to buy beer. he didn’t have any ID and the girl said he had to show ID to buy the beer. he was pretty shocked and dumbfounded, because seriously, he’s 75. but she was following store policy (and holding up the express line), and had to call her manager over to get approval to sell the 75 year old beer. i really felt like buying the beer for the guy to just make the line move along. but seriously. not news.

and in this short article: (much shorter than rob sheridan’s pretty interesting rant on future of the industry) trent and saul talk about the internet release, music sharing, record lables and what they paid for radiohead’s “in rainbows”…i don’t know if it’s serious or not (i’d sincerely hope the $5000 is a joke and i think it is)…but the thought of trent listening to radiohead makes me want to stab myself. ha.

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